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Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress Review

Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress Review 1

I received a free Coronado mattress from Brentwood Home for review. The Coronado is part of Brentwood Home’s new 2016 line of mattresses. It has a medium-firm feel to it and, like the Sequoia mattress, it is built very well.

Ordering and Unboxing

You can order the Coronado mattress direct via the Brentwood Home website. It arrives about a week after you place the order and comes in a box. Like the other mattresses offered through Brentwood Home, this one also comes with a 120 night guarantee. Below is a video of me unboxing the mattress.


Coronado Top

The top layer is made of Belgian stretch knit fabric that looks and feels great.

Underneath that is a New Zealand wool layer used for temperature regulation

Under that is a 3-inch gel memory foam layer for pressure relief. The gel foam is a newer generation foam that does a better job with cooling.

Next is a 2-inch ventilated airflow layer

Finally, a 6-inch therapeutic support base making for a very substantial mattress.

Note that this mattress also has stitched handles which makes it easier to rotate.


I found this mattress to be a little on the firmer end of the spectrum. Notice that the bowling ball doesn’t sink too heavily into the mattress:

Coronado Sinkage

That said, I think it would be an ideal mattress for stomach and back sleepers as it won’t give you that hammock effect that softer mattresses can have.

This bed also has a bit less bounce than the Sequoia because it doesn’t have any latex. Here’s a video to illustrate:

Here’s a slow motion video of the motion transfer:

I think that the wool layer above the memory foam allows the mattress to spring back to shape more quickly. A trade off is that you won’t sink in as much either.

Below is a video shot with my infrared camera to illustrate heat retention:

The top wool layer does a fairly good job with regulating temperature.


I would recommend the Coronado to people who want some of the benefits of memory foam without sinking into the mattress all that much. The transition from the comfort to base layer is a bit more pronounced than some of the other mattresses I have tested. This mattress also takes a little while to break in so you definitely need to give it a little time to adjust.

Overall, this mattress is an excellent choice for people looking for a firmer mattress that is easy to move around in and is built to last.

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13 thoughts on “Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress Review”

  1. Sleepopolis found this mattress to be a 5 to 5.5, or a bit less firm than the Alexander Signature medium, which was judged closer to a 6 out of 10 (w/ 10 being the firmest). Your review tends to indicate that you found this to be a pretty darn firm mattress, particularly once sinking past the top comfort layer. Do you think this is as firm, or maybe more firm, than the Alexander Sig. medium?

    Also, as a side (almost stomach) sleeper at 170 pounds, do you think this mattress would a bit too firm for typical tripper points such as hip bones and shoulders? I know this can be subjective and hard to judge from individual to individual, but I’d appreciate any feedback you can give. Thank you.

    • I think it is definitely firmer than the Alexander medium firm. The Alexander would be better suited to a pure side sleeper.

  2. Since you’ve had the chance to evaluate both in person, which do you prefer – the Sequoia or Coronado? Having a difficult time deciding between the two as I can only research online :/

    Based on videos and pictures I like the look of the Coronado better but like the idea of the latex in the Sequoia (never had a memory foam or latex mattress before, have slept on various pillow tops over the years, all on the softer end of the spectrum but suspect we need to go firmer now due to aches and pains). I have scoliosis and am a stomach sleeper trying to switch to back, while my husband is a back and side sleeper. We are each between 150-180 pounds. Any opinions comparing and contrasting the two models in your experience would be greatly appreciated!

    • I personally like the Sequioa a little better. They are both on the firmer end but the Sequoia bounces back faster due to the latex inside and is a little more breathable. It also has a more luxurious look to it. Both are very well made mattresses though.

      • Your reviews online and discussions in the forums are so great! I’m trying to decide on a Brentwood mattress from Costco. I wish I saw reviews on the Orinda mattress, it’s supposedly very firm (which is what I’m looking for) and is priced between the Sequia and the Coronado. I’m a little worried that it might be too firm since sometimes I sleep on my side too. It has some latex as well, which I like the idea of. Any input would be really appreciated, thank you!

        • I’ve noticed these will skew firmer so it may be a bit too firm. The Del Mar is a good medium firm mattress which is good for side sleepers that like a firmer mattress.

  3. We have the Sequoia now and love the way it feels but my husband is having some shoulder and upper back pain sleeping on his side– he’s about 210-220lbs broad shoulders. Do you think the Coronado is better suited to side sleeping shoulder sinking or really not better for that? Thank you!

  4. We currently have a Novaform Innocor comfort Seraphina Cool Gel mattress. It’s listed as a 5 for firmness and we have found it is a little too firm for us. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to test the Novaform but would you know if the Coronado is more plush?

    Thank you for any feedback.

    • I haven’t tried the Novaform yet. I think the Coronado wouldn’t be much softer though. If you want an all foam that will be softer, I would give the Layla some consideration. If you want a Brentwood Home mattress, the Oceano is very plush yet still supportive.


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