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Amerisleep AS3 Mattress Review

Amerisleep AS3 Mattress Review
Amerisleep AS3
$1,299 (Queen)
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Amerisleep has a straightforward system for naming their mattresses:

  • AS + Number: The models are named “AS” followed by a number, ranging from 1 to 5.
  • Firmness Scale: The number directly corresponds to firmness, where AS1 is the firmest and AS5 is the softest.

This simple system makes it easy for customers to understand the main difference between the models and choose based on their firmness preference:

  • AS1 and AS2: Best for strict stomach and back sleepers who prefer a firmer feel.
  • AS3: The most popular choice, its medium-firm feel suits side, back, and combination sleepers.
  • AS4 and AS5: Ideal for side sleepers and those who love a plush, pressure-relieving feel.

The Amerisleep AS3 is one of the most popular models by Amerisleep. This mattress has a medium feel that contours very well but still offers enough support for stomach and back sleepers. What sets Amerisleep mattresses apart from most of the competition is that all their models come with Celliant® technology infused into the cover. Celliant® is a proprietary mix of 13 thermo-reactive minerals that are embedded into polyester fibers. This fiber absorbs body heat and recycles it into infrared energy. The benefit of this technology is increased circulation, which leads to better sleep and recovery. 

The medium firmness of the AS3 makes it ideal for most sleep positions and body types. Side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers are sure to find comfort with this bed. Amerisleep has also released the AS3 in a hybrid version. The AS3h hybrid offers the same responsive and soft Bio-Pur® comfort layer, but the base of the hybrid is individually wrapped innerspring coils that are zoned for targeted support. The hybrid is a great option for those that want the contouring effect of memory foam, but also like the bounce that comes with an innerspring bed. 

Now, let’s look at the details of the Amerisleep AS3 and jump into my review!

Overview of the Amerisleep AS3

After you place your order, your Amerisleep mattress will arrive at your door in a box like the one below. No need to wait for a delivery company.


Here’s a pic of the mattress roll packed inside the box.

Amerisleep mattress in box

Here’s the mattress on the bed.

Amerisleep Mattress on Bed

Finally, this is what it looks like a few minutes after opening it. As you can see it is already at full shape.

Amerisleep AS3Here’s a video overview of the AS3. This mattress recovers quickly out of the box and had little off-gassing smell. This mattress comes with a standard 100-night trial with free shipping and free returns.


Construction of the Amerisleep AS3

Below are the construction details as listed on their website.


Celliant® is an advanced fabric made with 13 thermoreactive minerals that helps improve the performance of the mattress.


Our Bio-Pur™ foam is five times more breathable than traditional memory foam, because of it’s advanced open-cell structure. It wicks away heat while you sleep and can help keep you cool and comfortable.


The affinity transition layer is soft and responsive. It reacts to your body position to evenly support your weight and can help relieve pressure points, so it feels as if you’re weightlessly resting on a cloud.


Our Bio-Core™ foam support layer won’t sag even after decades of use. And, like our Bio-Pur™ foam, it’s partially made from plants instead of petroleum so it’s eco-friendly.

Amerisleep AS3 ConstructionHow Much Does the Amerisleep Mattress Cost?

Below are the prices of the mattress as of this writing.

My Amerisleep AS3 Findings

amerisleep as3 sinkage

Here’s another view from the side of the mattress.

as3 side

It’s a minor detail but in my mind, it matters. The zipper system on this mattress is high quality. It’s easy to unzip and the zipper is actually in the middle so you don’t have to lift up the mattress to access it.

as3 zipper

Here’s a picture of the layers of the mattress. Below the blue cover that you see above, there is a fire sock. I removed part of the fire sock to show you these layers. Again, these are cut clean. Some mattresses I have opened are warped towards the corners and don’t fully recover due to the use of too much glue.

Amerisleep uses a plant-based foam in their mattresses to lessen the environmental impact. I’m not sure the exact ratio but it is certainly nice to learn that they are trying to move the needle in the right direction. The foam is an open-cell foam which means more breathability too. This mattress feels amazing and is breathable for an all foam mattress.

as3 layers

Here’s a clip showing motion transfer on the mattress which is basically none because it is a foam mattress.


