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Best CBD Oil for Sleep – Our Top Picks

Best CBD Oil for Sleep

The quest for a good night’s sleep is never ending for some people. Every night, 8 million Americans fail or struggle to sleep, says The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Around 800,00 of these have chronic insomnia. If you are one of the affected and tried every trick in the book to get relief from insomnia, you should try Cannabidiol (CBD). We have also compiled the list of best CBD oil for sleep to make the decision process easier.

Best CBD Oil Overall

Eir Health


eir cbd oil


  • Extremely high quality
  • Choose your potency
  • 100% Organic
  • Third Party Tested

I was a little taken aback by the price of a bottle of Eir No. 30, their highest priced formulation but once I took a dose I could immediately tell the difference. In this case, you definitely get what you pay for. I would recommend the No. 6 blend for sleep and the No. 3 to relax during the day and save the No. 30 blend for nights when you know you are going to have extra difficulty falling and staying asleep.

I am really impressed by the quality and purity of this product. I don’t take CBD oil on a regular basis so spending a bit more for quality is something I don’t mind. I think if you are new to CBD oils, you should give a high-quality product like Eir a try so you have a basis to compare some of the other products on the market.

Good for:

  • Those seeking the best CBD oil out there
  • Ability to choose potency based on need
  • Peace of mind knowing you are getting a quality product

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Best CBD Oil for Sleep


CBDfx – Highest Quality CBD Oil


best cbd oil for sleep



  • All-natural hemp oil
  • Zero THC
  • Wide selection of products

There are hundreds of CBD oil manufacturers, but not all of them offer the highest quality products. What makes CBDfx stand out in this competitive market is its commitment to delivering the highest quality CBD products with a focus on a natural plant-based approach. CBDfx has been in business for several years and has earned a name for producing the highest quality hemp oil. Unlike many other companies, CBDfx focuses on health and wellness, avoiding a pharmaceutical approach wherever possible.

What also differentiates CBDfx from other CBD manufacturers is the wide selection of products. They offer CBD-infused capsules, concentrates, gummy bears and vape kits, keeping in mind the needs and tastes of different users. What’s more, the products are reasonably priced, so you can find products between $10 or $200. This is great news for the budget conscious.

CBDfx products are manufactured with the highest quality industrial hemp. This is different from the cannabis plant, in that the agricultural hemp plant has no THC and is not psychoactive. The hemp used for the oil comes from organically grown European plantations and is legal in the entire country because it doesn’t contain THC.

CBDfx products can be used by both humans and animals for a number of purposes, from pain relief to sleep to anxiety relief. Because their products are completely natural and non-addictive, they are safe for use without side effects. CBDfx also offers discounts to military personnel and first responders and also when you buy multiple packs. Aside from the competitive pricing and wide range of products the company also has an affiliate program from which you can earn attractive commissions.

Good for:

  • Those who want non-addictive all-natural hemp oil products
  • Those who are looking for a wide selection of products in a variety of prices
  • Those who want to get attractive discounts on CBD products

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Hemp Bombs – Best Value

best cbd oil for sleep



  • Budget-friendly competitive pricing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Wide selection of products

CBD products can be expensive, especially if you buy the highest quality, natural products. Price is one of the biggest factors that can hinder buyers from choosing their favorite products. This is when a budget-friendly manufacturer comes to the rescue of CBD lovers. Hemp Bombs is one of those companies that specialize in manufacturing budget friendly CBD products. Although Hemp Bombs is a relatively new company, it has been taking the market by storm because of its wide selection of products amazing pricing and excellent customer service.

Hemp Bombs products begin from as low as $15 and go up to $300. While focusing on budget users, the company doesn’t neglect those who are looking for more expensive products. The most assuring thing about Hemp Bombs products is the quality analysis that the go through. The CBD oils, capsules and vape kits adhere to a strict production protocol, which means you get only the highest quality ingredients that are non-addictive and have no side effects. All products of Hemp Bombs are manufactured from premium-grade European hemp. The company also manufactures gummy bears and pain rubs. They also have a CBD relaxation syrup that contains seven highly concentrated herbs. This product helps you relax and enjoy a better mood. It can be consumed by adding to any beverage. It works quick, has no side effects and comes in sizes 100mg, 300mg, and 1000mg.

Whether you suffer from insomnia, anxiety or chronic pain, CBD products buy Hemp Bombs can be put to various uses. Because these products are natural and do not contain noticeable traces of THC, they are also legal in the US and can be easily purchased online. Hemp Bombs has an intuitive website that offers a seamless user experience.

