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Reverie 8Q Review

Best Adjustable Bed? Check out Reverie 1

Looking for the best adjustable bed? Adjustable beds used to reserved for old people that needed assistance getting in and out of bed for medical reasons. Now, with memory foam and latex mattresses becoming so popular, adjustable beds have come a long way in terms of durability and features.

I currently sleep on the Reverie 8Q adjustable bed frame. This does so much more than elevate and recline. The Reverie 8Q has a built in motor that will give you a massage from head to toe. You can also buy a split king version which I have that allows each side to move independently so your partner can stay elevated while you sleep.

The 8Q adjustable base also includes a wireless remote and holder with usb ports to charge your phone and other devices as well as a Bluetooth option where you can adjust the bed using your phone with the free Reverie app for android and ios. This frame has a “zero gravity” mode where it puts your back and legs into a position for maximum pressure relief.

In addition, this bed frame also has a night light feature that illuminates the base of the bed so you can find your way at night. There’s no harmful blue light either that will cause wakefulness.

I have been sleeping on my 8Q for over 6 months now and it functions perfectly. Each night I go into the zero gravity mode about 10 minutes before I go to sleep and put on the massager. This conditions my body to associate this position and the massage with sleep. Doing so allows me to fall asleep quickly.

Legget & Platt is also introducing some new features to their line of adjustable beds. They are a well know and large brand. I will be reviewing their adjustable frame in the near future.

In my opinion Reverie makes the best and most durable adjustable bases. They are innovators in the field and I have visited their headquarters in Michigan to meet the owner and staff who make it all possible. They are constantly innovating and bringing new products to market that set the bar for other adjustable bases.

The new Reverie 9T has a true “zero gravity” mode and does not need bars at the top and bottom of the bed to hold the mattress in place.

Here’s a preview image of the 9T with key features:

reverie 9t

Features of the 9T™ Adjustable Foundation:  

  • Head and foot can be elevated to virtually any angle, allowing maximum comfort for you and your partner.
    • Wireless remote control features 2 programmable memory positions, so you can make your custom bed frame even more customized by locking in your favorite positions. It also includes these pre-set positions:
      • The Zero Gravity pre-set position simulates weightlessness – eliminating pressure limbs and lower lumbar.
      • The Anti-Snore pre-set position raises the head of the bed slightly to open airways to improve breathing and reduce snoring.
    • Bluetooth Smart™ Mobile Module allows control of the bed through your Apple smartphone or tablet device via our free app.
    • Remote stand with USB port and 2 AC outlets to charge devices.
    • Under-the-bed nightlight can be turned on/off via the remote.
    • Ultra quiet massage feature with 10 different intensity levels. Choose from head and foot only or full body options. Wake up with a gentle massage and/or by having your head lifted via the alarm function on the app!
    • Comfortable head tilt support provides additional comfort when in a fully upright position.
    • Split foundation construction on split king models let each person individually control their own adjustable foundation.
    • Individual massage control on each side with split king option.
    • 4 corner retainer bars provide built-in lumbar support and keep mattress in perfect position.
    • Fits most standard bed frames. Headboard brackets included.
    • 3-in-1 legs to adjust bed height to your preference.
    • Proprietary steel adjustable foundation.
    • 20 Year Limited Warranty

New Adjustable Bed Brands

There are many new players in the adjustable bed space. Purple now has an adjustable bed that pairs perfectly with their mattress.




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