Here’s a video showing the inside layers of the AS3 and how each reacts. The top layer is a little slower to recover because it provides the most contouring and pressure relief. The recovery is faster than most dense foam mattresses but not quite as fast of a recovery as something like an Avena foam. Basically, you won’t get that stuck feeling and the mattress is really easy to move around on.


My Amerisleep AS3 Recommendation

Amerisleep has a relatively long history in the online mattress space. The fact that they have retail stores in Arizona, Oregon, Texas, and Colorado is a good indicator that they stand by their product. Their 20-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial period also suggest that they are confident you will be impressed with this mattress once you try it. With Amerisleep, you get a company with more than 15,000 positive reviews, a long business history (at least in online mattress brand terms), the ability to try before you buy, and all the benefits of Bio-Pur®, HIVE®, and Celliant® technology.

I particularly recommend the AS3 to sleepers that change positions at night. It rates a true medium on a firmness scale from 1 to 10. Since a medium firmness is suited to most sleep positions, this mattress is very versatile and should be comfortable for all sleepers.

Learn more about the Amerisleep AS3

Off-gassing for the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid can vary slightly, but here’s what you can expect:

  • Initial Off-Gassing: Most reviewers and test sites report a noticeable “new mattress” smell when first unboxing the AS3 Hybrid. This smell is due to the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the production of foam and other materials.
  • Duration: The most noticeable off-gassing typically dissipates within the first 2-3 days. However, a faint odor may linger for up to a week or slightly longer in some cases.
  • Amerisleep’s Recommendation: Amerisleep themselves state that you might notice a smell for up to 4 days.

Tips for Minimizing Off-Gassing:

  • Airing out: Unpack the mattress in a well-ventilated room. Open windows and run a fan if possible.
  • Time: Leave it to air out for a few days or even a week before adding sheets and sleeping on it.

Important Note: Off-gassing is common with new mattresses, especially those containing foam layers. Amerisleep uses plant-based foams and CertiPUR-US® certified materials, which means they meet strict standards for low VOC emissions.

While the core design of the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid has stayed mostly consistent, there have been a few subtle changes worth noting:

  • Name Change: The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid was originally launched under the name “Liberty.” In 2017, Amerisleep simplified their naming system–the AS3’s medium-firm feel fits right in the middle of their numbered scale.
  • Minor Material Updates: Over time, it’s possible that Amerisleep has made slight modifications to the foams or the coil system used in the AS3 Hybrid. These changes would likely be aimed at improving durability, performance, or keeping costs in line. Companies rarely publicize these minor tweaks.
  • Focus on Bio-Pur® Foam: Amerisleep’s marketing has increasingly emphasized their plant-based Bio-Pur® foam. While the AS3 likely always had some degree of this material, they now highlight its benefits in terms of responsiveness and eco-friendliness.

Overall, the evolution of the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid has been about refinement and branding rather than significant overhauls. The core appeal of a medium-firm hybrid mattress with good pressure relief remains at its heart.

AS3 Weight Limit

The official weight limit for the Amerisleep AS3 (and the entire Amerisleep lineup) is 800 lbs for a Queen size mattress. This applies to the total combined weight on the mattress.

It’s important to note:

  • Weight limits are guidelines: While manufacturers test their mattresses for durability, exceeding the weight limit doesn’t mean instant failure. It indicates a higher potential for wear and tear and may void warranty coverage.
  • Needs over limits: If you or your partner are close to or exceed the individual weight recommendations (roughly 400 lbs per person), consider a mattress with a more robust construction specifically designed for heavier individuals—firmer and thicker mattresses are generally better options.

AS3 Weight Limit

The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid is generally considered a medium-firm mattress, ranking around a 6 or 6.5 on the firmness scale where 1 is incredibly soft and 10 is extremely firm.

