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11/27/2023 11:29 am GMT

You have probably seen the commercials or come across the My Pillow at your local mall. Maybe you heard about it from a friend who either loves it or hates it. Somewhere along the line you heard about the My Pillow and were wondering, is the My Pillow worth it? I really like it and it has mostly positive reviews on Amazon as well.

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In this My Pillow review I break down all the components of the My Pillow and try to dispel some of the common My Pillow complaints. Please keep in mind, if you find a pillow that works for you, stick with it! Some people swear by My Pillow but they probably haven’t slept on as many different pillows as I have. This gives me a great deal of context in which to compare the My Pillow against dozens of other brands.

My Pillow is made in Minnesota, my home state. I appreciate that it is a Made in the USA product and supports our local economy.

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How is the My Pillow Made?

Here are some of the listed benefits of the My Pillow as listed on the website:

Patented interlocking fill adjusts to your exact individual needs!
Four different loft levels!
10-Year warranty – will not go flat, stays cool!
60-Day Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)
Custom fit sizing – Fits your size and sleeping position (for stomach, back AND side sleepers) for the most comfortable pillow for you

How the My Pillow Feels

I purchased the My Pillow from I really like how easy it is to both purchase and make returns from Amazon. Rather than have to put up with the hassle of returning it if I didn’t like it, I thought I would use Amazon to be safe since their returns are easy and hassle-free.  Right now Amazon has the My Pillow Classic Queen size for $49.95. I couldn’t find the standard My Pillow for sale on the website.

I was expecting a somewhat heavier pillow. This is one of the lightest pillows I have reviewed so I was a little worried that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Per the instructions on the packaging, I put the pillow in my dryer for 15 minutes on a cool setting. It fluffed up very nicely and there was no odor after putting in the dryer. I used a dryer sheet just for the fresh scent.  After taking a nap with it and sleeping on it for a few nights, I found it to be a really nice pillow.  I like lighter pillows because I sometimes move mine around at night so this was a nice benefit.

My pillow review packaging weight

My Pillow Sizes

My Pillow premium comes in different levels of firmness. However, I have heard from friends who also bought that their sizing chart isn’t always accurate. Part of the issue is that the sizing chart bases which color to get based off your shirt size. I think a better rule of thumb is as follows:

Yellow Level: (Least Firm) Stomach Sleepers
White Level: (Medium): Back Sleepers
Green Level: (Firm): Side Sleepers
Blue Level: (Extra Firm) Side Sleepers

The filling inside is supportive but not overstuffed so that I can’t move it around as needed.  This pillow really cradles your neck and left me with no soreness in the morning. It also does a wonderful job with temperature regulation since it’s not a solid piece of foam.  

One drawback is that you cannot adjust the amount of filling inside of it. It would be nice if there was a zipper where you can remove foam if you found it to be too firm however you can return it hassle-free if you need to go with a thinner or thicker pillow. 

I think the MyPillow will be well received by stomach sleepers in particular who prefer a thinner pillow that is also able to provide some neck support and is easy to move around. People are very particular about what pillow they like so it would be hard to say that one is necessarily better than another. What I can say is that this pillow has a very unique feel that I have not come across in any other pillow. Your head sinks into it a perfect amount.

 I think if you try out this pillow with the right expectations, you should be pleased with the results. The pillow doesn’t go flat overnight and keeps you supported. 

There’s something about My Pillow that makes it feel like no other. Many people absolutely love it and wouldn’t consider any other pillow. Finding the right pillow can take time,  the pillows on this site give you a good overview of what’s on the market and what to expect before you make a purchase.

Update January 26, 2023

I have been sleeping on the My Pillow every since I first purchased it many months ago and its still my “Go To” pillow. I like that it’s light and that I can easily adjust it during the night. I realize how much I depend on it when I have to stay at a hotel without it. Below is a video explaining the difference between the My Pillow Original and My Pillow Premium.

Here’s a video comparing the My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium


As I said, I have tested dozens of pillows and I keep coming back to My Pillow every night when I’m not testing another pillow. It just works.

In January 2017 the Better Business Bureau downgraded their rating of My Pillow to an F. This is because they have been running the buy one get one free offer for over a year and this violates FTC rules.

