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Danican Mattress Review

Danican Mattress Review 1

I was given a Danican mattress free to review.

The word Danican is a blend of the words Danish and American. Danican has its roots in Denmark and the company recently brought their mattress over to the United States, setting up offices in California. They are truly a global mattress company that is offering something unique to the United States mattress industry.


The Danican ordering process is very straight forward. Nothing stands out in terms of difficulty or confusion. They offer two different mattresses, the Danican Cool Pointe and the Danican Design which is the one I received for this Danican mattress review. The difference between the two is that the Danican Design has a bamboo charcoal cover which claims to regulate humidity and soak up unwanted odors.


The Danican mattress has wonderful motion isolation. It is softer than the Nature’s Sleep mattress but has similar motion isolation properties. See below…


Both styles of Danican mattresses measure 8 inches deep. Normally this would be cause for concern as depth is a good indicator of comfort. However the memory foam used provides adequate support and comfort so you wont feel whatever is  underneath the mattress. An advantage of a thinner mattress is that it will come in a thinner box and weigh less making it easier to move, if need be.


The Danican mattress has a very soft feel. It’s a bit hard to describe, it has all the benefits of a memory but it recovers faster than most traditional foam mattresses which is a good thing.  See the video below of the bowling ball rolling across the mattress. It comes back to shape in good time, not as fast as others but for those that like to sink in a bit more, this would be a good mattress.

The mattress sinks in but not all that much allowing you to roll around or change positions with ease.

danican kk

What sets the Danican mattress apart from the other mattresses I reviewed is that it sleeps very cool. The top layer is actually cool to the touch. According to their website it is made of the same material used for artificial skating rinks and hip replacements. It zips over the top of the mattress and is washable.


The inside of the mattress is comprised of 2 layers. The softer top layer and the more solid foam bottom layer. It is similar to the Tuft & Needle mattress in that it only has 2 layers which means less glue which then means less heat trapping.


One thing I have noticed since opening the Danican mattress is that there is a strong off gassing. It is the strongest off gassing I have experienced in reviewing mattresses so far. I’m not sure why that is but it does take a good 4-5 days for it to dissipate enough to want to sleep on it. Nevertheless, the mattress is Oeko-Tex and Certipur certified which is reassuring.


The Danican mattress sets itself apart from the other bed in a box competition by offering a product that appeals to people who like to sleep cool but prefer the feel of a traditional memory foam bed  but at a much better price point. Although the off gassing was an inconvenience, it does go away and is a small trade off if you are seeking the features this mattress offers. Although it is priced slightly higher than many of the other mattresses I have reviewed, it is a unique sleeping experience and highly recommended for those that may have had a traditional foam mattress in the past but couldn’t put up with the heat retention.

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