Here’s why it’s considered medium-firm:

  • The industry standard for medium-firm is 6.5. The AS3 Hybrid is slightly softer than this benchmark.
  • Comfort layer balance: It features a soft Bio-Pur® foam comfort layer that provides cushioning, plus supportive layers underneath to prevent excessive sinkage.
  • Suits most sleepers: This balanced comfort works well for the majority of people across sleeping positions (side, back, stomach).

Please note: Firmness perception is somewhat subjective. If you’re usually very sensitive to firmness, or on the extremes of the weight spectrum (petite or heavier individuals), your experience might differ slightly.

AS3 Pressure Relief

The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid rates very well in terms of pressure relief, especially for side sleepers and those with moderate back pain. Here’s why:

  • Bio-Pur® Foam: Amerisleep’s proprietary plant-based memory foam is known for its responsiveness and pressure-relieving properties. It gently contours to your body, relieving pressure points at the shoulders, hips, and spine.
  • Hybrid Construction: The combination of memory foam with the supportive coil layer helps maintain spinal alignment, a key factor in reducing pressure build-up.
  • Medium-Firm Feel: The AS3’s medium-firmness provides a balance of contouring and support. This ensures you don’t sink in excessively, which can misalign your spine and worsen pressure issues.

Who benefits most:

  • Side sleepers: The AS3 Hybrid’s cushioning and contouring are ideal for side sleepers, reducing pressure on the hips and shoulders.
  • People with back pain: The support and spinal alignment promoted by the AS3 Hybrid may alleviate back pain.
  • Average weight individuals: The firmness level is generally most comfortable and pressure-relieving for people of average weight.

Points to Consider

  • Strictly stomach sleepers: May find a slightly firmer mattress more supportive.
  • Heavier individuals: Might benefit from a mattress specifically designed for heavier bodies for optimal support and pressure relief.

The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid is generally considered a good mattress for sex due to a few key features:

  • Bounce: The AS3 Hybrid has a moderate level of bounce, thanks to the combination of memory foam and pocketed coils. This bounce allows for easier movement and position changes during intimacy.
  • Responsiveness: The Bio-Pur® memory foam used in the AS3 Hybrid is relatively responsive, meaning it recovers quickly after pressure is applied. This can be beneficial for sex compared to some memory foam mattresses that cause a sinking feeling.
  • Edge Support: The AS3 Hybrid is known to have good edge support, which means the mattress won’t sag significantly when you use the entire surface area. This is important for maneuverability and feeling secure during sex.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Personal preference: While bounce and responsiveness are important factors, some couples may prefer a softer or firmer feel for sex.
  • Noise: Innerspring mattresses, like the AS3 Hybrid, can potentially make noise when compressed or moved on. This may not be a concern for everyone, but it’s worth considering.

Overall Rating:

Based on user reviews and its features, the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid scores high for sex due to its bounce, responsiveness, and edge support. However, remember that mattress preference for intimacy can be subjective.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid compares to other mattresses on factors you mentioned:


  • Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid: Performs well in cooling thanks to its Bio-Pur® foam’s open-cell structure and pocketed coils that allow for airflow.
  • Similar Options: Saatva Classic and WinkBed also use a combination of breathable materials and coils for good cooling. Leesa Sapira Hybrid might also be a good option.

Motion Transfer:

  • Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid: Very good at isolating motion due to the memory foam layer absorbing movement.
  • Similar Options: Most memory foam and hybrid mattresses excel at motion isolation. Leesa Sapira Hybrid and Nectar Premier are likely on par with the AS3 Hybrid.


  • Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid: Offers moderate bounce due to the combination of memory foam and coils.
  • More Bounce: If you prefer a higher bounce, innerspring mattresses or hybrids with stronger coils might be better. WinkBed offers a wider range of firmness options, some with more bounce.

Edge Support:

  • Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid: Performs well in edge support compared to some memory foam mattresses, thanks to the supportive coil base.
  • Similar Options: Innerspring and hybrid mattresses generally provide better edge support than pure foam mattresses. Saatva Classic and WinkBed are likely comparable to the AS3 Hybrid.

