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Most Comfortable Bath Pillows


Best Bath Pillows 2022

There is nothing that screams me-time like a good relaxing bath. It is the remedy for melting away all your worries and sinking into a blissfully stress-relieving moment. The ideal night ritual for all the women out there and the men as well is undoubtedly soaking into a warm bath to ease away all your body aches and gently soothe away those mental tensions. Put on some music, dim the lights, light up a few candles, and you have yourself the best therapy session ever. The only thing missing in this is the upper body comfort, especially the neck and shoulders.

While a relaxing bath is the most indulgent thing you can gift yourself the fact remains that the time spent in the bath is very harmful to your neck and spine. Your body might enjoy the warm soak with the lovely aroma of the bath salts but your neck will scream from the tension of holding up against the uncomfortable bathtub edge. To relieve this uncomfortable position and allow yourself to indulge in the moment longer you need to get a good bath pillow. You can get a super plush supportive bath pillow that will make your bath time a luxurious getaway or you can opt for more basic pillows if you are looking more for support and travel. A majority of these bath pillows are low maintenance with machine-washable options. This review will take you through the best most trending bath pillows in the market today to help you shortlist the best options for yourself.

Top 7 Bath Pillows

  1. Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

best bath pillow

Pros Cons
The soft and comfortable foam gives good head and neck support The foam does not retain its shape and bounciness over time
Breathable mesh cover with side hook makes for easy drying The bulky design makes it inappropriate for smaller tubs
Powerful suction cups at the back keeps the pillow in one position  


The Everlasting Comfort Bat Pillow keeps true to its name in offering luxurious comfort for as long as you desire. It allows you to indulge in your bath for a long time till the water turns cold or you have had your fill of the soak. Plenty of times the uncomfortable neck posture forces you to cut short the bath time and rinse off faster than you would have liked. With this Comfort Bath Pillow from Everlasting Comfort, you can soak into your bath for as long as you wish.

This is a pillow that not only supports your neck but also cushions your upper back. The brand understands that the bathtubs were not designed keeping in mind optimal posture support of comfort and hence works extra hard to provide you with good pressure relief with a soft foam structure that cradles your neck and shoulders. The pillow comes with strong suction cups on the backside that makes it easy to fit in any bathtub. This also allows you to simply relax without having to continuously adjust the pillow position. The breathable mesh cover that the pillow is encased in ensures that the pillow dries quickly with no water build-up inside the foam. It also allows the humidity to dissipate thereby keeping it free from mildew and fungus. On top of this, the pillow design is extremely functional and sports a side pocket to keep all your bath accessories in it. The brand also offers a free loofah to further sweeten the deal and complete your bath kit.


  • Ergonomically designed to fit all types of bathtubs
  • Comes with powerful non-slip suction cups
  • The brand has a lifetime replacement policy on the pillow
  • Soft and breathable outer mesh cover for quick drying
  • Headrest roll made of soft foam to give comfortable support
  • Built-in hook for easy hanging and drying
  • Large side pocket to store bath accessories

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  1. Idle Hippo Non-Slip Bath Pillow

idle hippo

Pros Cons
The curved design gives optimal support to the head and neck No support for the upper back and shoulders
Compact in size makes it ideal to carry around and fit any bathtub size Tends to lose shape with time and use
3D airflow mesh cover for superior airflow and breathability  


The best thing about the Idle Hippo Non-Slip Bath Pillow is its shape, design, and size. This bath pillow sports an attractive ergonomic design that makes it suitable for all bath tubes even the smaller ones. It is a compact bath pillow that can easily fit into your bag to give you perfect bath moments on your travels and trips. This bath pillow is a head and neck pillow only with a curved design that cradles the shape of your head to provide instant relief and comfortable rest. The design allows for optimal head and neck alignment that ensures ideal physical comfort.

Further, this Idle Hippo bath pillow comes armed with 4 powerful suction cups that attach effectively to any bathtub and stay in place till you remove it yourself. You will therefore not have to endlessly keep on adjusting the pillow while in the bath because it keeps falling off. The bath pillow cover is made with a 3-D air mesh technology. This advanced technology supports easy airflow through the pillow and ensures that there is no water or humidity trapped inside. This super permeability makes for a quick-drying time so you do not have to wait for ages for the pillow to dry. It also prevents any mildew and odor build-up in the pillow. It is a machine washable pillow that does not lose its shape with use and is made with soft foam material for ultimate comfort.


