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Magic Linen Duvet Review

Magic Linen Review

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I received a gray-blue linen duvet set from MagicLinen in Lithuania to review. Unlike the sheets from PeachSkin and Homestead, MagicLinen did not impress me in the presentation department. The presentation was definitely reserved and modest—the sheets were neatly folded in a small package wrapped in ribbon donning the MagicLinen logo, but that was mailed in just a regular brown box.

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Obviously, presentation isn’t everything, so I definitely don’t put too much weight in that, especially since it had to travel so far. MagicLinen is a small, family-run company in Vilnius, Lithuania that makes high-quality linen, so it’s really impressive that they are able to mail their products internationally for only $15.

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MagicLinen Construction

MagicLinen’s high-quality linen products are made from fibers of the European flax plant that have been stone-washed for maximum comfort. This durable textile is breathable and cool during the summer, yet warm and comfortable during the winter. Linen absorbs moisture well and releases it quickly, drying out fast.

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I had heard that linen can be scratchy and irritating to sensitive skin, but upon reading more on the subject, I learned that linen actually possesses rare hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties—it’s a natural antiseptic that kills bacteria and fungi. Amazingly, it can reduce inflammation and cure some skin diseases—from common rashes to eczema.

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Right out of the box, the duvet cover and pillowcases felt distinctly different from other fabrics that I’ve tried in the past, but they were definitely not scratchy. The tail end of the duvet cover sported attractive wooden buttons, and the head end had handy tie-ins to keep the duvet in place (some don’t have them).

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The instructions told me to turn all three pieces inside-out before throwing them into a cold wash followed by a gentle low heat drying cycle. Coming out of the dryer, however, they were wrinkly which is to be expected of linen.

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My MagicLinen Findings

Even after putting them on my bed and pillows, they remained wrinkly. However, I absolutely do not care because when I laid down on my bed waiting for the rest of my laundry dry, I felt like I was on a wistful beach getaway on the Nantucket coast basking in the sunny seabreeze. Eventually, the wrinkles do relax and if you really care about that sort of thing you can certainly iron them.

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My house does not have a view of the ocean nor do I live on Nantucket but for some reason these sheets evoked pure relaxation on a luxurious summer vacation. Lounging on my bed, binge-watching “New Girl,” the duvet cover was warmer yet airier than the ice cold duvet that I’m used to. Curling up with the linen cover tucked under one half of my head, and a linen pillow case under the other became a kind of highlight to my evening. Sometimes it’s hard for me to fall asleep, but for the past week I have had no trouble at all.

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I combined my MagicLinen bedding with my Homestead cotton sheets for a dynamic duo of solid Zzzs. It was a really nice change of pace from the sweaty and balmy experience I had in the PeachSkin sheets. I thankfully did not wake up in the middle of the night, grasping for my fan, and kicking off my duvet cover; I think I have fallen in love.

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My MagicLinen Recommendation

With a price tag of $206, it’s similar to the Homestead sheets in that it is, unfortunately, a bit inaccessible. Online, you can find good quality 3-piece linen duvet sets anywhere from $40 to $110, but none of them are going to be like MagicLinen.

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MagicLinen prides itself on being a descendant of Baltic linen growing, sewing, and weaving traditions spanning hundreds of years. Centuries of tradition and advancement in textile work has brought MagicLinen to the forefront of eco-friendly linen products. They use only European OEKO-tex certified, high-quality linen when they hand make all of their products. The fabric is cut and sewn by tailors rather than machines or children, making their supply chain more ethical than most of those cheaper brands.

So if you find yourself wishing you could enjoy a dreamy sleep-cation reminiscent of every perfect beach house stock photo you’ve ever lived vicariously through, I can honestly say that this is a duvet set to splurge on. I would love to try the sheets one day, because I have a feeling they will be just as magnificent.

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Learn more about Magic Linen

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