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Smart Bedding Sheets Review

Smart Bedding Sheets Review 6

I received a free set of Smart Bedding sheets for review. Smart Bedding is a new startup that is offering french linen sheets at an affordable price by going direct to consumer. In addition they added a new twist to how to make your bed. They created buttons where you can snap the top sheet to the duvet cover so that it won’t end up getting scrunched up over night. In the morning, making your bed is as easy as spreading out the duvet cover since the top sheet is already attached.

Ordering and Unboxing 

You can purchase the Smart Bedding set direct from their website. Because of demand, some sizes may be out of stock. You also get a 100 night trial where if you don’t like these sheets for whatever reason you can return them for a full refund! Once you place your order your new sheets should arrive an about a week and arrive in a box like this:

Smart bedding box

Below is a video of me unboxing the linen sheets. As you can see they put a lot of care into how it was packaged.


Linen is a very durable material and should last much longer than cotton. This in part justifies the higher price point. Linens are sometimes passed down through the generations as an heirloom because they are so durable.

Most flax from which linen is made is grown in France because it has the perfect climate for growing this type of crop. That’s why french and linen often go together. Smart Bedding sheets are no exception. Their linen is harvested in France.

The linen is then cut and sewn in Shenzhen China. On their site the have some more background information on the factory and why they went with that particular one. It’s nice to see that they are transparent about where the material comes from and where it is assembled.


I don’t have much experience with linen and before receiving these sheets, I had never slept on linen before. What I was most impressed with was the breathability of the fabric. This linen is stone washed to soften it up and it is fairly soft right out of the box but linen will get softer the more you wash it sort of like breaking in a pair of jeans.

Here’s what the product looks like out of the box. Notice that each piece comes in a nice linen bag. Something that you could reuse for all sorts of purposes.

linen bag

What makes Smart Bedding linen sheets particularly unique is the button system they have created. As you can see in the picture below, you can attach the top sheet directly to the duvet cover via a button that snaps.

Linen button

As you can see from the picture below, the linen sheet thread count is relatively low compared to cotton but that will also promote beathability. If you’re looking for crisp sheets you should look elsewhere but if you want a higher coziness factor, these are it.

linen sheet thread count


Sheets are an investment that can upgrade your sleep environment. Target or Walmart sheets will only get you so far in terms of comfort and quality. Since you will be spending at least 6 hours a night in bed every night of your life, consider how your current sheets feel and if you could do better. Linen sheets are definitely an investment because they can be passed down to family members and only get better with age. With the 100 night trial period it’s certainly worth giving linen a try to see if it’s the right feel for you.

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6 thoughts on “Smart Bedding Sheets Review”

  1. I have owned and used Primary bedding for the past year and a half and I am really disappointed. Despite following the care instructions and all of Primary’s claims about French linen being more durable than cotton, the fitted sheet has worn so thin that it ripped in the last gentle cycle we put it through. I contacted Primary to see if this was typical of their product and they told me that it was past the 100 day point and weren’t able to offer any kind of exchange. I wonder if they have this issue so frequently that they are unable to honor the many complaints from customers. Despite the good design, it does not make financial sense to purchase this product, unfortunately.

  2. I had the same experience as Megan, at about the year and a half point the fitted sheet wore down and tore in several places. I also got the same run around regarding the 100 day trial period. Not great for a company that advertises the strength of the material and that it can be past down for “generations”. I was not so lucky as to be offered a replacement. Pretty disappointed with this company and would not recommend for someone looking for higher end sheets expecting they will last.

  3. I had a similar experience except customer service never replied to me, even after three attempts. A button on the top sheet fell off the in the first wash and the another was warped so it cant be buttoned again. I left a comment/review on their home page as well with the quality concerns, but came back a day later and found my comment was deleted. I invested a lot in these sheets thinking they were going to last a while and it’s so disappointing to find out the company doesn’t care. They are very comfortable, but it’s also $240 I’ll never get back.

  4. I also purchased a set and after a gentle wash cycle, a button fell off before putting on my bed. After some wrangling, I got a replacement and put in the wash before use. Three buttons came off that time! This was before I even used the replacement. Between that and the several months wait between placing the order and receiving the product, I’m frustrated. I want to support a good company, the idea is great but there are production and quality issues. If all the buttons fall off, the top sheet isn’t large enough to tuck in. I’m hoping to return and try another company. Shame because the color and idea are fantastic.

  5. I placed a order with smart bedding for providing sofa covers in camel colour. Instead, please provide in grey colour only. Additionally, are cushion covers included.


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