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15 Nap Accessories for the Most Peaceful Shut-Eye

Napping might sound simple, but it’s an art form when done right. A quick mid-day power nap can boost alertness, improve mood, and increase productivity. If you want to upgrade your naps, here are 15 must-have accessories:

1. Eye Mask

  • Why you need it: Light is the enemy of sleep. A quality eye mask will create instant darkness for optimal napping conditions.
  • Look for: Contoured designs that block light without pressure on your eyes, breathable fabrics like silk or cotton, and adjustable straps.

2. Noise-Cancelling Earplugs or Headphones

  • Why you need them: Distracting noises can derail your nap. Earplugs create silence while noise-cancelling headphones can block sounds and play soothing music.
  • Look for: Comfortable earplugs made of soft foam or moldable silicone. With headphones, choose over-ear styles for comfort when lying down.

3. Travel Pillow

  • Why you need it: Napping on the go? A supportive travel pillow can keep your neck and spine aligned, preventing aches and pains.
  • Look for:Memory foam pillows for conforming support, U-shaped designs for head and neck cradling, or inflatable pillows for portability.

4. Weighted Blanket

  • Why you need it: The gentle pressure of a weighted blanket provides a calming, grounding sensation, reducing anxiety and promoting better sleep.
  • Look for:Blankets that are roughly 10% of your body weight, breathable fabrics, and removable covers for easier cleaning.

5. White Noise Machine

  • Why you need it: White noise or ambient sounds can mask distracting noises and create a calming environment for sleep.
  • Look for: A good variety of soundscapes (rain, ocean, etc.), portable machines for on-the-go napping, and adjustable volume.

6. Comfortable Clothing

  • Why you need it: Restricting clothing can ruin a nap. Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes made of soft, breathable fabrics are ideal.
  • Look for: Pajamas, sweatpants, yoga clothes – the comfier, the better.

7. Cozy Socks

  • Why you need them: Cold feet can make it difficult to fall asleep. A pair of warm, cozy socks can keep your toes comfortable and promote relaxation.
  • Look for: Soft, breathable fabrics like wool or fleece. Avoid tight socks that restrict circulation.

8. Neck Pillow

  • Why you need it: Support your head and neck to prevent soreness, especially if you’re napping in a seated position.
  • Look for:Contoured memory foam pillows, inflatable designs, or wrap-around scarves that double as pillows.

9. Ostrich Pillow

  • Why you need it: The Ostrich Pillow is a unique full-coverage pillow for napping anywhere. Its immersive design blocks out light and noise.
  • Look for:The original Ostrich Pillow, or try their smaller, more portable variations.

10. Blackout Curtains

  • Why you need them: If you nap during the day, blackout curtains are crucial for creating a dark sleep environment.
  • Look for: Thick, light-blocking fabrics, and curtains that properly fit your windows.

11. Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • Why you need it: Scents like lavender can promote relaxation and ease you into sleep.
  • Look for: Small, quiet diffusers with essential oil blends designed for sleep.

12. Nap Apps

  • Why you need them: Nap apps help you set timers to avoid oversleeping and offer guided meditations or soundscapes for relaxation.
  • Look for: Popular apps like Calm, Headspace, or dedicated nap timers.

13. Plush Throw Blanket

  • Why you need it: Warmth improves sleep quality. A soft throw blanket adds a layer of coziness to your nap space.
  • Look for: Fleece, cashmere, or faux fur throws.

14. Ergonomic Pillow

  • Why you need it: For side sleepers, an ergonomic pillow designed specifically for naps can keep your spine in proper alignment and prevent neck pain.
  • Look for:Cervical pillows with contouring for neck support.

15. Comfortable Surface

  • Why you need it: It all starts with your nap spot. Opt for a comfy couch, recliner, bed, or even a nap pod if you have access to one!

Enjoy your enhanced napping! Let me know if you’d like recommendations on specific brands or products.

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