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Ettitude Sheets Review
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Ettitude sheets are smooth silky bamboo sheets that are breathable and super soft. They are the perfect alternative to silk. If you haven’t tried lyocell bamboo sheets, then you’re missing out, especially if you tend to sleep hot. There are many materials now aside from cotton that are designed to help you sleep more comfortably. Bamboo sheets are probably the closest in feel to silk without all the high maintenance and cost that comes with silk sheets. Aside from sheets, Ettitude also offers duet inserts, pajamas, and towels. I received a free duvet and a summer weight duvet insert so I could see how they compare to other popular bamboo sheet brands.

Ordering Your Ettitude Bedding

You can order these sheets directly through the Ettitude website. When you order these sheets you get free shipping as well as a 30-day trial. Just keep in mind that the 30-day trial is only for bedding and not for any clothing or duvet inserts. My Ettitude Sheets arrived in a box like the one below. Ettitude Box Inside I found the duvet insert which comes in bamboo packaging to keep the duvet clean. You can also use it to store your duvet when not in use which I highly recommend over plastic as the bamboo is breathable and will keep the duvet insert fresh. Ettitude Packaging Here it is unzipped.     Ettitude Duvet Insert This package also has a zipper to make it easy to close. duvet zipper

How Much Do Ettitude Sheets Cost?

Below are the prices of the sheet sets and the duvet insert Sheet Set Prices [table id=104 /] Bamboo Whitehaven Comforter (summer weight) prices [table id=105 /]

My Ettitude Findings

I really enjoy bamboo sheets in the summer months since they are so light and airy but they are also great all year round, especially if you just tend to sleep hot in general. A big mistake is to buy some bamboo sheets and use them with a heavy comforter thinking it will solve your hot sleeping problems. Your best bet is to get the lightweight, Whitehaven comforter so that you still have great, cozy-looking bed without the need to kick the comforter off a few minutes after getting under the covers. Here’s a picture of the comforter out of the box. As you can see it is thin and won’t trap that much heat but is still something that covers you. Ettitude Comforter The comforter has stitched in loops on all four corners so that you can tie your duvet cover to it. duvet loop The Ettitude duvet cover also has loops so they can be tied together. duvet cover loop The duvet cover also has buttons at the bottom. I usually prefer a zipper but these buttons were easy to snap and didn’t take much time. duvet cover buttons Here’s a picture of the comforter with bamboo duvet cover on my sofa bed. Duvet on bed

My Ettitude Recommendation

Bamboo Sheets are a great choice not only for hot sleepers but for anyone who prefers a super soft and silky feel. I have found that bamboo sheets are more prone to wrinkling than even cotton sheets so make sure you put them on your bed right after taking them out of the dryer. I really don’t mind if they look wrinkled. For me, it’s all about the feel. I like that Ettitude has a whole bedding solution. They are also about the middle of the road in terms of price, not too expensive but not exactly cheap. But they aren’t cheap feeling sheets either and should last longer than the bargain bamboo sheets you can find on Amazon. In addition, you can take advantage of the 30 night trial with the sheets to make sure you absolutely love them.  
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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