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Nest Bedding All Latex Mattress Review

nest bedding latex mattress

The Nest Bedding All Latexmattress is latex mattress that can be made with blended latex or organic latex. The blended version has some synthetic latex but is a much more natural option than foam and still gives you all the benefits of latex. A queen size blended latex retails for $1,499 while the all organic option would be $2,499.

It’s difficult to find an affordable latex mattress and Nest has provided a solution. Additionally, this mattress comes with Nests generous 100 day trial where you have the option to return the mattress within a 100 days if not fully satisfied. Many of the latex mattresses I have found don’t offer this option.

Below is a video overview of the Q3 which explains its construction.

Construction of the All Latex Mattress

Below are the construction details of the Q3 according to the Nest Bedding website.

  • Available in Firm, Medium or Soft.
  • Firm/Medium option features 9″ of Dunlop Latex 
  • The Soft option adds our 3″ Talalay Latex layer on top of the 9″ Dunlop Latex firm or medium base.
  • Available in all organic certified components or Oeko-Tex Certified Blended latex, PureGrow Wool and Blended Organic cotton option. Not a Certified Organic Mattress, just a mattress made with all the major components certified organic.

Assembling the All Latex Mattress

Nest has provided some fairly straightforward instructions on setting up this mattress.

1. You will receive 2 boxes for the firm/medium and 3 boxes for the soft version.

2. For the Firm/Medium, you will have one 3″ soft piece of latex in one box and a 6″ firm piece of latex inside the 9″ zipper cover. For the firm version, place the 3″ soft piece under the 6″ firm piece and zip up the mattress.

3. For the Soft version, you will have an additional box with the 3″ soft topper already inside of its cover. This goes on top of the 9″ mattress with the latex zipped inside the cover.

My Nest Bedding All Latex Mattress Findings

First off, let’s take a look at the Q3 without the optional Talalay topper. This is the medium/firm version. Below you will see that it has two layers, a 6 inch base layer of firm dunlop latex and on top of that a softer 3 inch layer of dunlop latex.

Nest Q3 layers

Below is a picture showing how far the mattress sinks without the Talalay layer.

q3 mattress sinkage without talalay topper

Here’s a picture illustrating sinkage with the Talalay later.

Being a latex mattress it will have more bounce than an all foam mattress but less bounce than a latex hybrid which is springs and latex. Below is a video illustrating bounce.

This is a video showing bounce on the mattress without the Talalay topper. This would be the medium/firm version.

Here’s another video showing bounce on the Q3 with the Talalay topper.

This mattress sleeps temperature neutral. I didn’t find that it slept hot or cold as some mattresses can. It is breathable and has a wool fire barrier built into the zippable cover. Below is a video showing heat retention.

Nest All Latex Mattress Recommendations

When searching for an all latex mattress it can be difficult to commit. I think the biggest barrier is that most all latex mattresses don’t come with a free trial period. Nest has eliminated this barrier and offered their standard 100 night trial with the Q3. Additionally, the way it is constructed makes it affordable for people that want latex but aren’t as concerned with every component being certified organic. If you want that option you can pay more but it isn’t necessary.

I also like that there is the base medium/firm option and then the soft option which is the Talalay latex topper. The top layer of Talalay really softens up the mattress and gives it a pillow top feel. This mattress was designed very efficiently in order to get the best value at the best price for latex.

Read more about the All Latex Mattress from Nest Bedding.

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  1. The soft layer of the Q3 gives it more of a pillow top feel that really can’t be achieved with the Spindle.


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