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Eyri Mattress Review

Eyri wants you to sleep like a Viking. The Eyri Mattress was designed in Iceland but is manufactured in China. They incorporate more natural materials than most foam mattresses. Instead of a synthetic fire barrier, they use natural wool.

Overview of the Eyri Mattress

The Eyri mattress comes in a box like the one below. The mattress is roll packed for easy shipping and moving into your house.

Eyrie Mattress Box

This mattress retails for $895 for a queen size. This mattress comes with a 90 night trial however you will need to pay the cost of return shipping if you decide it’s not for you.

Inside the box you get a nice little bag that contains more info on the mattress and a cutter to open it from the plastic packaging.

Eyrie mattress extras

Below is a video of me on the Eyri mattress.


Construction of the Eyri Mattress

Below are the construction details of the Eyri according to their website:

Flame resistant inner cover.

Temperature and moisture regulating layer that helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Comfort layer made from the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis tree, it prevents the formation of pressure points and provides pressure relief.

High-grade support foam that conforms to your body to provide even weight distribution and minimizes reciprocal motion, so you can rest easy with another person in bed.

This mattress has some nice details as you can see below they use a nice zipper which allows you to unzip the cover in case it needs to be washed.

Eyrie Mattress Zipper

This mattress is firm compared to others I have reviewd. I think this in in part because the wool layer sort of absorbs some of the conforming that the memory foam provides. They also have a latex layer which also pushes back more than foam.

Eyrie Mattress Sink

Below is a video of how the layers all react.


Below is a video of how the matttress reacts when I drop my bowling ball on it. There is some bounce because of the latex and the firmness of the mattres.


The Eyri mattress would be a good choice for people that want a firm mattress that sleeps fairly cool. At $895 it is a little more than most of the mattresses I have reviewed but the $50 off coupon brings it down to $845. Unlike most of the mattresses I have reviewed if you want to return the Eyri, you would responsible for paying return shipping fees.

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