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Brentwood Home Sequioa Mattress Review

Brentwood Home Sequioa Mattress Review 3

I received the Sequoia mattress for free from Brentwood Home. The Sequoia mattress is one of 3 new offerings from Brentwood Home for 2016. It is the highest price model of the 3 and comes in at $1,495 for a Queen. What makes this mattress unique is the attention to detail including the handles along the sides for easy moving and rotating, hand tufting, a height of 14 inches and natural wool for temperature regulation.

Overview and Unboxing the Sequoia Mattress

I weighed this mattress at over 140 lbs (king size). It is to say the least, a very substantial mattress. One that you won’t have to worry about bottoming out on. You can order the Sequioa direct from the Brentwood Home website. Shipping is fast and the mattress will arrive in about a week at your doorstep. You can certainly move this around by yourself but I would advise some help if you are getting a queen or king size due to the weight. Brentwood Home offers a 1-year trial where if you don’t like the mattress you can return it for a full refund. They just ask that you try it for at least 30 nights before returning.


Construction of the Sequoia Mattress

The Sequoia is constructed as follows:

The cover is handcrafted and made with a Belgium 4-way stretch knit panel & premium upholstery fabrics, which is infused with all-natural New Zealand wool quilted with a plush 1” layer of ComfortFlex foam. The cover is hand-tufted to not only give a luxury look but tufting also provides some extra room for airflow and better temperature regulation.

Below that:

  • 2-Inch Gel Memory Foam
    • 4 LB Density and 14 ILD

Below that:

  • 2-Inch Natural Latex Foam
    • 4.3 LB Density and D70

Below that:

  • 2-Inch HCFM Airlux Ventilated Foam
    • 1.8 LB Density and 30 ILD

Below That:

  • 6-Inch Therapeutic Support Base
    • 1.8 LB Density and 30 ILD

Here’s a picture of the mattress that shows the tufting.


sequioa tufting

My Sequoia Mattress Findings

This mattress is a bit firmer than most that I have tried but that said, it still feels nice. I enjoyed the layer of latex foam which gives the mattress quick recovery. The wool and gel layers absorb the motion transfer. This mattress also does well with temperature regulation.

Here’s a video of me dropping a bowling ball on the mattress.

As far as heat retention, this mattress is equipped with the latest memory foam that does a better job of keeping you cool along with a wool batting that naturally promotes temperature regulation. Below is a video I took with my infrared camera to illustrate how quickly heat will dissipate.

My Brentwood Home Sequoia Mattress Recommendation

The Brentwood Home Sequoia mattress just screams luxury. It is on the firmer end of the spectrum. I have always been impressed with the value you get with Brentwood Home. They make and design their own mattresses under one roof so the value is passed on to you.

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4 thoughts on “Brentwood Home Sequioa Mattress Review”

  1. Have you tried/seen the Brentwood Oceana? I’m interested in a coil mattress or hybrid. Seem like a Winkbed competitor which I am most likely going to order.


  2. What about the Brentwood Mirador? Looking to transition from a queen pure latex bliss nature model that’s become uncomfortable over time to a king size ‘something’ with a bit more of a plush yet still supportive feel. Not a big fan of memory foam or inner spring, so that leaves latex or any of the newer latex/memory/foam hybrids. Not hugely keen on the thought of microcoils but it appears they’ve sandwiched them between two layers of latex in the Mirador which is interesting.

    • The Mirador will feel more plush than the Sequioa and since they are microcoils, you won’t get much motion transfer from them. You really can’t tell there’s coils in it.


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