I still haven’t found a pillow that feels similar to the My Pillow. Many of the shredded foam pillows on the market use a denser foam that doesn’t have as much bounce. They also cannot be washed.

Shop My Pillow

The My Pillow 2.0

My Pillow 2.0

The new My Pillow 2.0 is designed with temperature-regulating technology. Basically, it’s the same phase change cooling material you will find on the cooling mattress covers and cooling mattress protectors. It’s cool to the touch and it will draw heat away from your head for about 20 minutes before it loses its cooling power. It’s a nice feeling but certainly won’t last all night. As expected with the other My Pillow 2.0 reviews, this pillow has a similar feel to the original My Pillow except the cover is thicker making it heavier and actually less breathable than the original. The My Pillow 2.0 prices are a bit higher than the original my pillow and if you purchase through Amazon, you get easy, free returns and you don’t have to use the My Pillow promo code since it is already discounted and sold directly by My Pillow.

My Pillow Alternatives and Recommendations

As you know, Mike Lindell is a big Donald Trump supporter and this can be a turn-off leaving some searching for an alternative to My Pillow. To be honest, the My Pillow has a unique feel and so I have not found a similar alternative but there are plenty of other pillows available that I think are worth trying. First being the Coop pillow. It is made with a blend of shredded foam and fibers for smoother fill and because it is adjustable there’s no need to worry about getting the right height.

Check out my other pillow reviews to find out which is right for you: Yawnder Pillow Reviews

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My Pillow Complaints

Questionable Comfort and Durability:

A prevailing complaint among numerous users revolves around the pillow’s actual comfort level and durability. While “My Pillow” advertises its ability to mold and adapt to individual sleep positions, numerous consumers have reported a lack of comfort and inadequate support. These dissatisfied customers claim that the pillow’s supposed adjustability falls short of expectations, leading to discomfort and restless sleep.

Additionally, some users have voiced concerns about the pillow’s durability. Reports of the pillow losing its shape or becoming lumpy after a short period of use have raised questions about the promised longevity of “My Pillow.” These complaints suggest that the product fails to maintain its intended form, leading to a decrease in overall satisfaction.

Allegations of False Advertising and Overinflated Claims:

Another cause for concern revolves around allegations of false advertising and overinflated claims made by “My Pillow.” Several consumers have expressed disappointment upon discovering that the product does not live up to its marketed benefits. This includes assertions that the pillow fails to alleviate common sleep-related issues, such as neck and back pain, as promised in its advertisements.

Moreover, the founder and CEO of “My Pillow,” Mike Lindell, has faced legal scrutiny for his marketing practices. In recent years, Lindell has encountered legal challenges related to claims made about the pillow’s health benefits, which allegedly lack scientific evidence. These allegations have only added to the skepticism surrounding the company and its products.

Customer Service and Return Policy Woes:

A significant number of complaints regarding “My Pillow” also revolve around customer service and the company’s return policy. Dissatisfied customers have voiced frustration over difficulties encountered when attempting to seek resolution for their concerns or obtain refunds. Many have reported unresponsive customer support, prolonged waiting times, and an arduous return process, leaving them dissatisfied and disenchanted.

I prefer the Malouf Carbon Cool pillow over the My Pillow and My Pillow 2.o. It sleeps cooler and has much better pressure relief. 

Best Cool Sleeping Pillow
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58 thoughts on “My Pillow Review | Should You Get One?”

  1. Hi! FWIW, I and a couple of family members have these pillows. They come in four levels of firmness.

    Thanks for providing this site with all of your great reviews!

  2. I bought a My Pillow from Bed Bath and Beyond. I was really hoping for a good nights sleep. That did not happen. I am a side sleeper. I did not notice any unusual smells and it “scrunched” nicely but I woke up with a stiff neck everyday for the week that I used it. I returned it to BB&B with no problems. So now I am back in search of a good pillow. I have already tried a Temperpedic and hated it. Also it was not returnable so that was $90 down a rat hole.

  3. Thanks for the thorough review. You address the concerns I had from reading other sites.

  4. Hello and thank you for your most excellent website.
    Two of the 4 links in your My Pillow review go to the “Standard Classic Firm” model and two go to the “Standard Classic Medium” pillow. Which pillow model is represented in your review/video?

