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Smart House Mattress Review

Smart House Mattress

Smart House is a brand created by Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse that reflects a laid-back lifestyle and an emphasis on relaxation and tranquility. Their mattress is made with sustainable, quality materials, including organic cotton, wool, pocket coils, and natural latex. It is made in Carter’s home state of Michigan and comes shipped to your door in a box. A queen size retails for about $2,500. You also get a 100-night trial where you can return it for a full refund if you aren’t happy with it.

Overview of the Smart House Mattress

You can order this mattress directly from their website. It comes shipped in a box like the one below. You can choose between two firmness options. For this review, I chose the plush option as natural mattresses like this one will tend to skew firm compared to foam mattresses.

smarthouse unboxing

Here’s what it looks like out of the box. The mattress is rolled and not folded. This prevents any creases from forming and reduces the chances of the mattress getting damaged during packaging. Normally I can move these mattresses around myself but I would advise two people for this one as it is very heavy. The latex layer adds a considerable amount of weight.

smarthouse out of box

What you will find is that this mattress will come to life instantly. No need to wait to sleep on it as you would with a foam mattress.

Smart House

Below is a quick video overview of the mattress with my initial findings.


How Much Does the Smarthouse Mattress Cost?

Below are the most recent prices as found on their website.

Construction of the Smart House Mattress

With this mattress, there’s nothing to hide. You get an organic cotton cover. The wool layer helps keeps a neutral temperature throughout the night and serves as a natural fire barrier. The latex layer is the comfort layer providing pressure relief. Finally, the pocketed coil system provides pressure relief while isolation motion so that you don’t wake your partner.

construction of the smart house mattress

My Smart Home Mattress Findings

Below is a picture of my 14 lb. bowling ball on the soft version of the mattress. If you are wondering which firmness to get, I strongly recommend the plush for side sleepers and the firm for dedicated stomach sleepers. Back sleepers could sleep on either firmness, it just depends on how much you want to sink into the mattress.

smarthouse sinkage

This mattress is hand tufted. This is means tufting needles drive yarn through the mattress to hold all the layers together. This eliminates the need for glue. It also creates a more uniform sleeping surface. While this adds to the cost, you will notice how much this adds to the overall quality and durability.


Since this is a heavy mattress, handles are stitched to the sides. This makes transporting and rotating the mattress easy. You can’t flip the mattress but I do recommend rotating it every 6 months.


The video below illustrates motion transfer. Notice that the balls did not collapse towards each other. The pocket coils provide bounce and pressure relief but all move independently. The tufting also helps keep the latex layer from caving too much.


Here’s a look inside the mattress so you get a better idea of the layers.


My Smart House Recommendation

Amy and Carter Oosterhouse have made a mattress that can serve as a cornerstone to their product offerings. It truly represents the best mattress can offer. I appreciate that it is built to last, is made with sustainable materials, and comes with a plush and firmer feel to accommodate all sleep types. To complete the bed, they also offer natural latex pillows and organic cotton sheets. It all makes for a quality healthy sleep environment that you’ll look forward to coming home to every night.

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