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Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Benefits of Sleeping Naked

What if someone told you that by doing one simple thing every night, you could beat stress, build self-confidence, and have an overall healthy life? Would you be intrigued? Or would you laugh, and call that person crazy?

You are not alone. Most people would laugh it off if they were told that sleeping naked could dramatically improve their health and life. It isn’t surprising that a mere 8% of the world’s population sleep naked, while the rest wonder about its benefits.

A Google search will reveal the huge number of ways you can improve your life, but none of them is as simple as stripping to your birthday suit before going to bed. It takes a little effort and has several benefits that you may not have ever imagined.

Read on to find out the great things sleeping in the nude can do.

  • You Sleep Better Naked

We have all heard that sleep is good for the brain. But a new study shows how exactly sleep benefits the brain. When we are asleep the brain removes toxic proteins from neurons, which accumulate when we are awake and do the neural activity. But the brain is only able to remove these proteins when we get quality sleep successfully.

Sleeping naked helps us sleep better by lowering our body temperature. When the skin temperature is low, we sleep deep and wake up less at night. This results in high-quality sleep that improves brain function.

  • It Cuts Down Stress

How stressed we are usually depends on the amount of cortisol released by our body. This hormone leads to several issues like anxiety, unnatural weight gain, and sleep disorders. Cortisol production is higher when the body is overheated.

It has been seen that the release of cortisol is regulated and reduced when our body temperature is low. One of the best ways bring down body temperature is sleeping without clothes on. When cortisol production goes down, it reduces stress and keeps you healthier.

  • It Boosts Male Virility

You must have heard that men who wear loose boxer shorts have better sperm quality than those who wear tight underpants. According to a 2015 research, men who sleep naked have even better sperm quality than those who wear loose boxers.

This is good news for men who are planning to start a family or add to an existing one. Sleeping without clothes on also increases happiness between couples. The skin on skin contact brings couples closer, leads to spontaneous sex, and aids in overall health.

  • It Regulates Growth Hormones

If you have always feared those dreaded wrinkles and crow’s feet, then you should be sleeping in the buff. Melatonin and growth hormones are responsible for keeping your skin in great condition and looking youthful. The best way to regulate your growth hormones is to keep your body temperature below 70°F.

Sleeping without clothes keeps your body temperature regulated and balances your melatonin and growth hormone levels, slowing down the aging process.

  • It Boosts Self-Confidence

We all know that self-confidence is crucial to success.  When you are confident, you take on challenges more easily and are more likely to succeed in every role in life. It means you are comfortable in your own skin and not afraid to be the real you.

When you sleep naked, you grow more comfortable with your body and more confident in your own skin. This affects your overall self-esteem and makes you a more confident person.

  • It Is Good For Your Skin

Sleeping in the buff lets your skin breathe. We usually wear layers of clothing throughout the day, and it restricts the body, especially the armpits, feet, and private parts. Taking off your clothes at night airs out these parts and aids in better blood circulation, leading to glowing skin. Letting your skin breathe, particularly in summer, prevents fungal infections, rashes, and itchiness.

  • It Is Simply Easier

Sleeping naked is so much easier than deciding what to wear to bed. You don’t need to buy pajamas or lingerie, don’t have to worry about washing extra clothing, and you also save money. Who wouldn’t love to save some money, as well as a lot of space in the wardrobe? Stripping off your clothes and simply hopping into bed to sleep makes life easier.

  • It Makes You Feel Free

Know that feeling of lying naked in bed, free from all your clothes? Yes, that’s what we are talking about. That’s also the feeling sleeping naked gives you. Imagine taking off your bra after a long day, or getting out of your underwear while going to sleep. You feel free and unconstrained. Without clothing on, your body feels lighter, just like it’s meant to be.

Now imagine being between the sheets in your birthday suit. How great is the feeling? That feeling of being light and free automatically makes you smile and makes you feel good after a hard day at work. If sleeping au natural can make you smile and feel good more often, then why not?

  • It Reduces Sleep Distraction

How many times have your uncomfortable lingerie or the tight waistband of your pajamas woken you up from sleep at night? Plenty of times, we are sure. It takes something as small as the drawstring of your pants to ruin your night’s sleep. When you sleep naked, there is no chance that uncomfortable clothing is going to disturb you at night. Strip off your clothes, and slip between soft sheets for the most peaceful sleep and a fresh morning.

  • It Makes Sleeping Easy During Summertime

When the mercury soars, it becomes difficult to sleep comfortably. If you don’t have the convenience of an air conditioner, you must be familiar with the trickling sweat or the itchy skin that keep you up at night all through summer. That’s when sleeping in the buff is the most comfortable. Even when the bedroom feels stuffy, your bare skin will give off heat and keep you cool. You may not even need the AC anymore when your body becomes cool and you sleep comfortably, no matter how sultry the summer is.

Sleeping naked has benefits that you may not have considered before. Apart from letting your skin breathe and helping lower body temperature, sleeping in the buff aids in overall better sleep by removing distractions and makes you more comfortable in your skin. Of course, it isn’t always advisable to sleep naked, especially if it’s too cold or if you are sick. At all other times, go commando to make the most of your forty winks!

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