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Best Rollaway Beds

Best Rollaway Beds of 2019

When we think of a bed, the first image that comes to mind is that of a wooden frame with four legs, topped with a mattress, sheets, and pillows. Although this is the type of bed that most of us would prefer in the ideal circumstances, the truth is that in urban settings there is often not enough space to accommodate a big bed. Traditional beds are also expensive and cannot be packed and transported on the fly. So if you’re moving from place to another, you often need to sell off your bed and buy another one in your new home — the result: rising expenses.

When a traditional bed is inconvenient and expensive, you must resort to other options. The rollaway bed is one such option that provides you with the comfort of a conventional bed but also the portability and convenience that you find in no other bed. Not only is a rollaway bed much cheaper than a traditional bed, but it can also be assembled and disassembled easily and transported on the fly. But the problem is since rollaway beds are cheap, the market is flooded with them. In this guide, we discuss the features of a rollaway bed and talk about the best options today.

How Rollaway Bed is Different than a Conventional Bed?

A rollaway bed is essentially a foldable bed. It can be folded in half when not in use and opened up to make a full-size bed. Rollaway beds are usually made of metal. The sturdy metal frame is capable of handling the weight of one to two persons. At the bottom of the four legs of the frame are caster wheels that are used in easily moving the bed from one place to another. When the metal frame is folded in half, it takes very little space for storage. Some rollaway beds come with a foldable mattress, but even if they don’t, you can easily purchase a compatible mattress later.

Because rollaway beds are much lighter than traditional beds, take little storage space, and are easily portable, they can be used for extra guests, for a trip far from home, or if space is short in your new apartment. The only downside is that a foldable bed may not be capable of handling the weight of a 300-pound person. It is best for people of average weight.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rollaway Beds

Although foldable beds offer many advantages to those who cannot get a stationary bed, there are also certain downsides that must be considered. Here we take a look at both:


Affordability: The primary reason why rollaway beds are popular is their affordability. Stationary beds are often exorbitant, and also take up a lot of space in the room. For someone going through a tight situation, neither is possible. That’s when a foldable bed saves the day. It’s the fraction of the cost of a stationary bed, doesn’t take up much space, and is far better than sleeping on the floor.

Portability: Even if you have a stationary bed, you might want to have one or two foldable beds in storage. That’s because they are easily portable, and can accommodate one or two people if there’s not enough room. If you’re going for a long trip away from home, you may also carry a rollaway bed in the car, so you can have your own bed to sleep on. If you move houses often, investing in a portable rollaway bed can save you the hassle of moving heavy furniture. The caster wheels also make it convenient to move the bed from one location to another.


Unattractive: Even though it gives you a comfortable surface to sleep on, a rollaway bed doesn’t offer anything in terms of aesthetic appeal. There are cabinet-style rollaway beds that look slightly better than the metal ones, but they are not as attractive as a stationary bed. Rollaway beds are typically used for convenience, not for enhancing the room decor.

Durability: As already mentioned above, foldable beds are not designed to handle the kind of weight that is usually handled by a stationary bed. The region where the bed folds is usually the weakest and can get damaged with regular wear and tear. Regardless of how you use it, a rollaway bed will never last as long as a stationary bed.

Types of Rollaway Beds

There are three types of rollaway beds, and all of them have their own upsides and downsides. They are:

Standard: The standard foldable bed usually consists of a tubular steel or metal frame and a mattress platform made out of polypropylene and wire spring mesh. Standard rollaway beds work well with both foam and innerspring mattresses, and they are also the cheapest.

Cabinet: This type of rollaway beds looks like a cabinet when folded, and also has fayed doors! When folded, a cabinet style rollaway bed hides the mattress and the bed frame — one of the panels of the cabinet functions as the platform for the mattress. Caster wheels are present in all models, and headboards and footboards may also be present in more expensive models.

Ottoman: Although this type of rollaway bed is much like the standard metal frame ones, the only difference is that this one also doubles as an ottoman. This bed doesn’t fold in half, but in a third, and converts into an ottoman. All you need is a cushion and a cover to make it a proper ottoman. Some of these ottoman style beds are shaped like boxes from which you have to pull out the mattress platform.

Factors to Consider While Buying A Rollaway Bed

Given that there are a huge variety of rollaway beds all over the market, you will want to take your time in picking one that’s right for you. A bed is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the house and should also be comfortable. Just because you do not have the convenience to get a full-size stationary bed does not mean that you must sacrifice comfort and durability. Rollaway beds are generally cheap, so you should be able to find something of good quality without exceeding your budget. But regardless of whether you choose a standard, cabinet or ottoman-style bed, the following factors should always be considered.

Construction and Durability: Rollaway beds are cheap, but it does not necessarily mean that you have to buy one every three months. Therefore, the bed should be durable, particularly if you are going to put it to regular use. Rollaway beds are usually constructed either out of steel or wood. Steel and aluminum beds are less expensive than the wooden ones but are not as durable. Because these types of beds can be folded, the maximum wear and tear happen to the joint where the bed folds. The best materials for the pivot are steel and wood, the latter being stronger but more expensive. If you want the joints of the bed to hold up well, you may choose a metal construction with a wooden pivot. If the entire bed is made of wood, it becomes heavier and does not remain as portable. Metal rollaway beds are also prone to developing creaking noises as they grow older. The rule of thumb when buying rollaway beds is that the cheaper it is, the shorter it will last.

