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Serta iComfort Blue 100 Gentle Firm Review

The Serta iComfort series is a collection of mattresses that are designed to provide pressure relief, support, and cooling comfort. The mattresses in the iComfort series are made with a variety of materials, including memory foam, gel foam, and coils.

One of the key features of the Serta iComfort series is the use of TempActiv Gel Memory Foam. This foam is designed to conform to your body and provide pressure relief where you need it most. It is also infused with gel to help dissipate heat and keep you cool at night.

Another key feature of the Serta iComfort series is the use of a zoned support system. This system divides the mattress into different zones, each of which provides a different level of support. This helps to ensure that your body is properly aligned and that you are getting the support you need where you need it most.

The Serta iComfort series is available in a variety of firmness levels, so you can choose the mattress that is right for you. The mattresses in the iComfort series are also backed by a 10-year warranty.

Here is an overview of the different models in the Serta iComfort series:

  • iComfort CF3000: The CF3000 is the most affordable mattress in the iComfort series. It is a medium-plush mattress that is ideal for side sleepers and people who prefer a softer feel.
  • iComfort CF2000: The CF2000 is a medium mattress that is ideal for back sleepers and people who prefer a more supportive feel.
  • iComfort CF1000: The CF1000 is a medium-firm mattress that is ideal for stomach sleepers and people who need extra support.
  • iComfort Hybrid: The iComfort Hybrid is a hybrid mattress that combines memory foam and coils. It is a good all-around mattress for people of all sleep positions.
  • iComfort ECO: The iComfort ECO is an eco-friendly mattress that is made with sustainable materials. It is a medium-plush mattress that is ideal for side sleepers and people who prefer a softer feel.

The Serta iComfort series is a good choice for people who are looking for a mattress that provides pressure relief, support, and cooling comfort. The mattresses in the iComfort series are also available in a variety of firmness levels and price points, so you can find the mattress that is right for you.

iComfort Mattress Collection | Hybrid & Foam
$1999 (Queen)

Featuring select materials that are up to 70% sustainable*, this supportive mattress was designed to ensure sleep is cool, comfortable, and restorative. With foam and hybrid options, there's an iComfortECO ideal for your sleep needs.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Serta iComfort Blue 100 Gentle Firm is true to its name. It has an initial soft feel but you will soon be supported by the firm base layer which prevents you from sinking in all that much. What I like about this mattress is that it is a great choice for people looking for a foam mattress with good support. It’s also available to try out in stores so you will know exactly how it feels and is priced competitively. This mattress comes with a 120 trial where you can return it within that time for a refund if not happy.

Overview of the Serta iComfort Blue 100

Here’s a brief overview of the mattress and some of its main features.

Ordering Your iComfort Mattress.

You can order this mattress directly through the Serta website. This assures that you will get the best price and will be dealing directly with the manufacturer if you have any issues. Plus you get the 120 day trial period as well.

This mattress does not come in a box. After you place your order a delivery company will contact you to arrange a time to bring it in your house and set it up. Since the mattress isn’t compressed, it will be ready to sleep on right away. I didn’t notice much off-gassing with this mattress either because it has had time to breathe.

Construction of the iComfort Blue 100

Below are the construction specifications as listed on their website.

Key Features

  • TempActiv Gel Memory Foam
  • Evercool® Fuze Memory Foam
  • Ultimate Edge® Foam Support Core
  • Compatible with Serta Adjustable Foundations

How Much Does the iComfort Blue 100 Cost?

Below are the current prices as listed on the Serta website.

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My Serta iComfort Findings

This mattress is certainly a firm mattress but the top layer is nice and soft. You will sink just a little into this mattress before you are supported by the base layer underneath. Here’s a picture illustrating sinkage on the mattress.

iComfort Blue Sink

Here’s another photo illustrating sinkage from the top of the mattress.

serta icomfort blue sinkageHere’s a video showing how much motion transfer you can expect on the mattress. You really don’t get any and you will also notice that the ball doesn’t bounce that much because you will hit the firmer base layer to absorb the energy.


This video shows you the inside of the mattress and how each layer works. You’ll notice that the top layer provides really good pressure relief but you won’t sink into this mattress that much which is good for people seeking a firmer feel.


My Serta iComfort Recommendation

What sets this mattress apart from the competition is that Serta has been able to create a mattress with a soft top layer and firm base layer to create a unique feel. With most firm mattresses you get very little contouring. Here you quickly sink into the mattress about an inch then are instantly supported by the base layer. This mattress could be used by side sleepers but I think back and especially stomach sleepers will appreciate the support in the lower back.

Since there are no springs, you won’t be dealing with any motion transfer issues and although it is all foam and will sleep a little warm, you won’t sink in as much as a softer mattress so that shouldn’t be as big of an issue. I also think this would make a great mattress for heavier people who need the support a traditional mattress may not provide.

Learn more about the Serta iComfort Blue100

Serta iComfort Blue vs. The iComfort Lineup: A Comparative Insight

For years, Serta’s iComfort series has been a beacon of innovation in the mattress world, setting new benchmarks for comfort and durability. Among the line-up, the iComfort Blue has emerged as a popular choice. But how does it stack up against its siblings in the iComfort range? This comprehensive comparison sheds light on the iComfort Blue’s distinct attributes and how it contrasts with the other models within the series.

