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The Inside Weather Company is a relatively new furniture company that specializes in creating customizable and affordable home furniture. The company was founded in 2018 by Ben Parsa and Sam Prochazka, both of whom had previous experience in the furniture industry.

The idea for Inside Weather came about when Parsa and Prochazka noticed that most furniture companies had a limited selection of styles and fabrics, and that customizing furniture could be expensive and time-consuming. They decided to create a company that would offer a wide variety of furniture styles and fabrics that could be easily customized by customers at an affordable price point.

To achieve this goal, the Inside Weather team developed an online platform where customers could choose from a variety of furniture styles, sizes, fabrics, and colors to create their own unique pieces. The company also utilizes a direct-to-consumer model, which helps to keep costs down and allows for faster shipping times.

Since its founding, Inside Weather has gained a loyal following and has been featured in several media outlets, including Forbes, Business Insider, and Apartment Therapy. The company continues to grow and expand its offerings, with plans to introduce new furniture styles and products in the future.

Inside Weather offers a wide range of customizable home furniture products, including sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, benches, and bed frames.

Their furniture is available in a variety of styles, ranging from modern to traditional, and customers can choose from a large selection of fabrics and colors to create their own unique pieces. The company also offers free swatches, so customers can see and feel the fabrics before making a purchase.

In addition to their standard furniture offerings, Inside Weather also offers a “Design Your Own” program, which allows customers to create completely custom furniture pieces tailored to their exact specifications.

Overall, Inside Weather’s product lineup is designed to provide customers with high-quality, customizable furniture at an affordable price point, making it a popular choice for those who want to create a unique and personalized home decor style.


There is no way you can take the sofa shopping casually. This era defines the sofa as the cornerstone of your living space and the dominant factor of your social nights. Imagine wanting to invite people over only to be forced to downsize because of your sofa size or, even worse, wanting to spend the night binge-watching your favorite show only to find that your sofa is not an ideal comfort lounge zone. All these scenarios bring to mind the importance of choosing the best sofa for your space.

You need to balance the latest in fashion sofa trends with good comfort and support factors. Unfortunately, even with the wide variety of sofa brands circulating in the market, there is a dearth of on-point trendy sofas that manage to get the right balance of Instagram and comfort. Inside Weather is one such brand that makes it a point to satisfy your sofa fashion sense while taking care of the other practical details. Read on to find out how well it fares on the sofa, buying checklist points.

A Detailed Review

The first thing that is bound to impress you about Inside Weather Sofa is the absolutely stunning customizable options. These babies are all made to order pieces. To spice things up more, these fantastic custom-built from scratch sofas are ready and shipped within a short span of 30 to 35 days. They are made entirely from sustainably sourced materials for the environmentally conscious and are a total made in USA product for the country conscious.

Apart from the quick shipping and delivery, these sofas are also competitively priced with an attractive price point that is budget-friendly and boasts of a quick assembly time of 10 minutes or less. The customizable options mean that you have a personalized sofa made to order as per your individual preference. The motto of the brand is making sofa shopping all about “you” and “your choices.”

Pros and Cons


Highly customizable to ensure a unique sofa of your preference

Readymade options are not available for purchase. Minimum shipping time is 30 to 35 days

Short custom making time


Excellent customer support


365 days trial period


Inside Out Review


inside weather sofa review

The Inside Weather Sofa sports a minimalistic approach to design. It is clear-cut and simple with straight lines and angles. There are no flairs and curves to distract from this theme. However, this minimalistic approach ensures that the sofa blends well with both modern and contemporary styles. Hence no matter what your existing décor or type of house, this sofa will not only blend well with it but also enhance the overall look with its inherent aesthetic appeal.

There is a distinct mid-century modern flavor to these sofas in general, and the wooden elements only enhance this aspect. The overall look of the sofa depends on your preferences but in general the sofa sports a simple and elegant structure.

The frames are made of birch plywood. This is covered with synthetic padding reinforced with high-density PU foam. The combined effect is a sofa base that allows a cool and comfortable perch.


This is the fun part of buying this sofa. The sheer number of customization options will blow your mind. You can not only choose the type of sofa you want from eight different styles but also choose the various details of these sofas, right from the legs to materials and upholstery fabric and color. All in all, you have over 400+ customization options when you come down to building your sofa.

You get to choose the arm style you want from over 13 different styles. As if that was not enough, you have over 15 different base styles to keep you busy and six different accent pillows to make up your mind about. Their fabrics styles range from over 100 different swatches, and you even get to decide the comfort level of snug or support. Needless to say, Inside Weather is hands down the king of sofa customization.

Shipping and Delivery

Given that the sofa is custom built from scratch, it ships very quickly. The standard shipping time is within 30 to 35 days. You can rest assured that you will receive your sofa within the allotted time. The brand is committed to its timeline.

