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Black Friday Mattress Deals 2020


Black Friday sale is nothing if not crazy. If you like discounts just like everyone else, then you must be marking the days on your calendar till the much-awaited massive and crazy Black Friday Day sales. This is the perfect opportunity to revamp your home decor, swapping out the old with new, replacing the worn out, faded, and washed away with new and shiny. The one thing that a lot of people try to put off through the year is the big items like mattresses and beds. Being one of the largest and least changeable items on the household list, mattresses can be very stressful to shop for. You don’t want to end up with a mattress you just cannot sleep upon!

With the Black Friday Deals on the mattress, you won’t be stressed or disappointed with the price point you land on for the quality you get. This is the perfect time for you to get going with all the deals and crazy bargains you will be getting from all the top online retailers and shops, including Amerisleep, Zoma, and Vaya. Throw in real stores like Sears and Mattresses, and you have yourself the best mattress shopping experience you could wish for. This article shall highlight the best mattresses you should be looking for and the best deals that you can bag.

When Is Black Friday Deals Day?

Black Friday Deals Day is the deals given on the black Friday day that comes right after the Thanksgiving Day. This year Black Friday falls on November 27th. The shopping fest generally starts early on the day or might even start from midnight onwards.

Grabbing the Best Black Friday Deal

Deals are not just about the price tag. There are a lot of things you should consider while looking at deals. Not all cheap to the cheapest Black Friday deals are necessarily the best deals, and not all will be suitable for you. This is the most common mistake that people make when buying during sales and deals days. They end up bringing home goods they didn’t want and that are completely unsuitable simply because of the attractive price point it was being sold at. Don’t fall into this trap. Retailers use plenty of techniques to grab your attention, but you need to stay true to your requirements and not fall into the marketing loops. Saving dollars is the most important criterion, but it beats the purpose if you have to shell out for a new mattress within a couple of years simply because you compromised on quality. These pointers below will ensure that you come away with the best “deals” on this Black Friday Deals day.

Our Top Black Friday 2020 Deals

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Brand Reviews

The best part about the internet is that you have information at your fingertips. You can easily browse through online retailers or the company’s website to know their products, original price tag, and real-life customer reviews. Some companies like to remove negative posts and only showcase the positive ones. Beware of these practices and look for the third party verified reviews outside the company control. These reviews are honest and brutal about their feedback and will help you get the actual picture. Another good choice is to look for mattress review sites. Many blog posts and reviews sites are available that help prospective buyers sort through the choices available to land the best for them. These sites also have information about the features of mattresses and genuine customer reviews. However, bear in mind that even these sites might have received incentives to review a certain mattress.

Be Retailer Conscious

It is very easy to fall for marketing tactics. Remember that marketing tactics are built for that very reason. They are there to lull you into a purchase. You need to be on your toes and review each deal that you might be considering. You need to ensure that the sale process and terms are clear. Read the fine print and make sure that you aren’t getting duped into buying a faulty or second-hand product. Some sites have been known to embellish the truth so always clarify all the details with the retailer before you take out your wallet.

Price Anchoring

One practice you need to be conscious of is “Price Anchoring.” In this, the original price of the product is inflated to create a higher discount. Quite a few retailers indulge in these types of deceptive tactics. The higher discount percentage is sure to grab your attention but try to look beyond the discount and at the value and quality of the product.

Warranty and Guarantee

Another very important aspect of buying during a deal day is being aware of the warranty or guarantee that you are getting with the product. These things don’t matter much when you buy lower-priced goods, but for a high investment purchase like mattresses, these policies make a lot of difference. Mattresses generally last for about 5 to 7 years. The warranty on it should cover that time at least. Hence, you should be looking for a warranty for a minimum of 5 to 7 years. Anything less than five years could be an indication of poor quality. It is best to forgo such deals no matter how attractive they might appear. Even with warranties, you should be aware of the type of warranty you are getting. With mattresses, the warranty generally comes as:

  • Full Coverage
  • Partial Coverage

With full coverage, the manufacturer will replace or repair in full for any damage that has naturally occurred to the mattress or damages arising out of manufacturing fault. With partial coverage, only certain things are covered in warranty like certain depth of sagging, cover damage, etc.

Return Policy

Never buy a product that does not allow for returns. An absolute commitment requires absolute trust in the retailer and the product that you are buying. With mattresses, you need to take it a step further and only purchase if you get a 30-day return policy. Remember, mattresses are a big investment and one that stays for a long time with you. You should have ample time to adjust to the purchase and be certain that you like it. Most good quality brands like Amerisleep and Zoma have a 100-night trial period, so make sure you get a good return policy.

Black Friday Mattress Deals FAQs

How Good Is Black Friday For Mattress Deals?

Black Friday Deals are certainly one of the best times to buy mattresses. However, it is not the only time you can score a great deal. Online retailers have their big deal days, and the same holds for real walk-in stores as well with fall sales and end of winter sales, etc. That said, Black Friday Deals are certainly bigger and more extravagant to match the holiday hype.

Do Mattress Brand Stores Also Have Black Friday Deals?

Apart from the retailer, almost all mattresses brand stores also sport good deals on the Black Friday weekend. If you have been eyeing a particular mattress brand, then black Friday is a great time to look at buying that one.

Are the Mattress Prices Negotiable During Discount?

Negotiating during discount is generally not entertained since the prices are already very low. You can only negotiate when you buy in person from a real store, and they generally have a no bargaining policy during sales days.

How Much Does a Good Quality Mattress Cost?

A good quality queen mattress can cost you anywhere between $1000 to $2000. With Black Friday Deals, you can probably get it for $700 or less.

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