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Bear Hybrid Mattress Review

Bear Hybrid Mattress

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The Bear HybridMattress is an innovative spring and foam mattress that has Celliant fibers woven into the cover. Celliant is an FDA determined medical devices that turns body heat into FAR Infrared energy and promotes recovery. Aside from the technology, what you get is a very substantial feeling mattresses with 5 layers of construction for more of a luxury feel over the all foam version of the Bear mattress.

Overview of the Bear Hybrid Mattress

The Bear Hybrid mattress is sold exclusively on the Bear website. A queen size currently retails for $1,350 but after our exclusive coupon code, SHERPA100 you can get it for $1,250. After placing your order it should arrive in about a week. This mattress is made in the USA.

Below is a video overview of the Bear Mattress.

How Much Does the Bear Hybrid Cost?

Below are the prices of the mattress as listed on their website.

Queen $1,350
King $1,650
Cal King $1,650

Construction of the Bear Hybrid Mattress

Here are the construction details as listed on the Bear website.

Five Layers of Premium Materials

Hand-crafted with a soft foam quilted top, individually encased 1300+ coil system (Queen size) and premium foams to create the ultimate in recovery sleep.

FDA-Determined Medical Device*

Incorporating Celliant’s technology in the quilted top, the Bear Hybrid helps increase comfort and promotes restful sleep.

Comfort, Cooling & Support

Designed to increase air-flow, reduce heat and create a cooling and comforting sleep environment. The use of encased coils and performance foams allows for the body to get the support and pressure-relief needed for a great night’s sleep.

Below is a peak under the cover of the mattress.

bear mattress layers 2

Here’s a closer look at the individual layers. Note that the coils are inside the middle of the mattress.

Bear Hybrid Mattress Layers

My Bear Hybrid Findings

The Bear mattress has a more plush feel than the original Bear mattress. When compared to other micro coil and foam mattress the Bear is one of the most plush I have tried. In the picture below you can see that the cover plays a large role in the cushy feel. The cover is quilted and super soft so you get a nice hug when you lie down.

Bear Hybrid Mattress Soft

The coils in this mattress aren’t really there to provide any bounce. Instead, they are used for breathability and for support. The coils are firm enough to provide subtle contouring but not too firm where you feel like you have to find them to get comfortable.

Here’s a video illustrating motion transfer on the mattress. As you can see, the motion transfer is minimal and similar to an all-foam bed with a pillow top feel.

To access the inside of the mattress, there’s a zipper located at the bottom corner. There’s really no reason you would need to access the inside but if you want to take a peek at how it’s made this is the way to do it.

Bear Mattress Zipper

Here’s a video that shows how each layer reacts. Notice that the top layer is made with a more springy foam. Normally mattresses that use this type of foam on the top layer don’t conform all that well but since the cover is made with a thick quilted padding, that’s not the case with this mattress.

Here’s another shot of the top layer of the mattress. As you can see there are actually two pieces of foam side by side on this mattress. I’m not sure why it was designed this way other than to reduce motion tranfer among partners. Since it is cut in half, you won’t get any pulling in either direction.

bear mattress sides

Here’s a clip that shows where the springs are located in the Bear Hybrid mattress. I had to cut into the mattress and tear out some foam to get to, which I don’t recommend but I wanted to ensure that they are there so readers know how they work.

Below is a video shot with my thermal camera to illustrate heat retention. You will see in the video that heat doesn’t linger on the mattress all that long. I was really suprised by this result as I though the quilted cover would trap more heat than it did.

My Bear Hybrid Mattress Recommendation

Bear is a mattress fits well with an athletic lifestyle. The Celliant technology in this mattress is great for people who regularly exercise and need to recover to their fullest for the next day. As I understand the technology, the benefits of the fiber will penetrate through a mattress pad and set of sheets so it’s ok to add layers to the mattress. I really like mattresses that come with this type of added benefit. If you have to go to bed anyway, you might as well get something else out of the mattress. while you sleep.

Another type of technology similar to this is the Tom Brady pajamas from Under Armor. These use a material that seems to be similar to Celliant. What I like about the Bear Mattress is that you don’t have to remember to wear the same pajamas every night, you simply go to sleep in a great mattress.

I recommend the Bear Hybrid mattress to people who are interested in trying Celliant technology, want a mattress with more of a plush feel but don’t like the stuck in the mud feeling of an all foam mattress and a mattress that sleeps relatively cool.

[vc_column_text class=”sleep-sherpa-exclusive-deal”]Sherpa DealYawnder readers get $100 off your Bear Hybrid mattress with our exclusive coupon code: SHERPA100 Activate Here[/vc_column_text]

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  1. What kind of a base does this need? Will a traditional box spring work, or does it need a different base?


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