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Ameena Mattress Review

Ameena Mattress Review 2

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The Ameena Mattress is being touted as the most researched mattress ever. According to their website, they analysed over 250,000 traditional mattress purchases to figure out what people like and don’t like in a mattress and used that information to create the Ameena. I put the Ameena to the test in the review below.


Ameena joins a long line of other mattress startups with the ability to order your mattress online, have it shipped in a box and arrive to your doorstep in about a week. The Ameena has a 120 night risk free trial which is also becoming a standard. Similar to Leesa, Ameena will donate a mattress for every mattress purchased. You can even recommend a charity to Ameena to donate mattresses to.


Here’s me unboxing a queen size Ameena mattress in the video below:


The mattress came to full form in about an hour. The first thing I noticed is that the top layer is very responsive. By that I mean it bounces back into shape very quickly. If you are familiar with traditional memory foam mattress mattress, you will find that it recovers slowly which is a sensation some people don’t like.


The Ameena mattress is constructed as follows:

Top Layer: 2 inches of  “Energex Foam” I don’t know exactly what that means but I can tell you that it truly does bounce back into shape quickly similar to latex.

Middle Layer: 2 inches of gel memory foam. This is the squishy layer that will conform more and help with pressure relief. I found it interesting that this layer was put in the middle as opposed to the top. A typical memory foam mattress goes from firmest at the bottom to softest at the top. By reversing the two top layers, you won’t get  the slow response from the top layer but still get some of the benefits of the squishy layer.

Base Layer: 6 inches of base foam. This is fairly standard for a foam mattress. I did find that this base layer was a little softer than most of the other base layers I have tested.


The Ameena mattress does a great job with motion isolation. This exceeded my expectations as I thought the top layer would be more bouncy but the middle layer seemed to absorb most of that motion. Here’s a video below to illustrate the point.

This held true when I tested the motion transfer on my accelerometer. Here are the results below:

ameena motion transfer

Here’s a look at the inside of the Ameena that shows how each layer reacts. Notice that the middle layer is the squishy layer.

The Ameena also does better than most all foam mattresses when it comes to heat retention. I think this is in part because the top layer is very responsive and the foam is not as dense as the middle layer which allows heat to pass through more easily. Below is a video with my thermal camera to illustrate the point:




I recommend the Ameena mattress to people that don’t want to get that stuck in the mud feeling but also conforming. Although this mattress aims to be the best based on studying hundreds of thousands of other purchases, I have found it’s impossible to please everyone. You aren’t going to sink into this mattress and it’s not going to hug you like some of the others I have tested. However if you like a mattress that you can change positions on easily and one that will sleep cooler than most, the Ameena would be a great choice.

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  1. According to their site, Leesa donates a mattress for every 10 purchased. Ameena is by far the best “giving back” program I’ve seen from these bed in a box companies!


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