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Alaska Bear – Natural Silk Travel Sheet Sleeping Bag Liner Review

Alaska Bear - Natural Silk Travel Sheet Sleeping Bag Liner Review 1

I was given a free Alaska Bear travel sheet for review. This is basically a silk sleeping bag that can be used when camping or even staying at a hotel with questionable bedding to give you a layer of protection and comfort.


You can buy this travel sheet direct through Amazon. It qualifies for Prime shipping so should arrive in a couple days.

Here’s what it looks like out of the plastic bag.

Alaska bear package


Below are the specifications listed on Amazon:

Breathable and soft, silk allows for a natural vapor balance. Comfortably fits most campers up to 6 feet tall.

  • Double stitching and reinforced gussets for long-lasting durability. Fine yarn and a special weaving technique make our high quality silk a very lightweight and durable fabric.
  • Helps protect against bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, harsh detergents and unclean bed in hotel rooms. Also you can use this versatile travel liner inside your sleeping bag to keep it clean, or use as a stand-alone sleep cover or sleeping bag in very warm climates.
  • The silk liner responds well to changing temperatures, will keep you warm on a chilly night yet feel cool on a warm night, suitable for camping, and for use in youth hostels, alpine huts, cruise ships, planes, trains, or anywhere else you might travel.
  • There is a 50 cm opening on top of the left side for you to SLIDE into the liner. Though it is made to open on the left, you can actually choose the side you wish to open and close the liner SIMPLY BY FLIPPING IT OVER.


I am about 6’3 and was able to slip into this just fine. I think anyone a bit over that might find it a little too small. The Amazon page says fits campers up to 6 feet tall but I was able to make it work. What I like most about this product is that it is lightweight can comes with a carrying case.

Here’s a picture of the nice carrying case you get.

Alaska Bear Case

This is a great travel accessory that also makes for a great gift for future travelers.

Buy direct on Amazon.

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