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Frette Doppio Ajour Sheet Set

Doppio Sheets Frette

Bedding is my favorite product to review aside from mattresses. People tend to underestimate how much a textile can affect the look and feel of your bed. I have slept on every type of sheet out there from flannel, microfiber, rayon, silk, linen, bamboo and cotton. Cotton is always my go-to fabric because if constructed correctly, it has just the right amount of weight, breathability and softness to make an ideal cozy sleep environment.

I recently received a free Doppio Ajour sheet set from Frette for review. Frette is known as the gold standard when it comes to luxury sheets. They have been in business over 150 years and the most prestigious hotels in the world use thier bedding. According to their website Frette linens can be found on the most expensive Yachts to the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica. I wouldn’t say these sheets are life changing but if you want a timeless look that will show off your bedroom, Frette sheets never disappoint.

Overview of Frette Sheets

The Doppio Ajour set I received came in a plastic zippered case. Obviously they want to protect the product from any liquids and stains given the price. This is a king-size set that retails for $1,150 in a king-size and is one of their most popular designs.

Frette Sheets Packaging

Here’s a closeup of the zipper.

frette zipper

Upon opening the plastic case you will find a welcome card with care instructions for the sheets.

Frette Unzipped

The card doesn’t get into the specifics of the construction of the sheets. It simply mentions that they are made with the longest cotton fibers in the world.  They also mention that the sheets should be put out of direct sunlight when not in use and allowed to breathe so best to use the plastic case for something else.

frette care instructions

How Much Do Frette Sheets Cost?

Well, they certainly aren’t cheap but again, these serve two purposes in that they feel luxurious and look amazing in your bedroom. Here are the prices of the Doppio Ajour set as of this writing.

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My Frette Sheets Findings

What sets Frette apart from less expensive brands is the stitching. Here you can see the sham that the border created. This will make any bed look like a 5-star hotel. Obviously, the shams will have wrinkles out of the wash and to be honest, I just don’t have time to iron my linens before I put them on the bed so yes they may look a little wrinkly but they still look fantastic in my bedroom. This stitching can be found on both pillowcases and the top sheet so that when you turn down your bed it looks that much better.

frette sham

The pillowcases also have an envelope pocket so that you can completely cover your pillow in the pillowcase so that it won’t come out or be exposed. I love how the pillows look clean with no loose ends. This set comes with 2 pillowcases but you can buy separates and I have at least 4 pillows on my bed at any given time so I would want to get some extra to make it look complete.

frette pillowcase

Another detail unique to Frette is that they have a hem on the fitted sheet. So again, if you were to iron these sheets and put them on your bed the hem should line up with the bottom of the mattress creating a more symmetrical look. Not that anyone would really see this but it is another sign that Frette goes the extra mile.

Frette Fitted Sheet

Frette Recommendation

These sheets feel fantastic right out of the box and right after the first wash. I expect them to hold up well over time given their construction. Frette has a 30-day return policy where you have 30 days to return them as long as they are unused and unwashed. So you need to be committed to these sheets before putting them in the washer. These sheets are everything you dream them to be. They certainly aren’t cheap but if you want the best of the best in terms of feel and design, it’s hard to top Frette.

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