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Ooroo Pet Bed Review

Ooroo Pet Bed Review 1

The Ooroo Pet Bed is a foldable bed for your dog or cat. It’s a great choice for people that live in a small house or apartment that may want to get the pet bed out of the way or at  least make it smaller when company comes over. It is the most versatile pet bed I have come across in that it can serve as a piece of furniture for humans when not being used by your pet.


You can purchase the Ooroo pet bed direct from their website. I comes in three sizes. Your bed will arrive in about a week from ordering and is shipped via UPS. Right out of the box you’ll find that it is shrink wrapped which would prevent it from getting water damage if your package was left out in the rain.



The Ooroo is a foam dog bed that can be flipped just like the Ooroo Mattress.  I suppose this would also make a nice step for your dog if they want to get into your bed! Not sure why they would though since this one is nice and comfy. Maybe if you have two small dogs they could each claim a tier of the mattress.



The Ooroo is a little firmer than the Brentwood Home dog bed that I recently reviewed. The cover is also not removable. However this may not be an issue given the type of fabric used.  It measures about 5 inches deep.

Ooroo Depth

As I said it is a little firmer than the Brentwood Home foam dog bed. Below is an illustration of how it would handle motion transfer.

Dogs (most dogs) and cats don’t weigh as much as humans so having a 5 inch thick mattress should give proper support.  I like that this bed didn’t  creep up towards each end as some dog beds can do. Below is a picture of our dog, Dottie on the mattress. Notice it has a nice clean look.

Dottie Ooroo

The Ooroo foam dog bed is easy to fold up and looks great in its case. You can sit on on it when it is folded up. It measures about 12.5 inches when folded.

Depth Ooroo

You can make the top cushion lay on the floor when it is a dog bed so that guest don’t have to sit on pet hair. Or if you want to get fancy, just put it in the case it comes with. The case also has a handle for portability.

Ooroo Cover


The Ooroo is a top notch foam dog bed or even cat bed for that matter. What like about it is that it’s light yet supportive for my old dog and can be used as a spare ottoman when company is over. When taking some of these shots, I had to try and get my dog off the Ooroo, she really took to it. If you have a dog that prefers a little firmer bed, this is it.

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