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Spine Align Mattress Review

Spine Align Mattress Review

Spine Align is a company founded by Dr. Jason Loth, a sports chiropractor with over 17 years of experience. With his background, he developed a unique pillow called the Spine Align Pillow which provides optimal spine support for any sleeping position. Recently, Spine Align launched 3 new mattresses all made in the USA. I received the 13.5″ Deep Sleep Hybrid Mattress free for review which is the plushest of the 3 offerings.

Overview of the Spine Align Mattress

Although this mattress is over 13 inches deep and has a spring system, it still comes roll-packed in a box and will ship to your door. Here’s a picture of it taken out of the box but still in the packaging.

As you can imagine it takes a lot of force to compress and wrap this mattress. Once you open it though, it comes to life quickly. You can hear air being sucked into the mattress as you cut through the plastic. Here’s what it looks like after opening.

spine align opened

Here’s a video overview of the mattress and what sets it apart. As you can see it is a thick mattress with layers of high quality material throughout.

How Much Does the Spine Align Mattress Cost?

Below are the current prices of the Deep Sleep Hybrid. You can take an additional $150 off these prices with our current promo code: SHERPA 150

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Construction of the Deep Sleep Hybrid

Below are the construction details of the mattress as listed on their website. This mattress is somewhat similar in construction to other hybrids on the market but what sets it apart is that the top layers are more responsive and breathable while still giving you a cozy feeling.

spine align construction


Gives you both the soft comfort and the responsive support you’re looking for which is where most memory foams fail. This amazing hyper-elastic foam also promotes cooling because nobody wants to sleep hot, and has antibacterial properties for a more comfortable and healthy sleeping environment.


We chose this unique foam because it actually gives greater support, has greater cooling properties, and relieves pressure points more effectively than traditional memory foam. In other words, Serene™ foam helps to cradle and comfort your body to give you exceptional support that’s needed for correct spinal alignment.


Our PrimeTRA™ foam acts as a transitional layer of high-density foam, providing greater strength and durability to our individually pocketed coil system.


For added support. We have included a full 8 inches of individually pocketed coils, increasing responsiveness to movement while isolating your movement to minimize sleep disturbance. You also get the added benefit of greater edge support that many mattresses don’t offer.


Long-lasting and durable compacted foam, giving the mattress a solid and durable foundation.

My Spine Align Mattress Findings

The 13.5″ Deep Sleep model is the plushest of the 3 mattress offerings from Spine Align. Here’s a picture of my 14 lb. bowling ball sinking into the mattress. It has a pillow top feel without actually having a pillow top.

Spine Align Sinkage
Here’s a view from the side to contouring and hug. The spring system provides good edge support so you won’t feel like rolling off the side.

Spine Align Contouring

This video demonstrates motion transfer on the mattress. Aside from the pocket coil system, the top layer of serene foam provides a little extra bounce which basically makes this mattress feel like a traditional mattress even though there are layers of foam.


This mattress has extra details such as handles on two sides to make rotating or transporting the mattress super easy.

spine align handles

My Spine Align Deep Sleep Recommendation

The Spine Align Deep Sleep Hybrid is an excellent choice for side sleepers looking for superior contouring without getting too hot. Spine Align incorporates next-gen foams are more breathable and resilient. This mattress was developed with the expertise of a chiropractor that understands the importance of spinal alignment and I think he nailed it with this mattress. For side sleepers, it hits the mark where I didn’t feel like my hips sank too much but my shoulders weren’t sore either.

Like most online mattress brands, this mattress comes with a 100 night trial with a free return so there’s certainly no risk in trying.

Learn more about the Deep Sleep Hybrid


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  1. I am thin…130 lbs. and 5’7 1/2″ tall…Do you think this medium mattress would be okay? I have back/pelvis issues.
    Also, this mattress comes with a 10 year limited warranty….Others have longer periods. Can you speculate why that is?
    I also have looked at Ultimate Comfort. Do you know about them?


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