      • The main difference is that the My Pillow Premium has a baffle edge while the classic My Pillow has a knife edge. This means the My Pillow Premium is thicker at the edges and doesn’t taper off. I think it is better for people with broad shoulders. Other than that the inside construction is the same.

  5. I thought they sounded great so I bought 2 for myself and 2 for my grandson. I followed the instructions when I got them and heated them in the dryer. Then I used them that night. MISTAKE #1. It felt like I was sleeping on a lumpy pillow. I felt like the princess and the pea story! MISTAKE #2. I slept on it for a 2nd night. NO BETTER! Then I emailed to see about getting a refund. I met resistance on 2 different emails. Unfortunately, I had deleted my email receipt so I figured the company was going to fight me tooth and nail for a refund so just said forget it and gave the pillows away. I wasted $200+. Please read this and save your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Advertised as the best pillow according to the National Sleep Foundation? The National Sleep Foundation is the creation of the “inventor” of MyPillow. What a joke on the consumers! Superb marketing of an item made from scraps! It’s obvious from the commercials that it is lumpy, and in the TV ads the pillow is in constant motion by its creator, so its lumpiness is somewhat masked in the commercials. Shredded foam pieces are remnants of cuts from solid foam, and this is not organic or latex, but the cheapest of chemically produced foams. Of course this doesn’t mean that you won’t like the pillow, but returning it is costly. Return shipping costs are not refundable if you don’t like the pillow, and the commercial is carefully worded so that the description is as advertised.

    • Just curious of why your price rating is so high when your review is so low. I dont believe ive ever paid $50 for a pillow. I have a memory foam pillow from a well known brand that was only $20. Aside from price, all the specific individual ratings are well below the half mark. So, wouldnt that mean paying $50 for this pillow is outrageous?

  7. My parents swear by their My Pillow pillows. Personally, they compact too much for me, but I didn’t notice any lumpiness.

    That being said, I think you should very closely check your facts. I have been unable to locate any information indicating that the creator of the My Pillow pillow also founded the National Sleep Foundation. In fact, given that the NSF was founded in 1990, and the My Pillow pillow did not come on the market until 2004 (and didn’t take off until 2010 or so, and wasn’t selected as the official pillow of NSF until 2014) this seems unlikely. If you have information to the contrary, I would be interested in seeing it (as such a action could violate numerous consumer protection laws). Otherwise, accusing somebody of actions which have potentially criminal implications could be seen as libel.

  8. I don’t think people should post dishonest comments. Just the facts. Do your fellow Americans a favor and don’t lie. We work hard for our money just want the truth. Referring to other comments not the blog writer

  9. I have a pair of my pillows. The my pillow premiums with the gusseted sides is for side sleepers giving it a taller profile to accommodate the space from you head to mattress . The regular my pillow that you like is flatter for back or stomach sleepers . I really love my regular my pillows. I talked about them so much my mom and other family members went and bought them and they seem to be very happy with them too .you have a great site very informative I learn a lot from it . Thanks

  10. We have two MyPillows via Christmas. Yes, I was surprised that the first pillow costs $60 and you ‘pick up’ the 2nd one for just $35 or so. I did see them get slammed on the evening news for false advertising in this buy one get one free sales pitch. My wife says she loves her MyPillow. I think it is comfortable, and I have tried a bunch of different pillows. My prior BB&B pillow was basically the same feel with now gussets on the sides. After about four nites with my MyPillow, I still think it heats my head up at night. Even after I took off my flannel case and went to high end cotton. Tell me folks, am I wrong? Does your MyPillow not stay cool as it claims in the TV ads and in the accompanying brochure?

    • I agree with you! For me it seems as though the pillow collects heat. Other than the lumpiness which I also find distracting, it’s simply OK. I’m hoping when the weather cools down I will find the warmth more of a comfort. Right now I end up switching to my down pillow which stays cooler.

      • My mother brought me 2 my pillows because I have a hard night sleeping. However, those pillows did not work they get lumpy and I still am not sleeping good neck hurts worse. Glad it worked.for.everyone but sorry no.

        • You are not alone. I dislike this pillow entirely and it’s hurting my back. I’m considering a 40 dollar full body pillow the kind pregnant woman use. Maybe that’s the fix for us to get a great night sleep.