  • 16 x 10 x 3 inches dimension
  • Good head and neck support
  • Compact design makes it perfect for traveling
  • 3D air mesh technology cover
  • 4 powerful suction cups on the back reinforced with cut-resistant threads
  • Machine washable with easy maintenance
  • Soft cushiony material used in construction

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  1. Bino Non-Slip Cushioned Bath Pillow with Suction Cups

bino bath pillow

Pros Cons
Compact and lightweight bath pillow The suction cups are not very powerful and do not work well with textured bathtubs
Comes in 5 attractive colors Too small for regular use
Anti-bacterial material prevents fungus and odor formation  

If you are looking for a good travel-sized bath pillow then the Bino Non-Slip Cushioned Bath Pillow with Suction Cups is ideal for your preference. This pillow offers good support to the head but is not very good with the head and neck alignment. This is due to its small size and low height. The Bino bath pillow is also made of a mesh foam that is soft and bouncy. The mesh design allows for optimal air circulation. The design also incorporates an anti-bacterial technology that repels all mildew and fungal formation in the bath pillow. It also keeps the pillow smelling fresh and free from all odors.

Unlike other bath pillows, the Bino bath pillow gives you a choice of 5 different colors ranging from minty green to royal blues. You can pick the one that catches your fancy. The bath pillow weighs a mere 0.55 lbs. making it a perfect travel companion. Further, the pillow comes with a set of eight small suction cups that helps keep the pillow in place. These suction cups are not very strong partly due to their smaller size but still manage to hold the pillow in position for a long time. The only problem is with textured bathtubs. Here, you will have to adjust the bath pillow a few times. The contoured shape of the pillow gently cradles your neck and head to give you a plush comfort that is unmatched by other bath pillows in this price segment.


  • Compact size with 12.5 x 12 x 3-inch dimension
  • 8 small suction cups
  • Anti-bacterial design to prevent the fungal formation
  • Soft mesh foam construction
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Quick draining feature
  • Rinse for cleaning and air dry

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  1. Coastacloud Full Body Spa Bath Pillow Mat


Pros Cons
Gives optimal comfort from head to your hips High price point
Stain-free and easy to clean design The bulky design makes it difficult to travel with
Super strong suction cup grip keeps the bath pillow in place  

The Coastacloud Full Body Spa Bath Pillow gives you a super luxurious bath experience. The bath pillow is bulkier in size than other pillows since the pillow not just gives you comfort for the head and neck. This full-body pillow cradles you from your head and shoulders to your tailbone. It is made with a soft foam material that has a mesh perforated design. This keeps the pillow free from any trapped water and humidity. This design also promotes optimal air circulation that keeps the pillow fresh and free from bad odors.

This bath pillow features a nice leaf-shaped bath pillow that effectively cradles all the important joints and parts in your body giving you a sinking in plush comfort that is unmatched by other bath pillows, especially the compact versions. This is a pillow for your entire body and especially useful for people that find lounging in a hard tub uncomfortable. The bath pillow has easy maintenance and is both machines washable and hand washable. The design allows the water to flow easily through the pillow and prevents any dirt and sedimentary to reside in the pillow. It is also a highly quick-drying pillow and comes with a side hook making it very easy to handle and store.


  • Ergonomically designed in an environment-friendly leaf shape
  • Full body bath pillow from head support to tailbone support
  • 2 x 19.2-inch dimension
  • Features 8 large powerful suction cups
  • Built-in hanging hooks at the side of the pillow
  • Quick mildew with anti-mildew formation technology

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  1. Ruvince Ergonomic Luxury Bath Pillow


Pros Cons
Aesthetically pleasing with a nice curvy design The pillow might be too narrow for wide shoulder set people
Features the latest 4D air technology The cover material becomes rough and scratchy after use
Extra thick shoulder padding added comfort  


The most comfortable bath pillows are the ones with a firm contoured design. This helps the bath pillow to softly support your head and neck without being too heavy on the joints. The Ruvince Ergonomic Luxury Bath Pillow takes the contouring design even further than the usual and incorporates a headrest hat is built inside the pillow. Apart from this the bath pillow also features extra padding on the shoulders. This alleviates pressure on the upper back and gives you a cozy sink-in feeling while in the bath.