The package comes in a neat flat-backed packaging that makes it convenient to move around. It also comes in 3 to 4 different boxes. The flip side is that these boxes are shipped separately, so you might be receiving them on different dates. This makes the process a little inconvenient, but you are sure to receive them all within the month. The main reason behind this is that the sofa parts are shipped as soon as they are ready, so some parts are shipped before and some after.


The Inside Weather Sofa assembly is quick, simple, and one of the fastest in the market. The brand claims that the sofa can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. However, for most, it should not take more than double that time. All the tools required to get the job done are already provided with the sofa, so you don’t have to worry about not having the appropriate tools.


The sofa range starts from $998 for the Issa Sofa and goes up to $1398 for the Asher, Soba, and Jett range. This price point makes the Inside Weather a clear winner in the sofa buying section. The main reason why Inside Weather can keep their sofas so ambitiously priced is that they work on a zero inventory base model. This means there are no warehousing costs or excess raw materials lying around. All there sofas are made from scratch after the customer puts in an order.

This made to order concept saves on storage and production costs. It also reduces wastage costs to almost zero percent. By only focusing on the production aspect, Inside Weather can churn out the best quality sofas for your homes. The price does not leave any margin for showrooms, middlemen, or any secondary elements.

Real-Time Usage

No matter which fabric or design you choose, these Inside Weather sofas are all highly durable with excellent stain-resistant properties. All the upholstery material is specially designed to stay clean and look fresh with regular use.

Those with pets and toddlers running around will be glad to know that the fabrics are extremely easy to clean. You just need a good run of soap and water mixed with some elbow grease, and even the tough stains will disappear in no time at all. To make it even easier, the upholstery is covered with zippered and hence removable covers, which can be machine washed to retain its freshness and cleanliness.

To Buy or Not To Buy

Inside Weather Sofa is one sofa that is the next big thing in the sofa segment. There is no reason for anyone not to buy their sofas. You get a fantastic sofa that is 100% unique to your style and preference at an affordable price. The quality of materials used is fabulous for the price point, and the sofas are ideal for practical living as well as entertaining nights. Their after-sales service is excellent, and the 365 days free trial offer only makes the sofa more attractive.

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Inside Weather Trial and Warranty

Inside Weather offers a limited warranty on all of their products. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If a defect is found during the warranty period, Inside Weather will repair or replace the defective product at no charge to the customer.

In addition to their warranty, Inside Weather also has a flexible return policy. If a customer is not satisfied with their purchase for any reason, they can return it within 30 days for a full refund. The company will cover the cost of return shipping for items that are defective or damaged upon arrival, but customers are responsible for the cost of return shipping for all other returns.

To initiate a return, customers can contact Inside Weather’s customer service team to obtain a return authorization and shipping label. The returned item must be in its original packaging and in new condition to be eligible for a refund.

Overall, Inside Weather’s warranty and return policies are designed to provide customers with peace of mind and ensure that they are satisfied with their purchase.

Inside Weather Alternatives

There are many furniture companies that offer customizable, high-quality products similar to Inside Weather. Some popular alternatives include:

  1. Article – Article offers a wide range of modern furniture, including sofas, chairs, and tables, that can be customized with a variety of fabric options.

  2. Joybird – Joybird specializes in customizable mid-century modern furniture, including sofas, chairs, and sectionals. They offer a wide range of fabric options, and customers can also choose from various wood finishes.

  3. Burrow – Burrow offers modular sofas and other furniture that can be easily customized and assembled. They also offer a wide range of fabric options and other customization features.

  4. Interior Define – Interior Define offers customizable sofas, sectionals, chairs, and bed frames that can be tailored to a customer’s exact specifications. They offer a range of fabric options and also allow customers to customize the cushion firmness.

  5. Floyd – Floyd offers minimalist, modular furniture that can be easily assembled and customized. They offer a range of products, including beds, sofas, and tables, and customers can choose from various fabric and color options.

Overall, these companies offer similar customizable furniture options to Inside Weather, and each has its own unique style and features. Customers should consider their personal preferences and needs when choosing which company to purchase from.

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  1. Inside weather has a highly misleading return policy and do not post negative reviews of their products on the website. They offer a 365 day at home trial. However, to return it, you have to pay 20% of an incredibly inflated price for the couch. For example, we purchased a couch with a sales code for $2500. It’s clearly defective and they will not make it right. It’s a low quality product that is not as advertised. In order to return it, they ask for 20% of $5500 (the apparent msrp of the couch we bought for $2500). We posted a negative review as a verified purchaser and they have not posted it to their website. They are subtly and not so subtly perpetrating a scam on their customers. BUY A COUCH ELSEWHERE.

  2. I did email them with this information at one point and they responded with cleaning tips. It also took about 2 months to arrive. I could have easily looked past that if it was what they promised, but it was so far from that. Scammers through and through.


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