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CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blankets
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06/23/2024 01:44 am GMT

I received a free CMFRT weighted blanket for review. Weighted blankets are a great way to calm your nerves and relax after a long day. Weighted blankets have been used by first responders to help relax victims for car accidents, house fires, etc. More recently weighted blankets have also been used by occupational therapists to calm children with sensory sensitivities.

Weighted blankets are now becoming mainstream and people are now learning that these blankets can benefit people who are just feeling a little anxious or may want to get better sleep.

Recent studies have pointed out that they improve sleep quality and the accelerate the onset of sleep. Of course, this could also be accomplished with a heavy down blanket but chances are you are going to overheat quickly which will wake you up. Down blankets just aren’t a sensible solution in warmer months either.

The CMFRT weighted blanket is made with tiny pellets which add the weight. They are stitched into square boxes throughout the blanket so that the weight is distributed evenly. Because these little pellets arent insulators, the blanket is breathable and stays cool keeping your comfortable while you sleep or just use it throughout the day.


Highlights of the CMFRT blanket

Here are some of the main highlights of this blanket as listed on their Amazon product page:


  • “IT’S LIKE A WARM HUG AND A CUP OF COFFEE!” ✓ Scientifically studied to improve restful sleep quality, reduce stress & anxiety and increase attention span & productivity
  • THE BEST EVENLY DISTRIBUTED WEIGHT GUARANTEED ✓ Our advanced uniform stitching method and the smallest pockets in the industry will not annoyingly slide around or need constant adjustment
  • ENGINEERED WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY FABRICS ✓ A warm minky microfiber and a 100% Clima-cool cotton side allow for comfortable use during winter or summer
  • SIZE MATTERS ✓ Our adult-sized blankets perfectly lay on queen-sized beds and our teen and children blankets generously cover the entire body – Choose 10% of your body weight + or – depending on individual preference – 60″ x 80″ (22 lb weight includes inner weighted blanket and outer duvet cover)
  • EASY TO WASH ✓ The Cozy weighted blanket comes with an outer duvet cover that is easily removable for machine washing. Never worry about your washer getting damaged or tumbling over from a heavy weighted blanket again! – For more info please visit us at www.cmfrt.us

Here’s a video overview of the blanket.


You can purchase this blanket in multiple weights, I prefer something around 20-22lbs even though I could go higher given my weight. A queen size 22 lb. blanket currently retails for $179.99.  The weight ranges are from 7-25 lbs.

My CMFRT Weighted Blanket Findings

I have tried weighted blankets before. The other weighted blanket I tried had a cotton cover and was not machine washable. I really like this weighted blanket because it has minky fabric and the cover can be removed an washed. It looks and feels great as are a couple different colors to choose from.

This blanket lives mostly in our daughter’s room as she has taken a liking to it although my wife and I borrow it to take naps during the day.

I truly believe every house needs a weighted blanket. Just being under the weight of one of these blankets feels like a nice hug which we can all use at times.

Shop the CMFRT Weighted Blanket.

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