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Allswell Supreme Mattress Review

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Ben Trapskin

I have carefully studied and evaluated many mattresses, sheets, pillows, duvet inserts, comforters, sleep gadgets, and adjustable beds for over a decade. My insights and evaluations are grounded in both my extensive personal experience and valuable customer feedback. I have expertise and knowledge of the industry. I have used this to conduct detailed assessments of products. My insights and guidance have given consumers the best sleep experience. I am committed to quality and excellence in this field. EXPERT TESTED Every product is tested with a variety methods to give you the best assement of what it will actually feel like and if it is good quality. UPDATED REGULARLY Our reviews are updated daily and we strive to produce the most useful content so you can make an informed decision.
Allswell is a brand known for providing quality sleep products at competitive price. The Allswell Supreme is a supreme deal in terms of bang for your buck. You get a quality spring system with layers of next-gen foams with a quilted cover and handles that make it really stand out among the competition in this price point. So much so that we created a new category, “Luxury Budget Mattresses”. Although this is a hybrid mattress it will feel more like a foam mattress but with better pressure relief and support.

Ordering Your Allswell Supreme

You can order this mattress direct from their website. It currently retails for $985 in a queen size. It’s hard to find any foam spring hybrid mattress at this price point let alone something of this quality and made in the USA. You can finance this mattress through Affirm with payments as low as $83/month and it also comes with a 1-year trial and 10-year limited warranty. The industry-leading trial means you get to try it out in all 4 seasons to see how it performs whether your room is hot, cold or anywhere in between. If you don’t like it, it’s a free return!

Overview of the Allswell Supreme

In the video below I give my first impressions of the mattress. I have been sleeping on it for a week now and I really appreciate how the materials all work seamlessly. Some hybrids feel more like traditional mattresses, which is great and this one will give you that traditional mattress feel but provide much more pressure relief.

How Much Does the Allswell Supreme Cost?

Below are the prices of the mattress as of this writing and before any discounts are applied.
Allswell Supreme Mattress Size Options and Price
Size Dimensions Price
Full 54″ x 74.5″ $899.00
Queen 60″ x 79.5″ $999.00
King 75.5″ x 79.5″ $1249.00
California King 72″ x 84″ $1249.00

Construction of the Allswell Supreme

Here are the construction details as listed on the Allswell website. The takeaway here is that they are starting with a Quantum Edge coil system which is one of the best coil systems in the industry. They also incorporate Energex foam on one layer and another layer of graphite and copper infused foam. Both excellent foams for temperature regulation and recovery. This is what gives the mattress a quality feel.
Stay asleep with individually-wrapped coils which help minimize motion transfer. Two-sided edge support with Reinforced Quantum Edge.
2″ of Energex™ foam provides pressure relief over a wide range of temperature.
Cooling graphite and copper gel layer absorbs and transfers heat away from the body.
Built-in Euro Top for maximum plushness.
Quilted top panel woven with our signature A.

My Allswell Supreme Findings

I have not come across another mattress at this price point that feels as good as the Allswell Supreme. I am a big fan of Energex foam and once you try it, it will be hard to go back to anything less. Here’s a shot of my 16 lb. bowling ball on the mattress. As you can see it has a fair amount of sink to it. If I were to roll this ball, you would see that the foam recovers almost instantly making the mattress easy to get into and out of. Allswell Sink Here’s another shot from a differeny perspective. The mattress is 14 inches thick. Not too thick that you can’t put sheets on it. Most foam mattresses online these days measure 10 inches thick which often isn’t think enough for your sheets making your bed look a little messy. The euro top on this mattress is not a separate piece of material so you don’t have to worry about anything coming loose. Allswell Supreme Sinkage 2 I removed the cover so you can see how all the materials work. The spring system doesn’t have to much give to it and it really doesn’t need to. It really only activates near your shoulders for added pressure relief. If you didn’t know this mattress had springs you would probably wouldn’t notice them at all. Allswell Supreme Inside

My Allswell Supreme Recommendation

Whether or not price is an issue, you need to consider this mattress. I found it to be a little on the softer end of the spectrum but surprisingly supportive as well. I switch from sleeping on my stomach to my side and I felt great in either position. I switch out mattresses I sleep on often for review but I would definitely like to keep this one because it has very little motion transfer. I tend to get up at least once during the night and my wife doesn’t feel it at all on this mattress. I highly recommend this mattress to sleepers that still want the benefits of springs which is both pressure relief and support and the benefits of newer foams that sleep cool and are responsive. If anything you should try this mattress just to see how far the technology has come in the past few years and what you can get for such a great price. Allswell Supreme Complaints
  • It’s not firm enough for stomach sleepers
  • It doesn’t have enough support for people who weigh more than 230 pounds
  • It lacks edge support
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1 thought on “Allswell Supreme Mattress Review”

  1. Spot on review of mattress. It’s supportive but not hard. It feels Dense and solid. There is some give bit not mushy. Sleeps cool, not freezing cold; I feel no heat build-up. Motion transfers is excellent. I can get out of bed without waking my wife, feels like a hotel mattress; I tired latex and the Alexander signature hybrid and like this better, not as clould like, and the ASH and not as springy as the sleep on latex mattress hybrid I bought, which feels like is pushing against your body.


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