Size of Rollaway Bed: The most commonly available size of a rollaway bed is a twin. This size is capable of comfortably accommodating one person. You also get full and queen sizes, but they are not as commonly found. The full and queen sizes can accommodate two people, but they are heavier and not very portable. If portability is not a concern, then you can try looking for a queen size rollaway bed. However, the bigger the bed, the more it will cost.

Mattress in Rollaway Bed: Rollaway beds come with and without a mattress. It comes down to your personal preference. If you already have a mattress, you can choose a foldable bed that doesn’t have a mattress. If you want something cheap, beds that come without a mattress will better suit your budget, even though you will have to buy a separate mattress. Rollaway beds that come with a mattress are a little expensive, but you are spared of the trouble of searching for a compatible mattress.

Rollaway beds can be paired with memory foam, innerspring, or polyurethane foam mattresses. But regardless of the mattress that you choose, it should be foldable. Otherwise, it will be broken in the middle soon enough.

Brand: Most reputed bedding companies manufacture rollaway beds and comfortable mattresses. But before choosing one brand over the other, make sure to read customer reviews to find out what is better. Often when buying a bed online, the customer tends to get swayed by the claims made by the company. But only reviews from real customers will help you know how the bed performs.

Top 6 Rollaway Beds of 2019

Best Overall Rollaway Bed: Milliard Premium Folding Rollaway Bed

Best Rollaway Bed 2019 - Milliard Premium Folding Rollaway Bed

When people buy a folding bed, they have resigned themselves to the fact that it can never match up to the softness and comfort of an actual mattress. And it’s true because it’s hard to find a foldable bed that offers the same comfort and plushness of a memory foam mattress. The Milliard Premium Folding Rollaway Bed is a rare find that, despite being a standard foldable bed, offers superior softness and comfort. While other memory foam rollaway beds are quite hard, the comfort and plush feel of this one has been vouched for by customers.

What makes this bed even more bouncy and comfortable is the mattress platform made of the trampoline, instead of wire mesh or slats. The mattress is four-inch thick, enough support for a foldable bed. Besides edge support, the foam also contours to your body and provides support to the pressure points. Sleeping on this bed, you will not be waking up with a sore back or still shoulders.

The entire construction of this bed is also pretty durable. The frame is made from double reinforced steel with a Clamshell folding style, ensuring that the bed retains its shape under any circumstance. Although the bed is not much of a looker, it does its job very well, providing support with a good mattress and durability with a strong frame. The weight of the bed is only 52 pounds, so it’s easy to move from place to place. Assembling it for the first time is also easy and doesn’t require tools– you simply have to attach the wheels, and you’re done. The assisted folding mechanism makes it convenient to open and fold the bed.


  • One of the best and softest mattresses
  • Strong, double reinforced construction
  • Easy to assemble and unfold
  • Not too heavy


  • A little expensive

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Best Budget Rollaway Bed: Symple Stuff Folding Bed

Best Rollaway Beds of 2019 - Symple Stuff Folding Bed

Budget rollaway beds usually come with a number of shortcomings and shoppers need to look past them in order to find quality. That’s because, despite the shortcomings, budget rollaway beds also offer plenty of advantages. The Symple Stuff Folding Bed is one such rollaway bedding that features an affordable price tag and a no-frills design but makes up with other perks.

This foldable bed comes with a 5-inch foam mattress on a bed base made of rigid slats. Although the mattress is thick enough to provide support, it is not too soft. In fact, many customers have commented that the mattress was a bit too hard for their liking.  This isn’t surprising because most foldable beds that boast of a foam mattress aren’t as soft or comfortable as an actual memory foam mattress. The maximum capacity of the bed is 250 pounds, but you should not attempt to test it out– most metal frame rollaway beds are pretty frail at handling anything above 200 pounds. In general, this is a bed that’s best for a small or average sized person or a child. This is again where the maximum capacity of the bed comes into play — most budget rollaway beds are best for people who don’t weigh much, and it isn’t such a surprising or unique downside for any foldable budget bed.

If you’re on a budget and want a portable bed for one person, this affordable option from Symple Stuff is one of the most popular choices. But it’s most suited for occasional use than regular use as a stationary bed.


  • Affordable and easily available
  • No-frills design
  • Five-inch mattress


  • Mattress not too comfortable
  • Construction could be more durable

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Best Rollaway Innerspring Bed: Serta® Folding Bed with Mattress

Best Rollaway Beds of 2019 - Serta Folding Bed with Mattress

If you prefer the feel of an innerspring mattress over a memory foam one, then there are innerspring options also available among rollaway beds. Just because you’re buying a portable bed doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all your preferences. One of the most popular innerspring rollaway beds is the Serta Folding bed. The mattress it comes with has a traditional innerspring construction, so it replicates the feel of an actual innerspring bed.

