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Best Mattresses for Fibromyalgia

Best Mattress for Fibromayalgia

Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal condition that causes severe pain disorders to a person. It’s one of the most common chronic pain disorders that affect people in the U.S. The present research postulates that fibromyalgia disturbs the way the brain processes pain signals. People who suffer from fibromyalgia feel pain more severely than others do. Additionally, people with fibromyalgia also experience mood swings, fatigue, cognitive difficulties, and sleep problems. According to latest studies, around 5 million Americans suffer from fibromyalgia. Moreover, this disorder is more prevalent in women than in men.

If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, selecting the right kind of mattress is important. It can help you in relieving some pain. These special mattresses help individuals with fibromyalgia to sleep better and wake up well rested in morning. On the other hand, if you choose the wrong kind of mattress, it can increase the fibromyalgia symptoms. Currently, there is no cure in medical science for fibromyalgia; however, you can combat its symptoms by making changes in your lifestyle. Fibromyalgia specialized mattresses support your joints and body posture while you sleep.

Here are 3 mattresses that are best suited for fibromyalgia patients.


Best Memory Foam Mattress for Fibromyalgia: Nectar Mattress

If you are suffering from a sore back or painful pressure points, this mattress is a good choice for you. This mattress offers therapeutic support that aligns your spinal cord for optimal position. This support is necessary for optimal sleep at night. The foam used in this mattress is of premium quality. This mattress has gel in its foam it makes it feel cooler. One of the benefits of such a feature is that it will prevent excessive sweating or hot flashes resulting because of fibromyalgia.

If you The Nectar mattress is an all memory foam mattress that does a wonderful job of contouring to all your pressure points while still keeping you supported. The quilted foam cover is unique in that you get a sort of pillow top feel without sinking in too much. This cover will sleep cool for a foam mattress and just feels great. Fibromyalgia sufferers will appreciate the weightless feel.

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Best Natural Mattress for Fibromayalgia: Avocado

 If you averse to chemicals or just don’t like the feel of memory foam, a mattress made with natural latex is a great choice. The Avocado mattress is made with natural latex, springs, organic cotton and natural wool. With this mattress you don’t have to worry about any off gassing, it is ready to sleep on right upon opening.

I strongly recommend the pillow top option for the Avocado for Fibromayalgia sufferers. Without the pillow top, the mattress will simply be too firm.

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Best Hybrid Mattress for Fibro Mayalgia: Brooklyn Bedding Aurora


The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a breathable, cool sleeping mattress with springs and foam. This mattress is made with their signature copper gel and titan flex foam. The 1.5 inches of copper gel foam promotes an antibacterial sleeping environment while the titan flex foam is immediately responsive so won’t leave you feeling stuck but also offers optimum pressure relief. The base layer of coils allows you to sink into the mattress more than a memory foam mattress without losing support. This helps cradle your body and lessens the need to shift positions overnight. Additionally, the Aurora comes with a phase chance cover that is cool to the touch creating an environment that will make you less prone to overheating.

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All the above mattresses discussed come with an excellent warranty on the products and all have a free trial period where if you’re not happy with the mattress, returns are free.  Remember that choosing the perfect mattress for your needs, when you are fighting from fibromyalgia, is extremely important. Do not waste your time on a mattress with sub par materials. You can save your money on the pills and doctor’s fees by choosing a mattress that will give you relief from fibromyalgia to a great extent.




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