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Ananda Mattress Review

Ananda Sleep Mattress System

Ananda is a company that offers a complete sleep solution. They offer a memory foam mattress with cooling cover and an adjustable base with all the popular features for an extremely competitive price. A queen size Ananda mattress and adjustable base retails for $1,299. Both the base and mattress come shipped to your door in a box and both come with a 120 night trial with free returns.

Overview of the Ananda Mattress

Here’s a quick video overview of the entire sleep system which again includes the adjustable bed and mattress.


As you can see below the adjustable bed and mattress both come in a box and are shipped straight to your door. No need to schedule a delivery.

ananda box

I first setup the adjustable bed which is very straightforward. The queen size basically comes folded in half.

wrapped frame

All you need to do is unfold the base and all the parts can be found there.

inside frame

The first step is to screw in the legs and take out all the other pieces including the remote.



Each leg has 3 individual pieces that can be screwed on top of each other. This allows you to adjust the height of the bed so that it fits in your existing bed frame.



Here’s a closeup of where to screw in the legs.


attach leg

Once all size legs are screwed in you can then make sure the wiring is connected for power and then flip the bed over to plug it in.


The remove comes synced with the bed so you can start using it right away.

adjustable remote

Here’s what it looks like all setup. There is a bar at the foot of the bed to keep the mattress from sliding off.

foot part ananda

You get 3 options to operate the Adjustable Base: Backlit Wireless Remote Control (Included), “Ananda Base Wifi” Remote Control App for Phones or Mobile Devices (Alexa, Siri, Google), or Voice-activated commands through the Amazon Alexa App and Device (not included). This means you can ask Alexa to raise or lower your bed without having to use your remote!

After you get the base setup its time to get out the mattress. It comes wrapped in a box.

in box

Here’s what it looks like right out of the box.

out of box

Here’s a picture of the mattress just a few minutes after opening. As you can see it is already fully expanded.

opened ananda

How Much Does the Ananda Mattress Cost?

Below are the prices of the Ananda Sleep System as of this writing. Remember, you get both the mattress and adjustable bed so this is a really good deal.

[table id=57 /]

Construction of the Ananda Mattress

Below are the construction details of the mattress. It is an all foam mattress that is 12 inches deep.

Ananda Construction

My Ananda Sleep Findings

Starting out with the mattress, it is promoted as a medium firmness which I would say is accurate. Maybe just slightly softer than most all foam mattresses labeled medium firm. Here’s a picture that illustrates how much sinkage you get with my 14 lb. bowling ball.

Ananda Sink

Here’s another look at sinkage with the cover off.

inside sinkageIt has a zippered cover which is machine washable although I always recommend a mattress protector as sometimes these covers can be hard to get back on.

zipper coverHere’s a video illustrating motion transfer on the mattress.


Here’s a look at the inside of the mattress so you can get a better sense of how the layers work and how it will feel.


My Ananda Recommendation

For the money, it’s really hard to beat all that you get with this mattress. If you are already in the market for an adjustable bed, this price alone for the adjustable is a great value. When you add in the mattress it makes it an even harder deal to resist. I think the mattress will appeal to most sleepers and all sleep styles. It is made with quality foam that doesn’t sleep hot and recovers relatively quickly. Since you get a 120 night trial on both the mattress and adjustable it is definitely worth trying. If you aren’t happy with either you can return them but if for instance, the mattress isn’t ideal, it would make a great guest room mattress and you can put your existing mattress on the adjustable.

Learn more about Ananda Sleep

3 thoughts on “Ananda Mattress Review”

  1. On the 1 to 10 hardness scale, where does this mattress fall in line? I purchased the Sealy Cocoon in King Medium Soft and I’ve seen it rated at a 4! I’m a 5’8, 150 pound, predominately side (occasional back) sleeper. I’ve had my Chill a month and somewhat disappointed for two reasons: It seems WAY harder than that (IMO 7-8, first foray into foam mattresses), and it doesn’t conform that well to my Glideaway Odessa power base on the non-occupied side. Therefore, I’m considering another mattress. The Ananda is intriguing by design (e.g. cut-away for base articulation, multiple layers of foam, and the proprietary edge support), and has thereby caught my eye in your reviews.


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