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Leesa Pillow Review

Leesa Pillow

All Leesa pillows are made with high-quality materials and are backed by a 30-night sleep trial. If you are not happy with your pillow for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

Leesa pillows are generally well-reviewed by customers. Many customers praise the pillows for their comfort, support, and quality. However, some customers have found that the pillows are too firm or too soft for their liking.

If you are looking for a new pillow, Leesa is a good option to consider. The company offers a variety of pillow types to choose from, and all of its pillows are backed by a sleep trial.

I recently received a Leesa Pillow for review. The Leesa Pillow is a great choice for people who have recently purchased a Leesa mattress or are looking for a soft and supportive pillow that won’t literally let you down at night. If you are wondering if a Leesa mattress is right for you, check out my review. This pillow was specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Leesa mattress but on it’s own feels really nice and I would recommend using it with just about any memory foam mattress.

Overview of the Leesa Pillow

The Leesa Pillow has the look and feel of the Leesa mattress. By that I mean that the cover of the pillow is the same knit fabric used for the cover of the mattress and the inside of the pillow is made with Avena foam, the same foam used on the top layer of the mattress to give it the bouncy springy feeling that still provides great pressure relief and support.

Here’s a video overview of the pillow with me on the Leesa mattress.


A standard size currently retails for $75 and a king size for $95 which you can buy direct through their website. To complete your set you can even buy the Leesa blanket which also is made with the same fabric found of the cover of the mattress. It is cozy and heavy enought for comfort you but not too thick as to make you overheat. Perfect for a couch and late night Netflix binges.

The Leesa pillow comes in a box like the one below. It’s not shrink wrapped so is ready to use right out the box.

Leesa Pillow Box

Out of the box you will find that it is wrapped in plastic to protect it from getting dirty in transit. There’s also a nice card that talks about some of the charitable work that the company has done.

Leesa Pillow Wrapping

Leesa Pillow Construction

According to the website these are the construction details of the pillow


Designed and manufactured in the USA


Contour cut Avena®-like performance foam with holes for increased airflow.



18″W x 26″L x 5″H


18″W x 32″L x 5″H

1. Responsive, Adaptive Avena® Foam

We’ve used a new generation of Avena® foam specifically formulated for the pillow.

2. Improved Airflow for Cooling

Engineered with hundreds of ventilation channels for maximum airflow to increase air circulation and improve support.

3. Washable Signature Leesa Cover

Our much-loved Leesa cover is made from the highest quality materials. It’s so soft and breathable.

My Leesa Pillow Recommendation

I would especially recommend this pillow if you are going to buy a Leesa matttress. It definitely works well with the mattress since they are made of the same materials. Having both the pillow and the mattress gives you a constent feel across your entire body.

If you are going to buy the pillow alone. I recommend it for people looking for a cool pillow that has a little bounce to it. It feels very similar to a soft latex pillow. The inside of the pillow has holes in it to allow for extra breathability.

Here’s a peek at the inside of the pillow.

Leesa Pillow Inside

As mentioned in the desription, the cover is removeable and washable. Heres a sideview of the pillow where you can see the zipper.


Below is a video that shows how responsive the pillow is. Again, this is very similar to how a latex pillow behaves. The difference is that it will contour a bit better than a latex pillow and won’t push back as much.

Learn more about the Leesa Pillow

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