Good for:

  • Those who want budget products
  • Those who want a seamless online shopping experience
  • Those who like to choose from a wide selection of products

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Pure Relief – Widest Product Selection

pure relief


  • A wide range of products and flavors
  • Budget-friendly
  • 100 percent natural

Who doesn’t love to be spoilt for choice when shopping? CBD buyers definitely do. The wider the product selection, the greater the number of options the buyer must choose from. This means you do not have to settle for something else because your favorite product isn’t available. A wide range of products makes sure that your favorite is always present. But when it comes to CBD manufacturers, finding a lot of variety is often a difficult task. Most manufacturers only offer a few different product types, not enough for those with varied tastes.

This is where Pure Relief scores. Aside from the wide range of products such as oils, capsules, rubs, gummies, and vape kits, Pure Relief also offers a wide selection of flavors. All Pure Relief products are tested for safety, purity, and consistency, with each product being traceable from start to finish. All of these CBD products contain zero THC; they are non-addictive and will not make you high. The variety of Pure Relief products is simply mind-boggling:  from CBD oil to vape juices to vaporizers to topicals, edibles, and per products, you name it, Pure Relief makes it.

All of these products come in a number of flavors. That means you do not have to stick to the same old flavors anymore and can try out new ones. Some of the most interesting flavors of Pure Relief products are Spearmint, Orange, Lemon, Raspberry, Strawberry milkshake, Dragonfruit, Vanilla Caramel Custard, Watermelon Green, and Apple Sour. Yes, these products have the exact same taste as the name. Not only is the product selection huge, but the flavors are also varied.

Good for:

  • Those looking for a variety of products and flavors
  • Those looking for zero THC products

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Hemp Meds – Best Customer Experience

best cbd oil for sleep



  • Rigorous testing for cannabinoid content
  • NO contaminants, genetically modified ingredients, or pesticides
  • Excellent customer experience

Buying CBD isn’t only about the product itself; the shopping experience also counts. It goes without saying that customers always want the best service in all respects—pricing, user experience, and customer service. Not all manufacturers can rank in all these aspects. While some have a wide selection of products, others score with their customer service and seamless shopping experience. Hemp Meds is a CBD manufacturer that has not only been around for a long time but is also reputed for providing excellent customer service. From fast delivery around the country to prompt solution to queries and complaints, Hemp Meds offers a seamless shopping experience.

Since 2012, Hemp Meds has been an established name in the CBD market. The company claims that their products are all natural, as opposed to CBD oils manufactured from synthetic CBD molecules. The company boasts of CBD products made from high-quality, premium natural hemp oil. However, on the downside, Hemp Meds products are highly priced because of the quality and the excellent shopping experience. But consumers will also notice that Hemp Meds has reduced their prices a lot over the years. In the initial years, the prices of the products were more than double of what they are now. This goes on to show that the company has been working to make their products accessible to everyone, especially people who need it the most.

Hemp Meds has also been supporting low-income families by providing products at remarkably low prices to those with certain health conditions. The company is also one of the first to bring out an alternative to legal CBD. Please note that Hemp Meds products do not cause addiction or intoxication. The products also undergo Triple Lab Testing procedure to ensure safety and purity.

Good for:

  • Those looking for a reputed manufacturer
  • Those seeking a seamless shopping experience and customer service

Shop Hemp Meds


Sky CBD– best non-THC CBD oil

Sky CBD– best non THC CBD oil



  • Zero THC products
  • Great for both beginners and experienced users

When buying CBD oils or products, the biggest concern is the presence of THC, a highly addictive and harmful ingredient found in synthetic CBD products. THC is what causes intoxication and the feeling of “high,” something that deters many people from taking advantage of the benefits of CBD. But Sky CBD is one such company that manufactures THC-free all-natural hemp oil products. What makes Sky CBD stand out from the rest is the fast absorption rate of the products. Whether you consume the oils, the capsules, the gummies or the vape juices, they all act fast.

Sky CBD products are formulated to relieve anxiety, alleviate insomnia, and aid in pain relief. When the products are free from THC, they only offer benefits without side effects. Although there are various other companies that manufacture natural CBD, Sky CBD has made a mark with its quality and pricing. What’s more, you could also be one of the 250 people to receive a free sample of the product to try before you buy. You can try the product for 15 days risk-free and then purchase if you like the results. These free samples go out of stock quickly, so you should sign up on Sky CBD’s website to be notified.

Good for:

  • Those looking to try before purchase
  • Those who want to experience the natural benefits of CBD without the side effects


Everything You Wanted to Know About CBD Oil for Sleep

What is CBD Oil?

A cannabis plant produces many compounds including cannabidiol or CBD. The concentration of CBD in the oil varies and so its uses.

