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Comma Comforter Review

comma comforter review

Both Yawnder and Comma bedding have missions that intersect, to make your room and life as cozy as possible. Aside from a good mattress and pillows, the right bedding can make all the difference. Choosing the right comforter depends on your climate, whether you sleep hot or cool and what textiles feel best to you. The Comma eucalyptus comforter is made with 80% lyocell. I’m a big fan of this fiber because it is super soft and silky but also more breathable than cotton. Below are my findings.

Ordering your Comma Comforter

Your Comma comforter will arrive in a box but inside the box, you will it inside a reusable bag. You can use this bag to store the comforter for the season when it may be time to switch to a warmer comforter or just keep it to store other things like and extra blanket or pillow.

comma comforter bag


comma zipper

Inside the bag the comforter is wrapped in plastic just to make sure that it stays clean in case it the package gets wet.

inside comma bag

Here’s the comforter inside the plastic.

comma plastic bag

Construction of the Comma Comforter

Below are the construction specs as listed on the Comma Home website.

  • Fabric naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • Queen (90″ x 94″)
  • King (94″ x 108″)
  • 8 duvet loops for securing to duvet covers
  • Made of 80% Lycoell & 20% Polyester from 100% recycled water bottles. Our recycled polyester eliminates the chance of unwanted microbes from forming and keeps your comforter looking silky smooth.

How Much Does the Comma Comforter Cost?

A queen size currently retails for $129 and a king is $169. Shipping is free and you get a 30-day trial, no questions asked.

My Comma Comforter Findings

There’s a lot to appreciate about this comforter. First, it’s a great price. A similar comforter, the Buffy costs $30 more in each size however the Buffy is 100% eucalyptus fiber versus an 80/20 blend for the Comma.

I also really like the gusset edge. It gives the comforter some extra thickness at the end which will help fill up your duvet insert and make your bed look a bit better.

comma duvet loop

There are also loops on each corner to tie or clip your duvet cover making it easy to put on and take off.

comma comforter

Here’s what the comforter looks like after washing. Yes, it is machine washable but like with all comforters, especially king-size, the can take a long time to dry. I put it on a few dry cycles and moved it around inside the drum so it would dry faster. You can always line dry it but of course, that will take longer. After a wash and a long dry cycle, I didn’t notice any damage or wear.

comma comforter

My Comma Comforter Recommendation

The Comma comforter is a great choice for people that are looking for something that is easy maintenance, looks great and sleeps cool. Given the construction is also priced right. I found to be just slightly heavier than the Buffy. The gusseted edge is a great touch and something that I don’t come across often but really does make a difference.  With their 30 day, “no questions aked” return policy, this is a comforter I would strongly urge you to consider.

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