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Mulberry Silk Comforter Review

Mulberry Silk Comforter Review 4

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This week I received a free twin sized silk comforter from the Mulberry Silk Company for review. I have been able to try it out for a few nights and so far have been very impressed. I was a little skeptical at first about its ability to keep me warm given how thin it is. It folds easily to be a little over 1 ft square and 6 inches deep. My first night with the comforter was great! Not too hot, not too cold. I like how the comforter sort of hugged my body, something that doesn’t normally happen with a wool or down comforter. What this means is that you won’t get any air pockets, it’s almost like it shrink-wraps itself around you.


The comforter looks great too. It would be fine to put on a bed without a duvet although I would recommend one as it could get dirty fast without one and silk isn’t the easiest fabric to clean, you would need to dry clean it.

In comparison to other silk comforter companies, Mulberry Silk Company has very reasonable prices for a high quality product. You can expect to get many years out of a silk comforter and it should be seen as a worthwhile investment that contributes daily to your physical and mental health. I have learned the hard way not to skimp on quality when it comes to getting a good nights sleep. After all, we spend about a third of our life in bed, why not be comfortable?

In conclusion, I would highly recommend a Mulberry Silk Company comforter for people who are sensitive to temperature changes at night, this has done an amazing job of keeping me asleep!

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