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Brentwood Home Seat Cushion Review – Perfect for Long Days at Your Desk

Brentwood Home Seat Cushion Review


Brentwood Home is best known for its quality, American Made mattresses and bedding. They have extended their product offerings over the years to other parts of the home and most recently your office. Their new line of seat cushions are made out of either foam or latex. For this review, I was given a latex seat cushion which is a very durable and resilient material that instantly provides pressure relief and built-in breathability.

You can order these seat cushions exclusively through Brentwood Home. It will arrive in a small box like the one below in a week or so.

Brentwood Home Box

The seat cushion comes rolled an wrapped in plastic to keep it safe and clean.

wrapped seat cushion

When you open it, it instantly comes to shape. That’s because latex is such a resilient material.

seat cushion out of the box

Construction of the Brentwood Home Seat Cushion

Below are the construction specs that are listed on the Brentwood Home website of both the latex and foam cushions.


  • Charcoal Memory Foam Core: Cover — Cotton 22% , Polyester 77% , Spandex 1%; Inner Liner — 100% GOTS organic certified cotton
  • Organic Dunlop Latex Core: Cover — 39% organic cotton, 27% recycled Repreve, 1% spandex, 33% polyester; Inner Liner — 100% GOTS organic certified cotton


  • Latex — 100% GOLS Organic Certified Latex
  • 100% GOTS Organic certified jersey cotton liner (on both versions)
  • Charcoal Memory Foam: CertiPUR-US Certified

Easy to clean: The zippered, easy to remove cover goes over a 100% GOTS organic certified cotton jersey liner. Just toss the cover in the wash and machine dry in cold water on a delicate cycle, hanging it to dry. The zipper is hidden and complements the elegant design.

Our upgraded Eco-Comfy Organic Latex Seat Cushion has a 2-inch layer of breathable, GOLS organic certified latex, providing robust comfort that supports your back. Our organic certified latex is tapped from our tree farm and processed in our own facility, which GOLS certifies to the highest standard of social and environmental responsibility. The facility uses wind power, rainwater collection pools, and even the biomass from trees at the end of their lifecycle to create steam that bakes our latex. Our Eco-Comfy Seat Cushions also includes a 100% GOTS organic certified inner cotton liner.

We use REPREVE® in the gentle, removable cover of our Organic Latex Seat Cushion. The material harnesses ocean-bound plastic bottles to create a recycled polyester performance fabric. It’s durable, soft, and breathable. The material is used for activewear, swimwear, and outerwear — among brands like Patagonia®, Quicksilver®, and Toms® — and now our mattresses and seat cushions. The effort reduces waste while repurposing single-use plastic bottles, buoying its functionality while preventing them from entering our waste streams and waterways.

My Brentwood Home Seat Cushion Findings

I mostly review mattresses but seat cushions use basically the same materials as they are all designed to provide pressure relief so it was fun to see how Brentwood Home would fair with their new entries into the seat cushion market.

Brentwood Home always does well with details. The cover has a zipper so that you can easily remove it and wash the cover when it gets dirty. It probably isn’t going to get that dirty in an office environment but if you take it to a baseball game and sit on it in the bleachers it certainly will and it’s nice to know it can be cleaned because you will be more inclined to take it on the go.

seat cushion zipper

The inside is a 2-inch piece of latex which seems to be the right amount of latex for a cushion. Any more and you would sink too much and any less wouldn’t provide much noticeable relief.

inside seat cushion

Here’s a quick clip to illustrate just how spongy this cushion is and how easy it is to settle into it.

Here’s a closeup of me adding a little pressure to the cushion. Also, notice that the latex has holes throughout. These holes are created when they pour the latex into a mold. It provides great airflow to keep you cool.

seat cushion squish

My Brentwood Home Seat Cushion Recommendation

Brentwood Home has drawn upon their decades of experience and expertise in mattress making to create a luxury seat cushion. It’s really a mini mattress for your chair. Beyond the excellent feel, they have made a seat cushion that actually looks pretty. The sewing, choice of fabric and neutral colors don’t make it look like an afterthought but actually enhance the look of your chair. I like that it is portable, the cover is machine washable, made in the USA and incorporates sustainable materials. And all for $59 which won’t break the bank.

This seat cushion comes with free shipping and a 30-night trial which means if you don’t like it, it’s a free return!

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