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Best Mattress for People with Allergies

Best Mattress for Allergies

How to Choose the Best Mattress for People Struggling with Allergies?

Many people struggle with different types of allergies, and that puts some restrictions on their lifestyle. If some allergies are not addressed on-time, it can lead to critical conditions and even to death.

Most people sleep an average of seven to eight hours a night. Such a prolonged exposure to allergens from mattresses can create serious consequences. It is a known fact that the dust mites are the primary cause of nightly allergies. If you are facing such nightly allergies, your choice is to keep your mattress always clean.

However, to avoid continued allergy issues, the right choice is investing on a mattress that works against causes of allergy. The common reactions to dust mite allergies are sneezing, wheezing, and itching. Do you know that it also causes headaches, depression, and fatigue?

Characteristics of Anti-Allergy Mattresses

While choosing an anti-allergy mattress, you should have a checklist to select the appropriate one for you. You should find the mattress easy to clean as you need to clean it often. You should also invest in a mattress protector that is water repellant to avoid the growth of mold and dust mites.

Ideal Mattresses for Allergy Sufferers

An air mattress would be an ideal mattress fro allergy sufferers but probably not the most comfortable. Such mattresses would have no areas or incubators for dust mites to grow. You should also ensure that the mattresses do not have any open cavity to give space for allergens accumulation.

Aside from an air mattress, memory foam and solid latex mattresses have excellent anti-allergy properties.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are built using very dense visco-elastic foam. The mattress increasingly uses fabric that does not offer livable condition for mites. It helps you to reduce the chances to encounter dust mites and allows your surroundings to keep allergen-free and clean.

Depends on how dense the mattress you choose; you get more promising results on restricting the dust mites. Do you know memory foam mattresses also become a great option for people struggling with back and joint pain?

Since it is cushioned, you feel great support for your bones and joints. Also, if you choose mattress toppers made from memory foam, you can further reduce allergens and ensure a comfortable sleep.

Apart from choosing normal memory foam, you can select plant-based foams to ensure natural breathability and a cooler sleep.

Latex Mattresses

It is another great option to keep dust mites away from you and ensure allergy-free sleep. The mattress is made from latex-based foams. Initially, the natural sap from rubber trees is converted into the foam. Then, the mattress makers properly mix the foam with synthetic latex to design and make the mattress.

Latex mattresses showcase excellent hypoallergenic characteristics. Additionally, it is antibacterial in nature and avoids moisture build-up that can cause mold formation and dust mite growth.

Interestingly, latex mattresses are also known for its capability to be easily molded. The mattress also provides excellent support and comfort to the sleepers. It means that you can get proper support for your back and joints.

However, people who face the issue of latex allergy should not use the product.

Tips to Choose Hypoallergenic Mattresses

You should choose mattresses made from hypoallergenic, natural, and anti-microbial materials. Both memory foam and latex mattresses showcase excellent hypoallergenic properties.

The hypoallergenic mattresses create an unfriendly environment for mold, mildew, allergens, and dust mites. The open cell structure and extensive washing process eliminate all sorts of allergic reaction risks. Additionally, you should use organic cotton or wool barrier to cover the mattress for avoiding direct contact with foam or latex.

Similarly, you should also choose hypoallergenic pillows for a complete allergy-free sleep. The filler materials of those pillows showcase better breathability to prevent humidity and moisture successfully. You should note that both moisture and humidity attract dust mites. You can also choose pillows that can clean easily and better.

Important Things to Remember

Before purchasing the mattress, you should try it and ensure that it is fitting to your needs. A large majority of mattresses give you the free trial option for a few months. You can effectively use the trial period and ensure it fits your needs.

Do you know that health experts usually ask people to change the mattress in every ten years for better health?


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