For freshness, the Ruvince bath pillow comes with an upgraded 4D air mesh technology. This is a decided improvement over the 3D air mesh technology and helps the foam to breath better and as a result, dry faster. This also takes care of the odor problem and keeps your pillow smelling fresh for a longer time. To keep the bath pillow in place it features 6 extra powerful suction cups. These cups are evenly placed at the back of the pillow to keep it secure in one position. It works well with all types of bath tubes textured as well as plain. You can even use this bath pillow with jacuzzies and other spa tubs. The convenient hook at the back of the bath pillow allows you to hang the pillow to dry. You can also easily store it away while not in use by simply hanging it on the bath rod in the bathroom.


  • Features superior 4D air grid technology
  • Comes with two natural extract loofah sponge pads
  • Machine washable in cold water
  • 6 extra strong suction cups
  • Thick shoulder pads
  • Bult-in headrest for maximum comfort

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  1. Gorilla Grip Comfort Slip Resistant Large Thick Soft Waterproof Relaxing Spa Bath Pillow

gorilla grip

Pros Cons
2 panel superior design offers maximum comfort The cover is not as soft as foam bath pillows
Available in 3 different sizes and 7 different colors The suction cups tend to lose holding after some time in the water
Waterproof covering makes it at zero risk for all bacterial and fungal infestation  

The biggest disadvantage of a foam bath pillow is that even with the air mesh technology for quick drying and anti-bacterial formation, the pillow can develop a musty smell and have fungal growths. This is because the pillow absorbs water and this can get trapped within the foam leading to all sorts of nastiness growing within it. The best alternative to that is a waterproof pillow that will repel water and prevent any humidity or water from getting trapped. The Gorilla Grip Comfort Bath Pillow is easily one of the best waterproof bath pillows in the market.

This pillow sports a two-panel minimalistic design that allows you to rest your head comfortably without putting any undue pressure on your neck. The brand offers you three size choices so you can choose one as per your personal preference and the dimensions of your bathtub. The large-sized bath pillow is an ideal choice for couples looking to soak in together. It is manufactured with high-quality foam that is soft and highly tensile. The foam is 2-inches of plush thickness that offers optimal comfort to your head and upper shoulders. The slip-resistant design coupled with 7 powerful strategically placed suction cups at the back of the pillow will have you spend all your time in the bath relaxing rather than endlessly adjusting the pillow.


  • 2-inches of thick padding
  • Waterproof covering
  • Designed for both straight back and curved bathtubs
  • Slip-resistant with 7 suction cups
  • Available in three sizes
  • Comes in 7 different colors

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  1. Aquasentials Inflatable Bath Pillow – Terry Cloth


Pros Cons
Easy to store and carry around Needs to be inflated every time you want to use it
Highly attractive and artsy shell décor shape Not as comfortable as foam bath pillows
Great value for money  


Another foam alternative to bath pillows is the inflatable bath pillows. The Aquasentials Inflatable Bath Pillow falls into this category. Most people shy away from inflatable bath pillows since the dry plastic outer covering makes you feel extremely uncomfortable and often results in skin irritation. Not to mention the weird smell that comes with an inflatable pillow makes it a trying experience for the senses. The Aquasential bath pillow takes care of both these issues. This bath pillow has a soft terry cotton cover that makes it very comfortable to rest your head and neck on. It also does not carry the plastic odor with it making it easy to lounge in the bath.

This is an extremely lightweight bath pillow that makes traveling super easy. Also since the pillow is inflatable you can easily roll it and fit it in a small bag or even a handbag. Further, the bath pillow comes with 4 suction cups that prevent it from slipping in the tub. You simply have to moisten each suction cup with a little water and then stick it on the tub. The shell-shaped design gives you great support to the back and neck making this pillow a very comfortable pillow to rest on while enjoying your bath. You can even use this pillow with hot tubs.


  • Shell shaped design
  • 39 x 6.18 x 0.79 inches in dimension
  • Comes in a single gray color
  • Features 4 suction cups
  • Durable terry cloth outer covering
  • Weighs only 0.4 pounds

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Wrapping Up

Soaking into a bath is the best way of relieving the day’s tensions both physically and mentally. It also helps you rejuvenate and is a great prep for a good night’s sleep ahead. However, this relaxing experience can have quite a calamitous effect on your neck if you do not give it proper support. You do not want to regret soaking into the lovely warm bubbly bath with a sour neck and shoulder ache the next morning. Bath pillows are hence an essential item in your bath time accessories that you simply must include in your bath shopping list. Be it for yourself or as a gift, a bath basket or a bath hamper is simply not complete without a bath pillow featuring in it.


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