        • I suggest getting a good chiropractor to check out your neck. Our necks normally have a range of motion that can be affected or “take a set” if they’re out of alignment and that can produce persistent symptoms; over the last week my husband had two adjustments with a chiropractor (DC) we’ve learned to trust (we are not frequently in for treatment, either), and in between those two visits we purchased a My Pillow of a more appropriate size for him, and there was a tremendous improvement within a week just with those three events. It’s also important to determine what might be putting your neck “out of adjustment” — certain postures that must be maintained for extended periods of time, etc. — and to reduce or eliminate that sort of thing, as well. Wishing you well with your problem. (BTW, I don’t recommend running to an orthopedist with this issue immediately b/c they tend to prefer more invasive treatment too easily, from what I’ve heard. They may be necessary, but a good DC can tell you whether that’s the best solution right out of the starting gate — and it doesn’t usually work equally in the other direction as far as deferring to less invasive treatment as far as we’ve learned. Do your own research on everything, always. Keep an open mind and always consider bias from any direction.)

  11. I have to wonder how much they’d cost if My Pillow didn’t advertise on nearly every TV channel 10-15 times a day. Frankly,my bamboo pillow is by far a better,more comfortable pillow.

  12. I have to say that the My Pillow is the worse pillow I have ever sleep on. I have talk to different people, and they fully agree.

  13. Excellent site you have here. I am in agreement with your preference of the My Pillow classic versus the premium. I had originally purchased a couple of premiums with the travel sized pillows thrown in from the website, but returned them when I found the fill to be a bit too much. Still wanting to find the right fit for myself, I purchased two classics from Bed Bath and Beyond and found those to be just right. They are still my favorite pillows as of this writing, though I agree with the reviewers that they really don’t seem to have that much of a cooling effect. Regardless, I’m sleeping well and that’s a minor complaint. I should also note that even though they recommend a firm pillow for someone of my size, I prefer the feel of the medium fill for the added give. It feels better for me, personally while still giving me proper support.

    • I second this review. I purchased the “green” level pillows (firm) according to the size chart MyPillow uses and, although I liked them, found them to be too firm and with too much fill. My neck felt strained more often than not after trying them out for a month and a half so I exchanged them for the next size down in fill (white/medium) and find these to be just right. So I’d just say to be aware that the size chart used by MyPillow is not a one size fits all type deal and to consider changing one level if the current one isn’t working for you.

  14. Lets make it clear. BBB gave MyPillow an F not because the were “running the buy one get one free offer for over a year and this violates FTC.” This statement implies that it is illegal for pillow companies to to offer BOGO sales or that its illegal to do it for over a year. What’s illegal is that they Lied about pricing. The cost for “one” pillow, using the BOGO code, was $100 and u get second for free. BUT At the same time, on their website, you could buy one pillow at regular price for $50. So was there ever a BOGOfree deal? NO. all it did was trick people into purchasing 2 pillows. The MyPillow creator also claimed on TV that the pillow could cure treat symptoms of fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, cerebral palsy, acid reflux and many more. Additionally, Tom Clapp, a “random user” was on TV commercial saying the he woke up rested after using MyPillow. Turns out Tom Clap is also the president of the Michael J. Lindell Foundation. As in Michael Lindell the creator of MyPillow. $1 Million in fines was paid out to California(ns) in 2016 and other states in line for suits. I can foresee MyPillow lowering their quality to increase their margins since they will need heavy funds to defend the business. More to follow im sure

  15. I also like everything about the pillow after 1 night sleep except one big thing ! It heated up my head so much! Not sure if it’s because I machine washed it and some water is still in there ,because it felt damp even after 1 hour in the dryer . If I it continues to be the hot I won’t be able to use it . And that’s a shame cause everything else is great

  16. I love MyPillows! They are the most comfortable pillows that I’ve ever used. The ability to reshape the pillow to fit your sleeping style is great. I often switch positions throughout the night and this allows me that flexibility to do so. The only thing that I don’t like is that the type (firm, medium, etc…) isn’t on the tag. When my order came, I wasn’t able to tell which was the firm or which was the medium. It’s tough to read about how people don’t like their MyPillow. I’m a side/stomach sleeper and I love the suppport that the firm pillow has to offer whe allowing me to adjust the pillow.

