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Elephant in a Box Sofa Review


It is always a hassle for people who move around a lot to have permanent furniture pieces, even for people that like to change their furnishing style often or have smaller spaces for any kind of permanent solid furniture pieces or are simply on a budget. It is generally more convenient to just get second-hand furniture or even rent the sofa. However, these options are not just very temporary and nomadic but also tend to crimp your style and home flavor. You end up with mismatched pieces and a décor that says nothing.

The stress of sofa buying has only been exacerbated with the pandemic that the world witnessed and is still recuperating from. Enter the “work from home” and “stuck at home” scenario, and you suddenly feel like your life revolves around your sofa. If you have kids around, then it is safe to say that your sofa has already given out under constant love and needs to be changed ASAP. For those looking to buy an affordable, stylish, and comfortable sofa, Elephant in a Box Sofa is an option you do not want to pass up. Read on to find out how this sofa fares in the real world.

Quick Review

elephant in a box review

The Elephant in a Box sofa will help you find the right kind of furniture permanency that does not crimp your lifestyle and that too on a budget. It is a wonderful and unique piece of sofa that folds up to be neatly packaged in a box that is small enough to fit in the back of your car. Yes, you read that, right!

It is a sofa that not only accommodates you, your significant other, and any kids or pets you might have easily but is also lightweight, stylish, and easily packed up. A perfect sofa set up for those on the move, the young workforce, college getters, and all others stuffed in city living or just looking for a durable, sturdy sofa to take the edge of their days.

Don’t be fooled by the folding up feature. This sofa caters to a whopping 3000 pounds of weight and weighs a mere 98 pounds itself—an amazing concept when you think about it. You cannot ask for a more pliable, maneuverable, and sturdy piece of furniture than this “Elephantastic” sofa.

Plus And Minuses


Easily foldable feature

Starts to show wear and tear very quickly

Convenient to move around and store

Poor back support

Accommodates 3000 pounds

Budget price point


Full Review

elephant in a box setup


The sofa comes in three colors and is designed in clear angular lines. It is a simple look that is meant to blend in well with its surroundings. The sofa uses honeycomb technology to collapse into a foldable structure. This is the same technology that is used in aerospace and automobiles. The honeycomb core allows the sofa to retain its original shape and support heavy loads.

The material used in its construction is engineered cellulose fiber sheets. This is a very lightweight core material that allows the sofa to be very lightweight as well. The core is made into hexagonal shaped cells allowing it to endure 400 times its weight effortlessly.

Size and Dimension

The Elephant in a Box sofa comes in four different sizes. This makes it easy for you to choose the perfect size to match your space. You don’t have to compromise with the type of sofa you are after. The sofa comes in:

Depending on your needs and preference, you can go with either one of these options. The main built and framework remains similar in all these types. The only difference is the dimension and girth. The standard size works best for small spaces, and a sectional is better for adults wanting a lounge sofa for bingeing nights. Needless to say, a loveseat should be your go-to option for lovebirds, or simply those looking for a cozy curl-up read in book sofa.

Shipping and Delivery

The sofa is aptly named “Elephant in a Box.” Given the size and dimension of even the smallest sofa, the sofa easily folds up to less than half its original size and is delivered in small boxes. The standard sofa, which measures 83.5″ (L) x 37.5″ (W), comes to your doorstep in a box with dimensions of 37.8″ (L) x 15.8″ (W). This is the only sofa that ships in a collapsed state in just one box.

With these figures, you can easily maneuver the box through small doorways and up narrow flights of stairs. You don’t even need to enlist any muscle power to help with the box moving since the sofa itself weighs a mere 99 lbs. The delivery time is super quick, and you will have your sofa at your doorstep ready to be set up in 2 to 4 working days from the order placement date.


The assembly part of the sofa tends to be a stressful subject for most. The Elephant in a Box sofa is not only the strongest sofa in the market but also the easiest to assemble. It can be both assembled and taken apart in less than 5 minutes by a single person; even a novice will find it hard to mess this one up.

All you have to do is stretch the sofa ends so that it comes to its original shape. Then simply adjust the lower and upper cushion bracket before putting the cushions in place.

Daily Use

Most sofas are not designed for daily use. The comfort factor tends to be on the downswing and the maintenance factor on the upper end of the spectrum. This results in a sofa that is more an occasional piece of usable furniture than you usual crash in the evening’s type.

The Elephant in a Box sofa is designed to meet the rigors of excessive use. It is handy and durable with very low maintenance. Designed keeping in mind a home full of kids and pets, this sofa is made with 100% polyester material. This gives you a soft surface that is stain resistant and very easy to clean. A little soap and water will do away with any grease, grime, or stains the sofa might have picked up. The covers are removable and machine washable, making it even easier to maintain regular upkeep.

Further, the sofa comes with an air-channel feature. This not only makes it easy to fold up in smaller size but also allows it to remain stable under heavyweight. You might get frayed edges after constant use, but the real substance holds up well with time.

Fine Print

You get a 30 days trial window with this sofa. You can either get a free replacement or get a full refund within this time. Apart from this, the brand gives you a lifetime limited warranty on the product as well.

Final Take

If you are looking for a strong, affordable sofa that brightens up your room and keeps on going strong even with kids using it as a trampoline, then you have got to get your hands on the Elephant In A Box sofa. It is one sofa that is sturdy, comfortable, and stylish, with rave reviews from real-time buyers. The brand has nailed the art of sofa with “elephantine” strength and durability. This one is built to last and neatly packed to be tucked away in a corner when you want extra space or are looking for a change. Either way, this sofa will not disappoint you and will make your wallet happier with the budget price.

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