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Top Mink Blankets to Keep You Warm This Winter


With winters knocking on the door, it is time to get your blankets out. There is nothing more satisfying than a good blanket to keep you warm and cozy through the winter nights. The difficult part is choosing the best mink blanket for you. Even though most mink blankets look alike, they are far from the same. They differ significantly in quality.

The best mink blankets are soft, lusciously thick with a plush texture. They are either from Korea or China. Vietnam is also not far behind in this competition. Korean mink blankets are considered a better quality since they come with a good acrylic and polyester blend. Chinese mink, on the other hand, is generally 100% polyester.

Amidst all this variety, it can get very confusing to find that right fit for you. This guide will help you sift through this soft and colorful world of mink blankets by listing the top 5 mink blankets to suit every budget and expectations.

Metrics to Look Out For

When you are out shopping for mink blankets, you should be on the lookout for a few standard metrics. This will help you figure out the quality of the blanket, its durability, warmth level, and other things. The top benchmarks are listed below:

  • Material: This is very important. The higher the polyester level in the blanket, the lower the quality. You should ideally be looking for an acrylic polyester blend since the acrylic will give it that plush soft feel, and the polyester will take care of the wrinkling over time.
  • The Ply Level: You get single-ply and double-ply blankets. The double-ply refers to blankets that can be reversed and feature design on both sides. It is also double layered, which provides extra warmth.
  • Design and Pattern: some people prefer an understated look while others like bold and bright patterns. Take care to buy the design you prefer since the blanket will be your constant companion through the winters and will dominate your bedroom look.
  • Price: This is an extremely important factor to pre-decide before you hit the market. You should have a fair estimation of how much you are willing to spend on the blanket so that you can narrow down your search to fit that range.
  • Wash: Most blankets are machine washable in cold water with tumble dry on low settings. However, you should always get the wash instructions and look out for after wash problems like coarseness, lint, and color fade.

Here is a list of the top 5 mink blankets to help you decide. These blankets have been shortlisted, keeping in mind the criterion listed above:

Overall Achiever

JYK Heavy Korean Mink Fleece Blanket

Best Pattern and Design

JML Fleece Blanket

Solid Color

Amazon Basics Micromink Blanket

Top Budget Cut

Catalonia Sherpa Mink Blanket
Most Durable

Solaron Korean Mink Blanket


JYK Heavy Korean Mink Fleece Blanket

jyk blanket



Bright and Colorful Design

Lack of Single Solid Colors

Good Quality Thick Material

Not Wash Friendly

Satin Sheen

Prone to Gathering Lint

Velvety and Fur Touch


The JYK Heavy Korean Mink Fleece Blanket ranks the highest in the list because of its thick, luxurious feel and soft texture that is very addictive. It comes in a 77×87 size, which makes it suitable for the average queen-sized bed. There are plenty of designs to choose from the 15 patterns it offers. All the patterns are nice with bright, splashy colors. The designs vary from animals to flower patterns. They are all vivid enough to cheer you up during the winter gloominess.

The blanket comes as machine washable. However, it has an annoying tendency to pick up lint and to shed too much while in the wash. Tumble dry is only recommended on low settings, and hang dry is best. You will find a little coarseness after the washings, but that is the case with all blankets.

JML Fleece Blanket

jml blanket



Bold Patterns and Design Options

Small Size

High Durability Factor

Heavy for The Average Sleeper

Smooth and Velvety Fabric

Very Warm


If you like nice bold patterns with flair, then you should look no further than the JML Fleece Blanket. It will not only add a splash of color to your bedroom but will instantly lift any winter gloom with its flamboyancy. The blanket gives you 28 bright and colorful options in a variety of patterns, including Giraffes and the Eiffel Tower.

It comes in 85x 93 inches, which makes it small for a king size but appropriate for the queen-sized bed. You can machine wash this blanket, and it is sold in a vacuum pack making for easy transport. Unfortunately, it is 100% polyester, but the richness camouflages that completely.

Amazon Basics Soft Micromink Sherpa Blanket

amazon basics micromink



Good Solid Colors

Needs to Be Aired Before Use

Soft Cuddly Texture

Prone to Snags

Sherpa Lining Makes It soft On the Inside

Not Machine Washable Friendly

Suitable For Heavy Use


It is very difficult to find a solid colored mink blanket in the market. Most come in patterns and designs or with faded and dull solids. AmazonBasics Micromink Sherpa is your best bet if you want a good solid colored blanket. This is a soft, luxurious blanket that is available in king, queen, and twin size. You can also choose between 9 different color options, which include plum and cream colors.

This blanket is machine washable; however, the face of the blanket tends to snag in the wash. The tumble dry is recommended in the low settings only.

Catalonia Sherpa Micromink Blanket

catalonia blanket



Classic Colors and Plaid Design

No Patterns or Design Option
Attractive Price Point

Light Weight and On the Flimsy side

Durable Softness


Catalonia Sherpa Micromink Blanket gives you a good blanket to snuggle at a budget price point. It gives you nice cuddly warmth in a lightweight wrap that is affordable without much compromise on the quality. This blanket keeps the softness intact even after a few washes. You get 15 different color choices and the standard three sizes of the king, queen, and twin. It is also machine washable.

Solaron Korean Mink Blanket

solaron blanket



Highly Durable

Twin Size Not Available
Attractive Design

A Bit on The Heavy side

Plenty of Choices in Color and Patterns


Solaron Korean Mink Blanket is a very good choice for those that are looking at plenty of colors, design, and pattern to choose from. It is a heavy-duty blanket that will easily go for 20 years and requires minimal care. You can choose between the King and the Queen sizes.

Helpful Buying Tips

When you are looking at making a purchase, you should bear in mind certain pointers that will help you make an intelligent purchase. Some of these are:

  • Keep in mind your usage and purpose
  • Be aware of the return policy
  • Get the right size
  • Make sure it fits in with your décor
  • Be functional and practical. A white blanket is not a good choice for a kid’s bedroom

Wrapping Up

Mink blankets are an amazing way to beat the cold and redo your living or sleeping space. You can use them as a blanket to beat the chill or as a throw or even an accent for the living area. They are available in all sizes, colors, designs, and textures to satisfy your every requirement. So, choose one to warm you while gratifying your interior décor.

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