  17. Do we have any CPAP folks out there with the full face mask that can give an opinion on the My Pillow? Also, folks with major arthritis in their necks. Thanks!

    • Actually yes, I got this pillow specifically because I’m a CPAP user. Prior to starting my CPAP therapy, I was using Tempurpedic pillows, which I quite liked. They are made of a very dense memory foam which didn’t work so well once I had to start wearing a CPAP mask. They were just too firm and kept dislodging my mask when I moved around at night. I though a softer pillow might work better and after seeing a couple people recommend the My Pillow on a Sleep Apnea forum, I gave them a try (I bought two king size premium pillows from the Shopping Channel). I have to say I really like them. Got a great sleep right from the start and they work great with my CPAP mask. Another bonus is these pillows are washable, and mine have come out of the dryer just like new after several washings. I do have to say that I don’t like the tactics and claims made by the company owner….claiming his pillow will cure snoring, sleep apnea and other issues, as that is simply BS! For me, it’s a comfortable pillow that works well with my CPAP mask.

  18. Don’t buy this. Comparable to a $2 pillow. Remains ungodly hot even with cotton pillow case. Squishes and remains flat. Stinky odor. Wash at least 2 times a week. Don’t expect the free nightshirt they promise … you’ll never get it. You can buy other better pillows made in America.

  19. I happen to prefer the My Pillow over memory foam pillows. Basically the filling is like memory foam cut into little squares. Those little lumps of foam spread out around your head, providing a nice level of support. My Pillow isn’t as hot as the memory foam pillows, and I don’t expect it to form a permant head-shaped indent like memory foam because the filling moves freely around the inside of the pillow. My Pillow does have a lumpy consistency because the filling piles up in certain spots as you move the pillow around.

  20. Love My MYPILLOW
    I hesitated for a long time and used lots of different pillows. The My Pillow was customized to how I sleep, but it was a little too much stuffing for the way I sleep anyway. I called customer service to see if I was doing something wrong, or fluffing it wrong. I wasn’t. My Pillow is the BEST customer service I have run into. Ever. Common Sense! I decided myself to cut into the pillow and remove a few handfulls and sew it back up. It took less time than you can imagine and the customized stuffing is now perfect amount. If you try this yourself, put hand creme on your hands first and work next to a plastic bag. You won’t have a lot of static cling that way. My Pillow is many months old, washes like a dream, and cool, light, and acomodating! Worth the price.

  21. I ordered two premium MyPillows and both were defective. The seams were open, exposing the stuffing which was just bits and pieces of scrap. In sum: the pillows are badly made and contain scrap material. They are a very bad product.

  22. My pillow is horrible… I am a sleep tech for 18 yrs this pillow feels like you are sleeping on a bunch of cotton balls! It does not help snoring, sleep apnea… Ect. Please do not give this man your hard earned money!

  23. This is one of the worst pillows. I have had it for less than 5 months and it’s completely flat!!! Money out the door! Wasted! Dont fall for the advertising! Because that’s about all that is good with this pillow.

  24. Wanted my pillow for a long time. Totally regret paying $70 for 2 pillows. Everything that’s advertised is false. It falls flat and I have to wake up every 2 hrs to fluff it up. Very disappointed.

  25. I am questioning just how this advertising went unchallenged. I bought this pillow a month ago….gave it a good try, and have awakened countless times during the night rearranging the “interlocking” (not) foam to try to get some restful sleep. My neck and shoulders are in pain every morning. Additionally, I awaken with my head hot. This is not typical for me. Who tested this pillow, and who is writing positive reviews? I am saddened that I did not return this pillow immediately after purchase. Lost money on a pipedream of good sleep!

  26. My pillow sucks I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I’ve only been using it for less than a year and I already need a new pillow cause it’s going flat. It makes my back and neck hurt. Right now just lying my jeat on it my neck is achy. Worst pillow I’ve ever slept on.

  27. I received my pillows yesterday and I have to tell you I had the best night sleep. I am not affiliated with the company whatsoever I do not get paid for this, I woke up my stiff neck was gone I slept for 7 hours straight even my sinuses opened, I recommend this pillow to everyone

  28. Way to go Kohl’s take My pillow off of ur shelves this man supports Trump and all his bad deals he should be removed from everywhere thank you for seeing this

  29. We bought 2 medium sized pillows and absolutely loved them. I gave those to my children who love them too.and promptly bought 2 king size. Cant sleep without mypillow!

