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Best Organic Cotton Sheets 2023
Boll & Branch
$279 (Queen)
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History of Boll & Branch Sheets

Boll & Branch was founded in 2014 by Scott and Missy Tannen, a husband and wife team who saw a need for better quality, ethically produced bedding products in the market. The Tannens were inspired to create the company after experiencing frustration with the lack of transparency and questionable practices in the textile industry. They set out to build a brand that would prioritize quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing.

The Tannens began by researching the cotton industry and sourcing methods, as they aimed to create products that would be better for people and the environment. They learned about the harmful effects of traditional cotton production, which often involves the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. They also discovered that many textile workers and farmers were not being treated or compensated fairly.

To address these issues, Boll & Branch was built on the foundation of using 100% organic cotton and ensuring fair labor practices throughout its supply chain. The company partnered with farmers and manufacturers who shared their vision of sustainability and ethical production.

Boll & Branch has grown significantly since its inception and has gained a reputation for its luxurious, high-quality bedding products. The company’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility has resonated with consumers, making it a popular choice for those seeking ethical and sustainable options in the home goods market.

In addition to sheets, Boll & Branch has expanded its product offerings to include a range of bedding and home goods, such as blankets, duvet covers, towels, and more. The company remains dedicated to its founding principles, continuing to prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in all aspects of its business.


Boll & Branch Sheets

Boll & Branch is a luxury bedding and home goods company that specializes in producing high-quality, ethically sourced, and organic cotton products. Their line of products includes sheets, blankets, duvet covers, pillowcases, towels, and more. Boll & Branch sheets are particularly well-known for their softness, durability, and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

The company uses 100% organic cotton, which is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. This results in a product that is not only better for the environment but also for the people involved in the production process.

Boll & Branch sheets are made with a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail. They typically feature a high thread count, which contributes to their luxurious feel and quality. The sheets come in various sizes and styles, such as percale, sateen, and flannel, to cater to different preferences and needs.

One of the key selling points for Boll & Branch sheets is the company’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. They are Fair Trade Certified, which ensures fair wages, safe working conditions, and environmental protection for farmers and factory workers. The company also donates a portion of their sales to non-profit organizations that support human rights and environmental initiatives.


Benefits of Organic Cotton

Organic cotton sheets offer several benefits over conventional cotton sheets, which can be appealing to consumers for various reasons. Some of the main benefits include:

  1. Environmental impact: Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This means that organic cotton farming has a smaller environmental footprint, contributing to less water pollution, soil degradation, and harm to wildlife.

  2. Health and safety: Organic cotton is produced without harmful chemicals, making it a safer option for those with sensitive skin, allergies, or chemical sensitivities. It also reduces the risk of exposure to toxic substances for farmers and workers involved in the production process.

  3. Comfort: Organic cotton sheets are often softer and more breathable than their conventional counterparts. This is because organic cotton fibers are not treated with harsh chemicals that can weaken and damage the fibers. The result is a more comfortable and luxurious sleeping experience.

  4. Durability: Due to the absence of harsh chemicals in the production process, organic cotton fibers tend to be stronger and longer-lasting. This means that organic cotton sheets can maintain their quality and appearance for a longer period, making them a good long-term investment.

  5. Ethical considerations: Organic cotton production often adheres to higher social and environmental standards, ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and responsible farming practices. By choosing organic cotton sheets, consumers can support businesses that prioritize ethical and sustainable practices.

  6. Hypoallergenic properties: Organic cotton sheets are less likely to cause allergic reactions or irritation, as they are free from the chemicals and pesticides commonly used in conventional cotton production. This makes them a suitable choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Boll & Branch Review

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, organic cotton sheets offer several other advantages that make them an attractive option for consumers:

  1. Improved air quality: Organic cotton production avoids the use of toxic chemicals, which can off-gas and contribute to poor indoor air quality. By choosing organic cotton sheets, you can reduce the number of chemicals in your sleeping environment, which can lead to better air quality and potentially better sleep.

  2. Better for farmers: Organic cotton farming promotes healthier and safer working conditions for farmers by avoiding the use of toxic chemicals. This can lead to better health outcomes for farmers and their families, as well as a more sustainable and responsible agricultural industry.

  3. Supports biodiversity: Organic cotton farming practices prioritize crop rotation, diverse planting, and natural pest management. These methods help maintain soil health, support biodiversity, and encourage a more balanced ecosystem.

  4. Water conservation: Organic cotton farming typically uses less water than conventional cotton farming, as it relies on natural rainfall and water-efficient irrigation systems. This can help conserve water resources and reduce the overall environmental impact of cotton production.

  5. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions: Organic farming practices, including those used in organic cotton production, generally produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional methods. This is because organic farming avoids synthetic fertilizers, which are a major source of nitrous oxide emissions, a potent greenhouse gas.

  6. Supporting the organic industry: By choosing organic cotton sheets, consumers can help drive demand for organic products, encouraging more farmers to adopt organic practices and promoting the growth of the organic industry as a whole.

Overall, organic cotton sheets offer a wide range of benefits that extend beyond personal comfort and health. They contribute to a more sustainable and responsible textile industry, helping to protect the environment, support ethical labor practices, and promote a healthier planet.

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Additional Products offered by Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch offers a variety of high-quality, ethically sourced, and organic cotton products beyond their well-known sheets. Their product lineup includes:

  1. Duvet covers: Boll & Branch offers duvet covers made from 100% organic cotton in various styles and colors to complement their sheet sets.

