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PONS Mattress Review

PONS Mattress Review

The PONS mattress is a memory foam mattress with a resilient top layer of foam that is breathable and supportive. This mattress looks and feels great. PONS also offers a bed frame with headboard that includes two USB chargers built into each side. I really liked how this mattress transitioned from each layer. It feels and looks great.

What is PONS? Pons is the latin word for “bridge”.  It is also the name of the part of yoru brain responsible for REM sleep and dreaming. PONS considers their bed as the bridge between your daily life and a restful sleep.

PONS as a company is actually a startup that within a larger company, Standard Textile based in Cincinnati Ohio. PONS is able to leverage the expertise and resources of Standard Textile to create a great mattress and innovative bed frame.


You can order the PONS mattress direct from their website. Once you place your order, the mattress will arrive in a box in about a week. The Bed frame can also be purchased direct frome their site and comes in 3 separate boxes. They also have bedding and pillows available for purchase which gives you the complete bedroom.

This mattress comes with a free 100 night trial period where you can return it within that time frame for a full refund. Return shipping is also free.

Upon unboxing, you will find a small pair of scizzors to help you get the mattress out of the packaging.

PONS Unboxing

Here’s what the mattress looks like inside the box all rolled up. And no, if you need to return it, you don’t need to put it back in the box. It is almost impossible to do unless you have a roll packing machine.

PONS in box

Below is a video of me on the PONS mattress. Notice that it has pretty good edge support for a 3 layer foam mattress.



Below are the construction details of the PONS mattress.

PONS Mattress Construction

  • Top layer of knit fabric primarily polyester.
  • Proprietary PONS Foam, convoluted
  • Gel infused visco elsatic memory foam
  • Polyurethane base foam
  • Depth, 10 inches
  • Weight, 70 lbs., Queen


PONS on bed

This mattress recovers quickly due to the top layer of PONS Foam, this is a convoluted layer of foam that acts similar to latex but provides better pressure relief. I like how the gel layer below it will provide exra sink. Whatyou get it is a mattress that will sink in but won’t leave lasting impressions.  See how each layer reacts in the video below. As you can see the base layer is pretty standard.


Here’s a video illustrating motion transfer on the PONS mattress. It does a great job of absorbing motion but still provides bounce. There are many mattresses available now that use a latex layer to provide bounce, however this also leads to more motion transfer. The PONS mattress is one of the few mattresses that has a some bounce but still handles motion transfer like a traditional foam mattress.


The mattress sleeps relatively cool for a foam mattress as well. I’ll chalk that up to the top layer of convoluted foam that provides some breathability. This top layer of foam isn’t very dense either so won’t insulate as much. Below is a vdieo illustrating heat dissipation on the PONS mattress.




I really like the feel of the PONS mattress. The cover and cut of the foam all looks top notch. This mattress is Made in the USA. For a foam mattress it will sleep fairly cool and is easy to move around on. In terms of firmness is is a medium firm that skews slightly soft. Right now this mattress retails for $899 but with the $100 coupon below, it comes in at $799 with free shipping which is a competitive price given the build quality.

PONS also sells a very well made, sturdy bed for the mattress. The bed comes with a risk free 30 night trial with free return shipping which is very generous. A queen size bed retails for $1,199 but also is eligible for the $100 off discount.


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