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2019 Amazon Prime Day Mattress Deals

prime day mattress

Are you all set for the Amazon Prime Day 2019? The giant online retailer offers massive discounts on mattresses, sheets, and other sleep products. This is the best time to buy one if you missed out during the Independence Day Sale or if you don’t want to wait till Black Friday.

Holiday sales are the best time of the year to invest in mattresses at a lower price; although the Amazon Prime Day Mattress Sale is not exactly a holiday; it offers great discounts on high-quality mattresses.

We bring for you the biggest and the best mattress deals that Amazon has to offer this year. Lets dive into them right away!

Shop the Amazon Prime Day Mattress Sales

Avocado Prime Day Mattress Sale

Prime Day Sale Avocado

$200 off Green & Vegan Mattresses (Code PRIMESALE)
$150 off Bed Frame with Mattress Purchase (Code BED150)
2 Pillows Free with Mattress Purchase (Code 2FREEPILLOWS)
$50 off Organic Mattress Pad Protector (Code NONTOXIC50)

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Tuft & Needle Prime Day Sale

Prime Day Sale Tuft n Needle

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Now that you know which mattresses are offering discounts, its time to learn how to choose the best mattress, and basics like when the Amazon Prime Day is?

When is Amazon Prime Day Sale?

Amazon Prime Day is the yearly sales event for all Prime members. New offers can be claimed daily, and there are thousands of products on sale, including some amazing mattresses. Also, those brands which are not on Amazon offer some exclusive discounts to benefit from the sales.

Its official, the Amazon Prime Day Mattress Sale 2019 will start from Monday, July 15th and will be on for the next 48 hours, closing on July 17th. This year it is the longest Prime Day Sale ever (last year it lasted for 36 hours).

To help our readers for Prime Day 2019, we have listed everything in this guide that will help them like tips and why shop online and how to find the best deal.

How To Find The Best Deal?

You may think that logging into Amazon on Prime Day is alright when you want to get the mattress deal. The fact is many best sales appear without warning the Prime Members and have to be claimed on the website before the sale date.

Below mentioned tips will help you find the best deal on Amazon or any other mattress website.

Check Out Sleep Education Websites

Before Prime Day starts, take some time out to check out the sleep education websites since they have a lot of important information that you may need to know ahead of time. Apart from the essential information, you may also find some exclusive deals and offers.

Check Mattress Brand Website

Those brands which are not listed on Amazon may also have special discounts on their website. So, if you wish to buy a mattress of a brand not on Amazon, don’t worry because you may find it at a good deal. Ensure to check out the brand website a few days prior for an announcement, or you can even contact them for more information.

The customer service will be more than happy to help you with the offer details. Also, this is rare to happen, but if they do not have any offers during Prime Day, you will know whether you have to look for an alternative.

Buy Amazon Prime Membership

To avail Prime offers, it is essential for you to subscribe to Amazon Prime Membership. You can join the club on the day of sale or even in advice. We suggest you join in advance so that you do not face any uncertain issues on that day.

Good news for the first-timers, the membership is available at a 30 day trial period after which you need to pay $12.99 a month or $119 for a year. Also, students and parents may take the benefits of special deals, if any.

Track deals

On Prime Day, Amazon keeps coming up with various deals on mattresses, marked as ‘Spotlight Deals’ and ‘Lightning Deals.’ To make the most of it, keep checking the former deal in advance while the latter one launches every 5 minutes and it limited.

Take some time out and keep checking out the deal regularly to ensure you do not miss any. You can even install Amazon Assitant to help you keep a track on the deals.

Exclusive Promo Codes

You may not know, but there are other ways as well to get the best deals and save more. Though many promotions can’t be used together with Prime offers, there is no harm in checking them out, and you never know they may be available. These promo codes include:

    • Referral links from loved ones
    • Bank and credit card exclusive offers
    • Deals for signing up to manufacturer website

Why Should You Shop For A Mattress Online?

Buying a mattress online from Amazon may seem a little strange to you because you have been visiting the brick and mortar store and then choosing the mattress based on a few you have laid on.

To your surprise, choosing a mattress by just lying down on it for a few minutes is not the right thing to do. Experts state that people who have bought the mattress via this method have always regretted on their decision.

Shopping online for mattresses is the best thing as it helps you make an informed and more straightforward purchase. You can learn in detail about the bed, find the best offer, and even compared instantly before buying.

