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Dream Water Review

dream water

Sleep disorders are omnipresent. Regardless of climate, daylight hours, or culture, a large number of people experience a wide range of sleep disorders, either on a regular basis or very frequently. Suffering from insufficient sleep once in a while is normal and doesn’t affect our health or normal bodily functions, but when we go without sleep for a long stretch of time, it can lead to various other health problems. Loss of appetite, weight gain or loss, hypertension, obesity, fatigue, daytime sleepiness, hormonal imbalance, and risk of cardiac problems are some of the issues that arise out of chronic lack of sleep.

There are people who can go forever without getting diagnosed or treated for their sleep problems. And then there are those who are ready to use just about any remedy if it helps restore normal sleep. None of these options are right. Sleep disorders shouldn’t be left un-diagnosed, but sleep remedies shouldn’t be randomly chosen either. Wherever possible, prescription remedies should be avoided, and natural remedies adopted. Natural remedies have no side effects and show results with continuous use. But unfortunately, most people who suffer from sleep disorders typically resort to over the counter sleeping pills. When sleep aids are chosen without considering the overall health of the person, they can have severe side effects.

If you would like to try a natural sleep remedy that has no significant side effects, you should try Dream Water, a sleep aid drink. Developed in 2004, Dream Water is designed as the water that’s supposed to help you sleep and dream. It is also endorsed by various celebrities like Demi Moore, Katy Perry, and Paris Hilton.

What Causes Sleep Disorders?

In modern society, sleep issues are usually caused by lifestyle disorders. With no fixed time for bed, erratic mealtimes, hectic work schedules, alcohol, and tobacco consumption, and excessive attachment to electronic devices are some of the factors that contribute to not only sleep disorders, but other health issues like obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

In many cases, sleep disorders are also caused by environmental factors such as noise, light, temperature, and comfort of the bed. Those who live in a crowded neighborhood with the noise of traffic, loud neighbors, and ambient light creating a menace till late in the night are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders. The temperature of the room and the feel and support of the mattress are also significant factors behind helping a person fall asleep or keeping them awake.

Medical conditions can also be responsible for sleep disorders. Insomnia is a medical condition, so is sleep apnea. If not diagnosed and treated, they become chronic and hard to cure. Remember, if sleep disorders are chronic, natural sleep remedies often have no effect. That’s why, before starting a new supplement or sleep aid, make sure to consult your doctor and consider other health conditions that you might have.

What Dream Water Claims?

As the name suggests, Dream Water looks like water but is infused with three different ingredients that work together to help you relax, fall and stay asleep. If herbal teas or warm milk haven’t done anything for you, maybe you should try this beverage that’s made with natural ingredients used for years for their proven effectiveness. Unlike most other sleep aid, Dream Water can also be consumed before a long flight to help you relax and has been designed in such a way that you can easily go through airport security.

Plain, natural water is more appealing and safer than any other beverage. It’s something that anyone can drink without second thoughts. So when water comes infused with a sleep aid, it is bound to create a hype. After Vitamin Water and CBD water, we now have Dream Water. It is natural and pristine water but loaded with sleep-inducing ingredients that are also natural and do not affect the purity or safety of the water.

How to Use Dream Water

Dream Water is made with three ingredients:

  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid: It aids in relaxation and anxiety relief by blocking the impulse transmission from one cell to another in the central nervous system.
  • Melatonin: This sleep hormone is responsible for governing the body’s internal clock and properly regulating the natural sleep-wake cycle.
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan: This promotes sleep and relaxation and stimulates melatonin production.

However, before you end up believing that this product is going to work for you, take advantage of the money-back guarantee and try out the water for at least two weeks. Everyone’s bodies and sleep issues are different, and what works for others may not work for you in some cases. That’s why it’s important to try out the product for at least two weeks to give the ingredients time to take action. If there’s no result in two weeks, the product isn’t right for you. You can then take the company up on their money back guarantee.

Cost of Dream Water

Dream Water is packaged like bottled drinking water and priced at $39 for a pack of 12. There’s also free standard shipping.

What Users Say about Dream Water?

The most commonly noted factor about this drink is that there’s no groggy or disoriented feeling in the morning, the kind that happens with other sleep aid. Rather, most users have said that this drink refreshed them and not only helped them in sleeping better but also made waking up in the morning easier.

In Conclusion

Dream Water has invented a brilliant idea of combining natural ingredients into plain water. If other soothing drinks like herbal teas and warm milk aren’t doing it for you, and you also don’t want to take prescription sleep medications, then Dream Water can turn out to be an effective remedy. The product has had mostly favorable reviews so far, and the money-back guarantee makes it safe to try at least once.

Having said that, it must not be assumed that the drink will work for everyone. If you have existing sleep disorders, you should consult your healthcare practitioner before starting to take any sleep aid.

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  1. hi my name is Danielle Jones im 40yrs old i tried Dream Water for the 1st time yesterday and i have to say i absolutly love it!!!!! It didnt even take 30mins for it to work it made me feel relaxed and then next thing you no i was out for the count thanks Dream Water!!!!


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