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Oreous Pillow Review

The Oreous pillow is made with a unique material called Microloops. Microloops are tiny pieces of memory foam that are designed to conform to your head and neck, providing pressure relief and support. Microloops are also designed to be more breathable than traditional memory foam, which means that the Oreous pillow stays cool throughout the night.

The Oreous pillow is adjustable, so you can add or remove Microloops to find the perfect height and firmness for you. It is also machine-washable and dryer-safe, making it easy to keep clean.

The Oreous pillow is a good option for sleepers who are looking for a soft, supportive pillow that will stay cool throughout the night. It is also a good option for sleepers who have neck pain or who suffer from snoring.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Oreous pillow:


  • Soft, supportive feel
  • Breathable and cool to the touch
  • Adjustable height and firmness
  • Machine-washable and dryer-safe


  • May be too soft for some sleepers
  • May be too firm for some sleepers
  • Can be expensive

Overall, the Oreous pillow is a good option for sleepers who are looking for a soft, supportive pillow that will stay cool throughout the night. It is also a good option for sleepers who have neck pain or who suffer from snoring. However, it is important to note that it may be too soft or too firm for some sleepers, and it can be expensive.

I was recently given an Oreous pillow for review. The Oreous Pillow is one of the hottest pillows on kickstarter right now and so far has raised $329,059 as of June 3. If you pledge $79 or more you can get in on the early bird special and receive a standard size by September 2017.

What makes this pillow so special is the micro loop technology that they use. These look like noodles and when you squeeze them the recover faster than most memory foam but slower than latex. You end up with a pillow that is resilient and gives you good pressure relief.

Ordering and Unboxing the Oreous Pillow

The Oreous pillow can be pre ordered through Kickstarter but in the future they most likely will have their own website where you can order direct. The pillow comes in a can like the one seen below.

oreous pillow can packaging

Once you pull the pillow out of the packaging it springs into shape quickly. I didn’t notice much of a smell either. That may be because the pillow isn’t completely memory foam.

According to their Kickstarter page, a standard size will retail for $129.

Here’s a video of me giving an overview of the Oreous pillow.

Construction and Specifications of the Oreous Pillow

Cover is made with 100% organic Lenpur. Lenpur is a cellulose fiber made from the branches of trees. It is a renewable resource and feels silky to the touch but soft like a cashmere.

The sides of the pillow are made with a 3D mesh band technology that gives is a nice look but also enhances breathability of the pillow.

There is an inside cover made of cotton. This holds all the fill material so that you can fully remove and wash the outer cover.

The inside of the pillow is where you will findn the micro loop technolgy. There are not exact specifications on the microloops. The company says this about them:

“Microloops are the Oreous™ patented internal technology that is made from proprietary materials and expand when compressed 10 times faster than normal memory foam and 1000 times faster than a typical feather down pillow. The technology also provides 360 degree support with the pillow ensuring ultimate comfort for the best sleep”

Oreous Pillow Findings

I found that the Oreous pillow matched my expectations given what I read on kickstarter. It is softer like a shredded memory foam pillow but recovers faster. I actually found it to be slightly more breathable and sleep cooler than most shredded memory foam pillows because the loops are big enough to create larger air pockets. The Oreous recovers faster than most shredded foam pillows as well except for the My Pillow which has a different kind of foam all together. The oreous contours as well but not as well as some of the higher end shredded foam pillows I have reviewed so that is a trade off.

Here’s a clip of how quickly the microloops expand.

Oreous Pillow Recommendations

The Oreous Pillow is more evolutionary than revolutionary. It is great for people that want quicker recovery than what a typical memory foam pillow can offer but still want some of the benefits that only memory foam can provide such as superior contouring and pressure relief. I have been sleeping on my Oreous for a weekd and find that it holds its shape well and sleeps cool.

Learn more about the Oreous pillow on their Indegogo Page

Oreous Pillow Complaints

The Oreous pillow has had some controversies surrounding it. The most common complaint is that it is too soft, and that it doesn’t provide enough support for the head and neck. This can lead to neck pain and discomfort for some sleepers.

Another complaint is that the Oreous pillow can be too warm, especially in the summer months. This is because the pillow is made with memory foam, which is known for retaining heat.

Some sleepers have also complained that the Oreous pillow is too expensive. The pillow costs around $200, which is more than some other high-end pillows on the market.

Despite these controversies, the Oreous pillow is still popular among some sleepers. Some people appreciate the pillow’s soft feel and the fact that it is adjustable. Others find that the pillow helps to relieve neck pain and snoring.

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