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Malouf Bed In A Bag

Malouf Bed In A Bag 2

A Bed in a bag kit is a great way to take care of all your bedding needs in one fell swoop. It’s also cost effective and ensures that all your bedding coordinates. Bed in a bag products are very popular among parents shopping for college students moving into dorms or apartments for the first time. There’s no reason you need to sacrifice quality though to get a great price. Malouf has come through again in the bedding department with their WOVEN bed in a bag kits.


I was given this product by Malouf to review. As with most Malouf products, you can get their bed in a bag kit through Amazon. Their full selection of colors and sizes are available:


Your Bed In A Bag kit comes with the following:

1 down alternative comforter
1 fitted sheet
1 flat sheet
2 pillowcases
2 pillows.

I don’t think many bed in a bag kits you buy at the department stores come with 2 pillows.

Here’s me unboxing the set. Since the pillows come vacuum packed, I don’t think you will get the whole set back in the bag after opening.


I received the Lilac/Blush set. The comforter that it comes with is washable and reverse able, hence the two colors.

bed in a bag comforter

As you can see the comforter is box stitched so that you get a consistent amount of fill across the entire comforter. This is a very light and airy comforter that is suitable for all seasons. Although I would recommend an extra blanket if you get harsh winters. Since it’s washable, there’s no need for a duvet cover and that’s a huge time saver. It makes you bed that much easier to make!

The sheets are a brushed microfiber. This means they feel very smooth, almost like Sheex or Bedgear but also have the softness of a cotton so it doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping in workout clothes. After washing they don’t get too wrinkly either.

Woven Sheets

These are deep pocket sheets so are versatile enough to fit just about any size mattress. They can accomodate depths of 6-18 inches.

The 2 pillows were a welcome surprise. They come vacuum packed so that when you take them out of the plastic wrapping they inflate. They are down alternative pillows that aren’t too thick. These are perfect for back and stomach sleepers and can be bunched up for side sleepers. This isn’t the best picture but the loft on the pillows comes in near 3 inches. This is a down alternative pillow.

down alternative pillow


You can buy a Malouf WOVEN Bed In A Bag kit for $109.99 (Queen). That’s a tremendous value considering you get a complete bedding set including pillows. The comforter is also washable but just be careful to follow the instructions on the label. This makes a great gift for grads going away to college in the fall or even college grads who are moving on to the next “grown up” chapter of their life. It makes your bed look wonderful and it’s a low maintenance set that will get you years of good performance.

Get your Malouf Bed In A Bag via Amazon.

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