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Aviya Mattress Review

Aviya Mattress Review 2

I received a free Aviya mattress for review. The Aviya Mattress is a new mattress brand but the makers of it are a family owned company with over 75 years in the mattress industry. They took that expertise and created an exceptional mattress coils and foam that can be delivered to your door step in a box.

Ordering the Aviya Mattress

You can order the Aviya mattress direct from their site. Unlike most other online mattress companies, Aviya has different levels of delivery service:

Threshold Delivery Your mattress (and foundation, if ordered) will be delivered and placed just inside the first available door or entrance of your home.
White Glove Delivery Delivery to your home plus complete set up and assembly of your new mattress (and foundation, if ordered) in the room of your choice. This includes transportation up one flight of stairs and removal of all packing materials.
White Glove Delivery + Removal Includes complete White Glove Delivery service above plus the removal and disposal of one mattress or mattress/foundation set.

I chose the white glove service in order to test out the whole process. They partner with a distribution service that keeps you posted via email and phone on the status of your order and allows you to confirm delivery times via email which I found to be more convenient than always playing phone tag. The mattress was delivered when they said it would and it was brought right into my house. The delivery people also took the mattress out of the box before it was brought into my house and disposed of it was well.

The mattress and box spring will arrive in a large box, it’s not a roll packed mattress. Here’s what it looks like out of the box delivered:

Aviya packaging

Specifications and Construction of the Aviya

Below are the construction details as listed on the Aviya Website.

Aviya Construction

1. Premium Quilting & Cooling Foam
Aviya’s premium quilting combined with a 1″ layer of cooling comfort foam. This gives you the initial “oh! that feels good” feeling and keeps you cool all night.

2. No-Sag Comfort Foam Layer
A layer of high density foam provides long-lasting comfort and stability. Our foam layering system ensure a no-sag mattress for years to come.

3. Support Foam Layer
A third layer of support foam enhances lumbar support and body support on all of your pressure points.

4. Premium Foam Edging Encasement
Our 3″ thick edging encases the entire mattress allowing you to sleep edge-to-edge for a larger feel. No more rolling off the bed.

5. Individually Wrapped Innerspring Core
Our individually wrapped innerspring core is the best, and most expensive, innerspring core available. We’ve even added a most dense set up springs in the middle of the mattress where support is most needed!

6. Stability Layer
A 1″ thick stability layer helps transfer weight and energy evenly and provide the ideal sleeping surface from bottom up.

7. The Aviya Foundation
Our premium foundation is made with quality wood and features 12 stats. The foundation comes split for a queen and king and is offering is a 5″ and 9″ height.


My Aviya Mattres Findings

I reviewed the plush mattress as I wanted to test how well it handled both comfort and support. That can be tricky with an innerspring mattress. Here’s my overview and initial reactions.

I weigh about 210 lbs. and this bed handled my jumping around just fine. While this is listed as a plush you’ll notice that I didn’t sink too far down into it.

This mattress didn’t see to have quite as much bounce as the Saatva or Honest Beds pocket coil but there’s still plenty of it and it does a good job with motion transfer.

Aviya Box Spring

When you order an Aviya mattress you also have the option of purchasing a box spring. If you currently have one that’s in good shape, there’s certainly no need. However, this is a very nice box spring compared to others I have received.

Aviya Base

My Aviya Recommendation

When comparing this mattress to a Simmons Beautyrest Recharge, I really like the Aviya. I specifically tested the Beautyrest Recharge Signature Select Hartfield 11.5″ Luxury Firm mattress. With the Beautyrest I didn’t get the benefit of the foam that the Aviya has or the great side edge support. That’s what really blew me away with this mattress is that you can utilize all of the mattress for sleeping.

Aviya offers a 100-day trial so you can really test it out. If you don’t like it you can return it minus the white glove delivery fee so keep that in mind. I found the Aviya plush to be softer than the Winkbed and a bit firmer than the Saatva for comparison purposes.

Shop Aviya.

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16 thoughts on “Aviya Mattress Review”

    • The Saatva will have a more plush top than the Aviya. The Aviya has more firmness options though and the soft Aviya option will feel softer than the relaxed firm Saatva.

      • How would the feel of the Aviya Plush compare to the Saatva Plush Soft?

        Also, your softness rating of 8.5: does that mean a 10 is firmer or softer?

        Thanks for your help

        • The higher the number the softer the mattress. I think the Aviya plush would feel a bit softer than the Saatva Plush Soft.

  1. you mentioned it doesn’t sleep hot, but it has a foam comfort layer? Shouldn’t a foam comfort layer sleep hot or slighty hot? I don’t sleep very well when i am overheating.

    • It depends on how much foam is used. With Aviya, there is a pocket coil system underneath so it will be more breathable than an all foam mattress.

  2. All of the above is true. But, I had to leave the bed in the middle of the night because of the off gassing(smell).
    I left the windows open all day to get some fresh air so i’ll be ready to try it again tonight.

  3. Can you compare this to something like Brooklyn Bedding? That’s what I’ve currently got and I don’t completely love it, I have the firm and I worry about the support and edge support, and it seems like they’re both strengths of the Aviya

    • Since the Aviya has springs you will get great support and breathability. The Aviya won’t have as much sink as the Brooklyn Bedding mattress. The Aviya will feel more like a mattress you will find at a traditional retail store since it does not contain latex or foam.

  4. I purchased my aviya about 2 months ago and am super pleased. The firmness is perfect (I got the luxury firm). Super comfortable, super supportive and very well made. Glad I pulled the trigger and bought it!

  5. Is there much of a difference between the Aviya Luxury Firm and the Plush? A little, or a lot?
    Also, after continued use, do you find either mattress softening, or sagging?
    I have the Luxury Firm now and it’s a little firm for a side sleeper, however I have to have good solid support with no sagging, because of a bad back. I’m thinking about changing to the plush, but I’m a bit terrified of loosing the support that I need. Any comments would be appreciated.

    • Lynda,
      I feel your pain. Please post your further findings. I am in the process of exchanging a Saatva medium firm to their soft plush version for the same reasons and same concerns that you are having with the Aviya mattress. I will try an Aviya next or for my guest room.


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