  30. I have two my pillows and I loved them when I got them 2 years ago. I have washed them and dryer them many times. I have notice the foam separates in the middle and it’s like not even having a pillow at all. I have woke up with a headache for 4 days in a row because of my pillow separates in the middle. I have washed and dryer and squeezed and squished and fluffed and flipped the pillows nothing seems to work. What can I do? Or do I have to buy a new one? I was thinking about folding over the material on one of the edges because it’s so thin and seeing it to make the foam tighter so it won’t separate when I lay on it. What should I do?

  31. This is the most cheaply made, lumpy, horrible pillow I ever saw. I know 3 others who have also put it in their trashcans too. Not only is the product worthless and the commercials a lie- what on earth is a company & their spokesperson doing publicly supporting a insurrection on our country? Are they kidding?- Q-Anon as a discount code? Why is HIS politics tied up into the My Pillow company? That is unprofessional & unacceptable! I don’t want to buy a product from a company ever again that makes political claims-it should have nothing to do with the company & be kept in their private lives solely Guess what- I will continue to give bad reviews for decades for this company that has such a poor product and scam commercials. I will NEVER support this company or it’s poor quality products.

  32. Great marketing but terrible pillows! My mother was so excited to give me these for Christmas, was soooo disappointed. There is nothing different than regular department store pillows, they just cost more. Leave these on the shelf 🙂

    • Think you summed this thing up perfectly in your first statement. Got one as a gift heard a lot about this thing tried it out but not even my dog will use it. Currently in the trash where it belongs

  33. I bought 2 pillows they suck lumpy and my neck all down my back stiff woke up all nite there hot if u sleep on your side don’t by this product

  34. Attempted to order queen sheet set today, and was told no colors were available and you couldn’t take an order with the promo discount code I offered, and couldn’t tell me when colors would arrive! Not OK! And I own your pillows and love them. You’re about to lose a customer.

  35. No knock to you good sir, but these supposed “consumer reviews” under your review are of no help. I’m trying to figure out if it’s the right pillow for me but they are all over the charts in every category it literally looks and feels like democrats vs republicans fighting in the comments section.

    • It’s just a low quality pillow politics aside it seems most reviews on every medium agree.

  36. Funny hiw this article make this pillow seem amazing, but all the reviews say opposite. Must be paid advertising err I mean article. Got one as a gift and.. Well 4 days later not even my dog wants it so it’s in the trash. It’s very uncomfortable it’s like sleeping on a pile of jagged socks. No ventilation so it will heat up pretty bad.

    Googled to see if this is just me but no every site every review all seem to agree. Since this is one of the first things thst that Google came up with on reviews I’m pretty confident this “article” is paid advertising from the owner

    Youll be more comfortable sleeping on a folded towel. But I guess with enough advertising anything sells right. Beware worst pillow on the market

  37. What does made in the US mean?

    I wonder about “I do all my manufacturing in”?

    Does all my manufacturing include foam made in US, Cotton grown in US, pillow case made in US, or just stuffing foam into a pillow case and sewing it up?

    Why do different levels of support, firmness, what is it color tags? So you buy the wrong color?

    For something sold on TV, on line, seems like a crap shoot.

    How about doing what Coop pillow does, just over stuff it, even include extra foam, put a zipper in to adjust?

  38. these pillows are crap and a ripoff mine went flat in 30 days don’t buy this junk

  39. I’m able to set politics aside (I lean left) and just respect this pillow for what it truly is: an awesome pillow that you can reshape and customize to your own liking. I have a genetic condition and also chronic neck instability and pain. I actually need a pillow that gently cradles my head/neck, without kinking it into subluxation. Likewise, a pillow that “cradles” the head too much just makes my neck stabilizing muscles further weaken. I actually need a pillow that makes my neck muscles “work” just a little bit, subtly, to keep those muscles conditioned. I love how this pillow is COOL, lightweight, and totally customizable — scrunch it up for more firmness, or spread it out for flatter feel. I own 4-5 pillows and always return to MyPillow. It just works. Period.


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