CBD should not be confused with delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most active ingredient in a cannabis plant. While THC gives a “high” when consumed (either by smoking or eating marijuana-based foods), CBD does not alter the state of mind of the person consuming it. CBD also should not be confused with marijuana, which again contains both THC (in higher concentration) and CBD.

How is CBD Oil Made?

CBD is made from hemp, a type of cannabis plant that is primarily cultivated for seeds, hurd, and fiber. The CBD oil is extracted from hemp’s leaves, stems and, seeds. There are four common methods used for CBD oil extraction, which are:

  • The CO2 Cannabis Extraction Method
  • The Olive Oil Extraction Method
  • The Dry Ice Extraction Method
  • The Solvent Extraction Method

The processes mentioned above make the CBD oil suitable for human consumption. Some strains of hemp are known to have a higher concentration of CBD making them first choice among CBD producers.

How CBD Oil Improves Sleep Quality?

Several studies indicate that CBD oil has pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory effect on our body. It is known to interact with several proteins, receptors, and chemicals in our brain. These interactions of CBD, in turn, have a cascading effect on multiple functions in our body, that include – regulating sleep-wake cycles, regulating emotions, combating inflation, and managing the perception of pain.

Thus, apart from improving sleep quality, CBD oil is also known to be beneficial for people suffering from:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Addiction
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Bipolar disorders
  • Combating cancer

Owing to its ability to reduce anxiety, CBD is found to be effective in reducing sleep difficulties and improving overall sleep quality. People suffering from insomnia due to chronic pain have also been benefited by consuming CBD oil in controlled doses.

You can increase daytime alertness as well as reduce daytime sleepiness by consuming CBD oil in controlled doses. By doing so, you encourage your body to get quality during nights.

CBD oil especially has been found to be effective in treating REM behavior disorder. For a normal person, the body stays paralyzed during the REM stage of the sleep. However, in people suffering from REM behavior disorder, paralysis does not occur that leaves people to move freely – in their sleep. This leads to disruptive sleep and high chances of injuring themselves or their sleep partners.

REM sleep abnormalities, commonly found in people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are also treated using CBD oil, research suggests.

How to Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil can be consumed for improving sleep quality in multiple ways. However, it is necessary for you to consult your physician if you have an existing condition. Following are the ways you can consume CBD oil:

  • Topical Application – The easiest way to consume CBD oil is to apply it on the skin directly. CBD oil in this form usually has lotion like consistency and scent.
  • Spray – Spraying CBD oil directly into mouth, just like mouth sprays is another popular method of consuming CBD oil. Spray, however, is known to have lower concentrations of CBD.
  • CBD Oil Capsules – CBD oil also comes in the form of capsules that can be consumed as easily.
  • Tinctures – If you prefer consuming CBD oil as a food additive, using tinctures, available in the form of dropper bottles is the way to go. Alternatively, simply place one or two drops of oil beneath your tongue. The dose becomes fully effective within a few minutes of consumption.
  • Vape – CBD can also be vaped if you prefer it that way.

Before deciding to consume CBD oil in any form, you need to determine the required oil strength to treat your condition. The CBD oil product comes with its concentration clearly mentioned on the label.

The does also depend on the purpose of consumption and your body weight.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

The fact that CBD oil is associated with marijuana is what makes most people take a step back and wonder if it is actually safe to consume. However, what you should realize is that CBD oil does not have the psychoactive chemical compound THC which is what gets you high when you smoke cannabis. Ergo, CBD oil will not get you high. Furthermore, it isn’t rolled up in a join which you can smoke, CBD oil is simply oil from the hemp plant which you may rub topically or ingest with a drink or food.

The reason CBD oil does not have the THC is that it comes from a different part of the plant than from where the smokable cannabis is derived. Research on CBD oil is still in its infancy, and studies show far seem to conclude that oil is generally harmless and could, in fact, have some good health benefits for certain individuals. However, there have been reports of the onset of a few side effects in some rare cases. Reported side effects include inhibited liver function, dry mouth or cotton mouth decreased blood pressure, diarrhea and an increase in appetite.

While the consensus amongst the medical community with regards to CBD oil at this point is that it is safe to use or consume. We would still advise that you consult with your doctor prior to self – medicating with CBD oil for any reason.

Legally buying CBD Oil in US

The legality of CBD oil and hemp-based products, in general, has been a hot topic of debate and discussion in the recent past. Hemp at the end of the day is a natural plant, and its products are hence plant-based products. If CBD oil and other hemp-based products were derived from some other plant and not a hemp plant per se, its legality would probably never have been questioned. However, since it is derived from the hemp plant, from which marijuana is also derived, we find that there is some controversy, confusion, and speculation when it comes to its legality across the US.

