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Can Sex Lead to Better Sleep?

sex and sleep


Your bedroom is designed for two things: one is for sleeping and the other important thing is to have sex. However, it also leads to a question: how can having sex, an act that arouses a human being, can lead to a better sleep? Surprisingly, both these actions complement each other. It means the more sex you have the better your sleep will be.

Sex Leads to Better Sleep

It is true; sex can make things easier for you if you want to fall asleep. The reason behind sex being a sleep-inducing agent is because of the hormones that are released when you’re in the act of having sex. The hormone released is called Oxytocin; this is the same hormone that makes you feel in love with your partner. Because of the release of this hormone, the stress-related hormone called cortisol lowers in the body. Additionally, another hormone is also released during orgasm called prolactin. This hormone is the most important part of the whole cycle that actually makes you feel sleepy and relaxed.

Sex once completed leads to or drowsy state that is perfect for a couple to cuddle each other and fall asleep.

Effects on Both the Genders

 sex for better sleep

Women have an added advantage when it comes to sex. The estrogen levels see a boost during the act of sex this again enhances a woman’s REM stage, resulting in a much deeper state of sleep.


When it comes to men too, having an intercourse induces a much better sleep. Men feel relieved of stress immediately after the orgasm. The body goes into a state of rest and peacefulness once the act of sex is complete. Sex for men works like a medicine, it works quickly and effectively in inducing a quality sleep in men.


Effects of Sleep on Sex


On the other hand, if your sleep habits aren’t good it could hurt your sex drive. If your partner or you aren’t able to sleep well it can lead to less sex and more stress in life. Conditions such as sleep apnea or moving in bed while you sleep, tossing and turning your body around disturbing your partner, affects your sex life and drags down your energy.


If you’re not able to sleep properly and it is hurting your sex drive, the answer to your problems might resolve by having more sex. As discussed, sex is a great stress reliever. Additionally, it also brings you closer to your partner and creates a supportive environment. You feel more intimate with your partner, giving you a breathing space away from your constant thoughts. As you involve yourself more in the act of sex, it makes you happier and takes your relationship to a much stronger level. A better sex life leads to a better sleep; it’s a never-ending cycle.


From now on, instead of lying down in your bed thinking and worrying about why you aren’t able to fall asleep, you can concentrate on your partner and have good sex. It guarantees you and for your partner as well a healthy lifestyle, free from stressful feelings.




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