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The Marpac YogaBed Review: A Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

The YogaBed Review: A Memory Foam Mattress in a Box 7

Yogabed was a brand of mattresses that offered memory foam options. It gained popularity for its convenience, comfort, and direct-to-consumer business model. However, in the highly competitive online mattress market, companies and products often undergo changes in terms of branding, product lines, or even ownership.

In 2017, Yogabed was acquired by Marpac, a company best known for its white noise machines. Following the acquisition, Marpac expressed its intention to use the Yogabed brand to extend its reach into the sleep product market, aligning with Marpac’s mission to create a better sleep environment for consumers.

I received a free Marpac YogaBed for review. I have been using it for the past 2 weeks and I found to be a big improvement over what I have bought through mattress stores in terms of price, quality and comfort.

The Marpac Yogabed Review

I received a queen size YogaBed this past Tuesday which costs $799. The ordering process is seamless, similar to the Tut & Needle or Leesa ordering process. Just pick a size, enter your address, credit card and a few days later a mattress in a box arrives at your door.  You get tracking information on your order so will know what day it will arrive. This is especially helpful if you are coordinating removing your old mattress.

This mattress arrives in a box about 4 feet high by 1 foot wide so it’s easy to get in your door, up and down stairs and in your ideal location before unboxing. If you live in an apartment or house with small corridors, this might be the solution to you being able to get a king size mattress in your room that previously wasn’t possible.

Unboxing the Marpac Yogabed

Unboxing the YogaBed is also similar to the Tuft & Needle process. Below is an excerpt of a video of me unboxing the YogaBed. You should note that it also comes with a handy cutter to cut through the plastic so that you don’t damage the bed. I was so excited I overlooked this tool and just used scissors. The bed decompresses quickly and is ready to sleep on in about 1 hour or less. There is some odor at first but that dissipates after 2 nights. I didn’t mind it so much, in fact, I get excited over the “new mattress smell” kind of like a “new car smell”. It triggers a feeling that I just made a major upgrade in my life.

There is the typical memory foam smell that comes with a freshly opened YogaBed but that’s no different than any memory foam mattress or pillow I have ever tried. The bed inflates very rapidly and I was able to use it the first night I unboxed it. The memory foam smell went away after a few days.

The composition of the YogaBed is listed below:

Yogabed construction

Yogabed bounce

Doing the bowling ball test with the YogaBed
Doing the bowling ball test with the YogaBed

I put my 14 lb. bowling ball on the YogaBed to give you an idea of how much give you can expect.

Here's the inside of the yoabed
Here’s the inside of the yoabed Notice that the Yogabed has 4 layers. Most beds only have 2 or 3!

.YogaBed Zipper

Of all the mattresses I reviewed, the YogaBed cover was the easiest to remove.

Note that the YogaBed contains a layer of gel or YogaGel. I noticed that this bed sleeps significantly cooler than the Tuft & Needle mattress and I can only attribute it to having this gel which the Tuft & Needle mattress lacks.

This bed seems to be a bit softer than the Tuft & Needle mattress so something to consider if you prefer a mattress with a little more give.

It also comes with 2 memory foam pillows that are on the thinner side. However, I think they work perfect for this bed. I tried using it on my old bed and they were too thin but that’s just because my old bed doesn’t conform to my body as well as the YogaBed. Check the Marpac Yogabed website for the latest deals.

 Warranty and Trial for the Marpac Yogabed

YogaBed has an excellent 10-year warranty and a 101 day trial period. If you aren’t satisfied you can return it within the trial period and not have to pay shipping costs for the return.

My YogaBed Recommendation

The YogaBed is a great mattress that is definitely worth considering. In addition to the mattress, YogaBed also has sheets, pillows and a foundation for purchase. Shop the Marpac YogaBed.

Questions about this mattress? Contact me and I’ll respond within a few hours

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I do not have an affiliate relationship with YogaBed.

The Yogabed mattress is priced as follows:

  • Twin: $549
  • Twin XL: $549
  • Full: $849
  • Queen: $949
  • King: $1,049
  • Cal King: $1,049


  • Affordable price
  • Medium-firm firmness, which is ideal for most sleepers
  • Made with organic materials
  • Breathable, washable cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great performance for the price
  • 50+ years of industry expertise from Marpac, the company that makes the Yogabed mattress


  • Edge support may be lacking for couples
  • Some people may find it too soft or too firm
  • Not as durable as some other mattresses


  • Some customers have complained that the Yogabed mattress is too soft, while others have complained that it is too firm.
  • Some customers have also complained that the mattress does not hold up well over time.
  • There have also been some complaints about the customer service.

Overall, the Yogabed mattress is a good option for budget-minded sleepers who are looking for a medium-firm mattress. However, it is important to be aware of the potential cons and complaints before making a purchase.

Here are some additional tips for choosing a mattress:

  • Consider your sleeping position and firmness preferences.
  • Read reviews of different mattresses before making a purchase.
  • Take advantage of free trials and sleep guarantees.
  • Make sure the mattress has a good warranty.

3 thoughts on “The Marpac YogaBed Review: A Memory Foam Mattress in a Box”

  1. The Yogabed and Lesa have a very similar feel. The main difference is that the Leesa will conform to you body a little more than the YogaBed. It also has a little more bounce to it making it feel more like a traditional mattress than a memory foam like a Tempurpedic. When comparing price with the coupons included the Yogabed comes in at $750 and Leesa at $815 for a Queen. Yes, the Yogabed comes with 2 pillows which is nice but in the end, I would go with what you think will make you the most comfortable considering it’s only a $65 difference and you can expect to have this bed for 7-8 years. In short, if you want something a little softer and bouncier go with Leesa. If you prefer something more firm go with YogaBed.

    • Do they both sleep equally cool? For a long time, I have used a memory foam style topper on a traditional mattress. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been more bothered by the warmth. It’s time for an upgrade. What are your thoughts?

      • I thought the Leesa slept a little bit cooler than the Yogabed. That aside I think it then comes down to how firm you want it. The beds are very similar but the Leesa has just a little more bounce. The Yogabed is a little bit thicker with less motion transfer.


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