Serta iComfort Blue: The Basics

The iComfort Blue is characterized by its multi-layered foam construction, emphasizing pressure point relief and cooling technology. Its features include:

  1. Gel Memory Foam: The mattress utilizes TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam, designed to provide cushioning support while also assisting in heat dispersion.

  2. Enhanced Airflow: The incorporation of the EverCool® Fuze Gel Foam boosts airflow, ensuring sleepers stay cool throughout the night.

  3. Balanced Support: The Balanced Support Foam layer aids in striking a balance between plush comfort and adequate firmness.

Comparison with Other iComfort Models

  1. iComfort Blue Max: The Blue Max stands out due to its thicker profile and additional layers. It boasts a more advanced temperature regulation system, thanks to the TempActiv Max Gel Memory Foam. While the iComfort Blue offers a medium firmness level, the Blue Max provides options ranging from ultra-plush to firm.

  2. iComfort Hybrid: As the name suggests, this model integrates both foam and coil systems. While the iComfort Blue relies solely on foam layers for support, the Hybrid introduces the Serta Hybrid Coil™ for added durability and responsiveness. This combination ensures a more traditional mattress feel with the added benefits of advanced foams.

  3. iComfort CF Series (e.g., CF1000, CF2000, etc.): These models dive deeper into cooling technology. The CF series incorporates Carbon Fiber Memory Foam, which channels heat away from the body and provides neck-to-toe support. While the iComfort Blue emphasizes balanced support, the CF models prioritize cooling and a broader range of firmness options.

  4. iComfort Savant: The Savant is geared towards those seeking a plusher sleep experience. Unlike the balanced feel of the iComfort Blue, the Savant leans more towards the softer end of the spectrum. It combines deep contouring foam layers with enhanced cooling technologies.


The iComfort Blue holds its ground as a reliable choice for those seeking balanced support with the benefits of gel memory foam and cooling technologies. However, when juxtaposed with other models in the iComfort lineup, distinctions emerge. Whether it’s the hybrid construction, advanced cooling systems, or varied firmness levels, each iComfort model has been crafted to cater to specific sleep preferences.

For potential buyers, the choice ultimately rests on individual needs: whether that’s a desire for more pronounced cooling, the combined support of coils and foam, or a specific firmness level. In the diverse world of Serta’s iComfort range, there’s undoubtedly a perfect match for every sleeper.

iComfort Mattress Collection | Hybrid & Foam
$1999 (Queen)

Featuring select materials that are up to 70% sustainable*, this supportive mattress was designed to ensure sleep is cool, comfortable, and restorative. With foam and hybrid options, there's an iComfortECO ideal for your sleep needs.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

mattresses that parallel the attributes of iComfort Blue, vying for a spot in the sleep aficionado’s bedroom.

1. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt

Tempur-Pedic’s reputation in crafting premium memory foam mattresses is undisputed. The TEMPUR-Adapt series, in particular, mimics the medium firmness level of the iComfort Blue. With its cool-to-touch cover and a blend of TEMPUR materials, this mattress offers both conformity and cooling, much like its iComfort counterpart.

2. Purple Mattress

Purple’s claim to fame is its proprietary Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid. This unique structure not only offers pressure relief akin to memory foam but also exceptional breathability. For those drawn to the iComfort Blue’s cooling capabilities, Purple serves as a noteworthy alternative, with its grid facilitating optimal airflow.

3. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar’s offering captures attention with its five-layer construction. Like the iComfort Blue, Nectar emphasizes contouring and support. With a combination of gel memory foam and adaptive response transition layers, this mattress promises a balance between plushness and support, all while ensuring a cooler sleep environment.

4. Sealy Posturepedic Conform Performance

Sealy, another giant in the bedding industry, presents its Conform Performance series as a testament to foam innovation. Infused with cooling gel, this mattress aims to strike the balance found in iComfort Blue—combining conforming memory foam with cooling technology to ensure both comfort and temperature regulation.

5. GhostBed Luxe

Billing itself as the “coolest bed in the world”, the GhostBed Luxe focuses intently on thermo-regulation. Its multi-layered design, which includes gel memory foam and a proprietary “Ghost Ice Layer”, seeks to create a consistently cool sleeping surface. For iComfort Blue enthusiasts drawn to its cooling capabilities, GhostBed Luxe stands as a compelling contender.


While Serta’s iComfort Blue has etched its presence in the pantheon of premium foam mattresses, the market is replete with contenders offering similar sleep experiences. Each brand, armed with its proprietary technologies and design philosophies, seeks to redefine sleep comfort. For the discerning consumer, this presents a golden age of choice, ensuring that the path to sleep perfection is but a mattress away.

Here is a list of all Serta iComfort models and their prices, based on the queen size:

iComfort CF3000$1,799.99
iComfort CF2000$1,999.99
iComfort CF1000$2,199.99
iComfort Hybrid$2,399.99
iComfort ECO$2,599.99

Please note that prices may vary depending on the retailer and the time of year.

Which Serta iComfort model is right for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you are unsure which model to choose, Serta offers a sleep quiz to help you decide.

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