Comfort Material:

  • Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid: Uses Bio-Pur® memory foam for pressure relief and a pocketed coil base for support.
  • Alternatives:
    • Memory Foam: Nectar Premier offers a thicker memory foam layer for a more cradling feel.
    • Innerspring: Saatva Classic uses a traditional innerspring core with a pillow top, offering a classic supportive feel.
    • Latex: Some hybrid mattresses incorporate latex, known for its responsiveness and bounce.

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing a mattress:

  • Sleeping Position: Side sleepers typically prioritize pressure relief, while back and stomach sleepers might prefer a firmer mattress.
  • Body Weight: Heavier sleepers may benefit from a more robust mattress designed for higher weight capacities.
  • Personal Preference: Softness, bounce, and responsiveness are all subjective preferences.

Where to try the AS3

You have a couple of options for trying out the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid mattress before you commit to a purchase:

  1. 100-Night Sleep Trial: Amerisleep offers a generous 100-night sleep trial with all their mattresses. This means you can order the AS3 Hybrid and try it out at home for an extended period. If you decide it’s not the right fit, Amerisleep will arrange for a free pickup and provide a full refund.

  2. Amerisleep Showrooms: Amerisleep has showroom locations in several states, including Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Texas. You can visit one of these showrooms and test the AS3 Hybrid in person.

Here’s how the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid is likely to perform for different sleeping positions:

Side Sleepers:

  • Pros: The AS3 Hybrid’s medium-firmness provides excellent pressure relief for shoulders and hips, minimizing discomfort common in side sleeping. The memory foam conforms to the body’s curves for cushioning support.
  • Cons: Some very petite side sleepers might find it slightly too firm for maximum comfort.

Back Sleepers:

  • Pros: The balance between support and cushioning makes it a suitable option for many back sleepers. It promotes healthy spinal alignment and offers good pressure relief for the lower back.
  • Cons: Very strict back sleepers who prefer a noticeably firmer feel might want to consider the AS2 or AS1 from Amerisleep.

Stomach Sleepers:

  • Pros: The supportive coil system helps keep hips elevated, preventing excessive spinal curvature often experienced by stomach sleepers.
  • Cons: Some stomach sleepers, particularly heavier individuals, might prefer a firmer mattress for greater support at the hips to maintain proper alignment.

Combination Sleepers:

  • Pros: The AS3 Hybrid’s versatility makes it comfortable for those who switch between positions. The support and pressure relief work well in different sleeping styles.

Overall: The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid’s medium-firm feel makes it a great choice for most sleeping positions, particularly side, back, and combination sleepers.

Important to remember: Mattress comfort is somewhat subjective. Factors like your individual body weight and specific needs can influence how the AS3 Hybrid feels for your particular sleeping style.

Amerisleep AS3
$1,299 (Queen)
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Mattresses that are similar to the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid and worth considering as alternatives.

Mattress Alternatives Similar to the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid

  • Leesa Sapira Hybrid: Offers a comparable medium-firm feel with memory foam and pocketed coils. Excellent motion isolation and a slightly thicker comfort layer give it a more luxurious feel than the AS3.
  • WinkBed: Similar pressure relief and bouncy feel that hybrid lovers seek. WinkBed boasts a variety of firmness options, durable construction, and a lifetime warranty.
  • Saatva Classic: Provides balanced contouring and support, and like the AS3, comes in multiple firmness levels. If you love the classic innerspring feel with a touch of luxury, this is a great option. They also focus on eco-friendly materials.
  • Nectar Premier: Features a traditional memory foam feel over coils for classic pressure relief. Generous 365-night trial period and a lifetime warranty give added comfort when making your purchase.

Factors to Help You Choose

  • Your Firmness Preference: Do you prefer something slightly softer or firmer than the AS3 Hybrid’s medium-firm feel?
  • Price Point: Mattresses on this list vary in price, so consider your budget carefully.
  • Trial Periods and Warranties: These policies offer reassurance when trying a new mattress.

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