Many people are convinced that buying a mattress online during offers is the right decision, while some still don’t agree. If you have the following questions in mind as many people do, we suggest you read the answers to know why it is right to purchase online.

Is It Convenient To Shop For Mattresses Online?

Online shopping is growing way faster than expected for its convenience factor. It the same with shopping for mattresses online. Instead of taking out time during working hours and visiting stores offline, you can research and shop whenever you want online at the comfort of your home.

Do They Offer A Trial Period?

As you know, it is impossible to test a mattress online; most brand offer you sleep trial for a limited time. Some offer 30 days trial while some give you enough time, usually 365 days to check if the mattress suits your sleep needs. Isn’t this a better option than lying on it for a few minutes and making a purchase decision.

Do You Get Any Special Discount If You Buy Online?

Yes, the Prime Day Mattress Sale is online-only. Not just this day, buying the mattress online gives you access to amazing deals which you can’t find in the offline stores. The best part is, you will have access to sales from several brands at once.

How Do You Know If People Who Have Bought Were Happy With Their Purchase?

When you buy offline, you only have the review of the salesperson, which may or may not be true. Before you buy a mattress online, you can check out unbiased reviews from confirmed owners on sleep sites. Reviews will help you get a better understanding of what it is to sleep on the mattress and for whom it is suitable.

Amazon has a brilliant reviewer community which can help you know every detailed positive and negative point to help you make an informed purchase.

Do They Offer Free-Shipping And Installation?

Availing Prime Membership gives you access to free shipping. Also, other mattress brands offer free shipping. Most mattresses are rolled-up and shipped, which is done faster compared to other mattresses that offer white-glove delivery and installation, which is often free or at a nominal charge.

Tips For Shopping Mattress Online

With plenty of options and offers available on Prime Day, it may be difficult for you to pick the right one. We have put together a list of mattress shopping tips to help you make your purchase decision smoother and faster.

Know Your Requirements

Before jumping onto any deal, it is important to analyze what you need. Before Prime Day, ensure to spend some time understanding your needs and knowing what you want.

There are many considerations to make while looking for a mattress but start with the basics – What type of a sleeper you are?

Understand your sleeping position – on your back, side, or stomach, to determine the right type of mattress suitable.

What is the level of mattress firmness you require?

Based on your sleeping position and the purpose of buying the mattress, determine the firmness level. A person needing a soft mattress would not be comfortable on a firm bed and vice versa.

Do you suffer from any severe body pain?

If you suffer from any body pain, ensure to keep that as a priority while buying the mattress because this factor backs most considerations.

What material do you prefer?

Mattresses are available in different materials like memory foam, latex, organic, innerspring, etc. and each has its benefits. Understand your needs to pick the right material. For example, firmer versions of a spring mattress is suitable for back pain relief.

What size of the mattress to purchase?

You would, of course not want to buy a mattress on guesswork and regret later. Decide a size based on if you sleep alone or with a partner.


You, of course, do not want to be all over the web while a lighting deal strikes on Prime Day. Do your research in advance so that you do not waste time on it during Amazon Prime Day Mattress Sale.

While you are researching ensure you keep your requirements in mind and do not forget to check out reviews to know real user experience.

Fix Your Budget

Mattresses are available with different price tags. The queen size mattresses are available between $1050 and $2300 based on the brand, materials, and other considerations. You do not know the discount you will be getting on the mattress you wish to buy. Thus, we suggest you fix two budgets, the ideal price, and the maximum price you would like to pay.

Do Not Hurry

Though, Prime Day lightening deals require you to act fast but do not make a decision that you will regret in the future. We advise you not to settle for something you are not sure of and also do not be forced to take a decision.

Sale events keep coming up during the year, and you can invest during that time as well, though you may not receive the same amazing offer as on Prime Day Sale. So we suggest thorough research and knowing what you want will help you make the right decision.

Clear Your Doubts

Ask as many questions you have in the ‘question and answer’ section of Amazon. Brands and customers can answer the questions; thus, you can be sure of getting unbiased answers from customers and technical details from manufacturers.

If your doubt is still unsolved, call the brand’s customer service via email or contact number for help, and they will be happy to help you.

We hope to have made your purchase process simpler with this Amazon Prime Day Mattress Sale guide since we understand buying a mattress is a huge investment.

Shop the Amazon Prime Day Mattress Sales

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