Given that CBD oil is free of psychoactive chemical compounds and cannot get the user high, and considering that the hemp plant itself is not a controlled substance, hemp-based products (including CBD oil) are essentially legal products which may be lawfully traded and possessed in all 50 states of the United States of America.

Sadly, there is a caveat here. As per the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp may only be grown legally for the purpose of academic research purposes, and as a result, any hemp derived product that comes from a hemp plant not grown for research purposes would technically be illegal. However, it is very seldom that this law is enforced with regards to CBD oil as more people are becoming aware and educated about the oil and its many health benefits. Legislation which will effectively make hemp products legal irrespective of what purpose the plant was grown for is in the pipeline, and we expect to hear a decision about it soon.

The legality of CBD oil is further made complex by the fact that CBD oil can either be hemp derived or marijuana-derived. When it comes to marijuana-based- CBD oil, the legal restrictions vary from state to state. It is completely illegal in some states, legal depending on certain factors in some states, and completely legal in some states. So, it really depends on which state you are based in.

There are five states where the laws regarding marijuana – based – CBD oil are a bit complex, and changes may be in the pipeline, these states are Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, and South Dakota. If you happen to reside in one of these states, you will need to check the lawbooks of state or consult with an attorney to fully comprehend where the law stands on marijuana – based – CBD oils. For most other states, you may refer to the below table to get a general idea of the legality of marijuana – based – CBD oils at the time of writing.


Summary of Law Affected States
Marijuana-based CBD oils are only legal for persons who have reached the age of 21 or over and for minors that have exclusive approval for use. Alaska, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington
Marijuana-based CBD oil legal for persons 21 and over and minors with exclusive approval. Medical marijuana patients need approval. Arkansas
Marijuana-based CBD oil is illegal for recreational use and only allowed for medical use with a prescription, irrespective of THC content. Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin
Marijuana-based CBD oil is illegal for recreational use and only allowed for medical use provided the THC content does not exceed a specified % which may vary state to state. Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wyoming.
Marijuana-based CBD oil is only legal for medicinal use for medical patients with a state – registered ID only. New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island


In summary, if you are concerned about the legality of CBD oils and want to ensure your use of it is completely lawful, then you should be mindful of the fact that when it comes to hemp-based CBD oils, you are safe no matter where in the US you are when it comes to purchase and use. However, with Marijuana based CBD oils, the legislation varies from one state to another, and it would be best to refer to the rules in your state specifically to understand and abide by them.

Things You Should Know Before buying CBD Oil for Sleep

If you are suffering from insomnia or are just looking to get a better night’s sleep. CBD oil could be very useful indeed. It is known to reduce anxiety considerably and instill tranquility, thereby making it easier for users to fall asleep.

However, what you should know if you are buying or using CBD oil for longer sleep and better sleep quality is that in smaller doses, CBD oil stimulates the body during daytime and helps rid of general fatigue and laziness which helps the individual focus on the task at hand. In fact, a lot of gym goers even use CBD oil by administering a few drops under the tongue prior to their workout or post their workout as it can assist as both a pre-workout stimulant as well as a recovery aid post workout.

If you are looking to get CBD oil to fall asleep, you will need to administer larger doses, and we advise that you consult with your doctor in order to use CBD oil properly and effectively for the purpose of sleep. Furthermore, you should consider buying certain strains of CBD oils such as liposomes and melatonin, one prime example of a CBD formulation made to help specifically in sleep is called the

Power Sleep CBD. This formulation is popular amongst insomniacs and persons that have trouble falling asleep in general.

CBD oil has been said to treat the root cause of sleep deficiency itself and not just lack of sleep as a symptom. It relieves anxiety, PTSD, depression, relieves pain and even chronic pain which are some of the root causes of sleeplessness in most individuals.

Other Important Factors to Consider

CBD oils products are very popular, and there are now several hundred manufacturers making formulations for specific and generic purposes. There are some things that you should consider while purchasing or using CBD oil.

Obviously, the legality factor would be of paramount importance for most as they would not want to get in trouble with the law. When you stick to hemp-based CBD oil and avoid cannabis-based CBD oil, you are generally at lesser risk of violating the law. Then you need to consider the legislation in your state to understand where the legislation stands on recreational use and medicinal use and proceed accordingly. You might need to get a prescription by a doctor if required as per state law.

Another important consideration is your body weight. To put it simply, your dose will vary depending on your body weight. If you are on the heavier end of the scale, you will need a higher dose. So, check what dose you need to be taking for your purpose and your weight specifically.

Do you have drug tests where you work? You should know that some cannabis-based – CBD oils have a certain percentage of THC in them and this could result in your testing positive for marijuana use in a random drug test. You should be mindful of this fact, and it is better to stick to hemp-based – CBD oils or crystalline isolate oils without THC for this reason.

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