Serta is a well-known name in the bedding industry, and all the quality and reputation of their other offerings come through in this folding bed. The bed is 73 inches long and 39 inches wide, the same width ad that of an XL Twin bed. The extra width is a nice addition since it allows the sleeper enough room to adjust position and roll over during the night. Those sleeping on the bed will also enjoy the comfort and support provided by the 12-gauge wound helical springs in the four-inch mattress. They manage to replicate the feel of a traditional innerspring mattress, so this rollaway bed by Serta isn’t a bad choice. Another significant feature of this bed is the height. It’s just 18 inches from the floor, which makes it easy for older people or those with mobility issues to get on and off the bed.  The frame is made of angular steel, and the four caster wheels allow the bed to be easily moved from one room to another.


  • Affordable
  • Great innerspring design
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Extra width
  • Medium weight


  • No information on warranty available

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Best Rollaway Bed for Small Spaces: iBed Memory Foam Rollaway Guest Bed

Best Rollaway Beds of 2019 - iBed Memory Foam Rollaway Guest Bed

Buying furniture for a small space can be tough. You want comfort and convenience without sacrificing the little floor space you have. This problem is more evident in urban settings, where small apartments are the most common living space. Thankfully, furniture is also made keeping the space constraints in mind. If you’re short on space and need a slim rollaway guest bed, your best bet is the iBed Memory Foam Rollaway Guest Bed. The benefit of this ultra slim design is that the bed folds to just 5 inches of thickness and can be stored anywhere from a closet to an attic. But just because it’s slim and trim does not mean it compromises on comfort or durability.

The bed is so small when folded that it also comes with a storage bag. You can fold it and leave it in the corner of the cupboard in the storage bag. Most rollaway beds are between 12 and 15 inches when folded, which makes this one the winner. The bed has a 3-inch memory foam mattress, which may not be the plushest but manages to provide the support that’s expected from a guest bed. The memory foam is resistant to dust mites, fungus, and odor, so you can store it safely without damage to the mattress. You also don’t need to turn the mattress because it doesn’t lose shape. It’s also great at regulating temperature and keeping the sleeper comfortable.


  • Great for small spaces
  • Solid steel construction
  • Easy to fold and store


  • Mattress, not the most comfortable
  • Cannot be used as a regular bed

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Best Rollaway Bed for Tall people: Edward Rollaway Bed with Box Spring Mattress

Best Rollaway Beds of 2019 - Edward Rollaway Bed with Box Spring Mattress

Tall individuals are familiar with the challenge of finding a comfortable bed to sleep on. When it comes to rollaway beds, they are almost always too short for tall people. Even if you find a good folding bed, you find that your legs stick out. That doesn’t make for a very comfortable night’s sleep. This is where the Edward Rollaway Bed is a winner. It’s 79 inches long, which isn’t gigantic but still big enough for taller individuals. It’s also the longest folding bed on the market today.

Although the width is a little narrow at 36 inches, it’s still plenty for the average sleeper. It’s hard to find a bed that fits your space and budget requirements and still provides comfort and support, but the Edward Rollaway Bed is a good choice. The box spring mattress is 5.5 inches, which may not be too thick but provides better support than 3-inch mattresses. There is an optional mattress cover available. Some users have said that the bed is a little too firm, and others have praised this very feature because it can handle even a 300-pound sleeper. The bed is also easy to assemble—you simply must put the bolts and nuts and wheels in place. It folds nicely in place and is convenient to store. One of the biggest downsides is the price—at $500, it’s one of the priciest rollaway beds on the market.


  • Great for taller sleepers
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Supportive mattress


  • Expensive

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Best Rollaway Bed for Durability: Sleep Revolution Resort Folding Guest Bed

Best Rollaway Beds of 2019 - Sleep Revolution Resort Premier Folding Guest Bed

If you want a bed that looks attractive and offers more durability than a standard cot-style rollaway bed, look no further than the Sleep Revolution Resort Folding Guest Bed. The fabric frame cover is matched with the mattress cover, giving a more appealing look to the bed. The quality and comfort of the bed is also much better than standard rollaway beds.

This bed looks and feels more like a twin-sized bed rather than a typical folding bed. Measuring 38 inches by 75 inches, the mattress has a four-inch layer of support foam topped with a one-inch layer of memory foam. The construction is sturdy and doesn’t budge when the wheels are locked into place. The capacity of the bed is also great– 250 pounds.

The downside is that the bed takes more effort to fold up and move around. If portability is the biggest requirement, then this bed may not be the ideal choice. But if your requirement is for a folding bed that will last a long time, then the lack of portability is not a big deal. The construction of the bed is superior, but the price tag is still affordable.


  • Superior construction
  • Appealing design
  • Highly durable
  • Mid-range pricing


  • Not very portable

The market is flooded with a variety of rollaway beds. They are affordable, convenient, and fit into small spaces. But before making a purchase, read what other customers have to say and also consider if the features meet your requirements.

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Keep in mind the suggestions while choosing the perfect rollaway bed of your choice. Ensure that it fits your requirements and budget. Rollaway beds may not durable and comfortable like conventional beds, but they do meet specific requirements. In case of questions, reach out to team of Yawnder, we would be happy to help.

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