  2. Pillowcases: The company provides pillowcases in standard and king sizes, with options such as percale and sateen, matching their sheet sets.

  3. Blankets and quilts: Boll & Branch has a selection of blankets and quilts made from organic cotton, suitable for various seasons and preferences. These include cable knit throws, waffle blankets, and matelassé coverlets.

  4. Towels: The brand offers plush, absorbent, and durable towels made from organic cotton, available in bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths.

  5. Bathrobes: Boll & Branch’s bathrobes are made from 100% organic cotton and are designed for comfort and luxury. They come in various sizes and styles, including classic and waffle designs.

  6. Mattresses: The company has expanded into the mattress market, offering ethically sourced and environmentally friendly mattresses made with organic cotton, wool, and natural latex.

  7. Bedding accessories: Boll & Branch provides bedding accessories such as mattress toppers, mattress protectors, bed skirts, and decorative pillows to complete your bedroom decor.

  8. Baby and kids products: The brand also offers a range of baby and kids’ products, including crib sheets, baby blankets, and toddler bedding, all made with the same commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing as their adult products.

By offering a diverse selection of high-quality, organic, and ethically sourced home goods, Boll & Branch caters to a wide range of consumer needs while maintaining its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

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How Much Do Boll & Branch Sheets Cost?

The cost of Boll & Branch bedding products can vary depending on the specific item, size, and style. It is important to note that prices may change over time and are subject to promotions or discounts. As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, here are some approximate price ranges for various Boll & Branch bedding products:

  1. Sheet sets: Prices for Boll & Branch sheet sets typically range from around $160 to $315, depending on the size and style (such as percale, sateen, or flannel).

  2. Duvet covers: Boll & Branch duvet covers generally cost between $225 and $350, based on the size and style.

  3. Pillowcases: A set of two pillowcases usually ranges from around $45 to $75.

  4. Blankets and quilts: The price of blankets and quilts can vary widely, from around $125 for a throw to around $350 for a larger quilt or blanket.

  5. Towels: Bath towels are typically priced around $45, hand towels around $20, and washcloths around $12.

  6. Bathrobes: Boll & Branch bathrobes generally cost between $100 and $150.

  7. Mattresses: The brand’s mattresses can range from around $2,500 to $3,500, depending on the size.

  8. Bedding accessories: Prices for accessories like mattress toppers, mattress protectors, bed skirts, and decorative pillows can vary, generally starting from around $50 and going up to $200 or more.

Boll & Branch Alternatives

There are several other brands that offer organic cotton sheets, and their prices can vary depending on factors such as size, style, and thread count. Some popular organic cotton sheet brands and their approximate price ranges (as of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021) are:

  1. Coyuchi: Known for their high-quality organic bedding, Coyuchi’s sheet sets typically range from around $200 to $400. Their prices vary based on factors such as size, style, and collection.

  2. Brooklinen: Brooklinen offers organic linen sheet sets, with prices ranging from approximately $250 to $300. Their organic cotton sheet sets are limited, so it’s essential to check for availability.

  3. SOL Organics: SOL Organics produces Fair Trade certified organic cotton sheets, and their sheet sets generally range from around $100 to $200, depending on the size and style.

  4. Parachute: Parachute offers a selection of organic cotton sheet sets, with prices ranging from around $150 to $250.

  5. West Elm: West Elm provides a variety of organic cotton sheet sets under their brand, and their prices typically range from around $80 to $250.

  6. Pottery Barn: Pottery Barn offers organic cotton sheet sets in various styles and sizes, with prices usually ranging from around $100 to $250.

  7. Under the Canopy: This brand offers affordable organic cotton sheet sets, with prices generally ranging from around $60 to $130.

  8. Naturepedic: Naturepedic’s organic cotton sheet sets usually cost between $100 and $200, depending on the size and style.

  9. The Company Store: The Company Store has a selection of organic cotton sheet sets, and their prices typically range from around $60 to $200.

Boll & Branch vs. Coyuchi

Here’s a comparison of Boll & Branch and Parachute based on some key factors:

  1. Material: Both Boll & Branch and Parachute use high-quality materials in their products. Boll & Branch primarily focuses on 100% organic cotton, while Parachute offers a range of materials, including organic cotton, linen, and percale. This gives Parachute a more diverse range of products catering to different preferences.

  2. Quality: Both brands are known for their high-quality products, with a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail. Boll & Branch sheets are typically made with a high thread count, which contributes to their luxurious feel. Parachute sheets are known for their softness and durability, though they don’t emphasize thread count as a primary selling point.

  3. Pricing: Both Boll & Branch and Parachute are considered luxury bedding brands, with prices reflecting their premium quality. Boll & Branch sheet sets typically range from around $160 to $315, while Parachute sheet sets are usually priced between $150 and $250. The price difference may vary depending on the specific products and sizes being compared.

  4. Ethical and environmental commitments: Both brands prioritize ethical and sustainable practices. Boll & Branch is known for its commitment to using 100% organic cotton, Fair Trade Certified production, and donations to non-profit organizations. Parachute is also committed to responsible manufacturing, and they use Oeko-Tex certified materials, ensuring that their products are free from harmful chemicals.

How Do Boll & Branch Sheets Feel?

Boll & Branch sheets have generally received positive feedback from customers and reviewers regarding their feel. Here are some common points mentioned in reviews:

  1. Softness: Boll & Branch sheets are often praised for their exceptional softness. They are made with high-quality organic cotton and feature a high thread count, contributing to their luxurious feel.

  2. Breathability: Many reviewers appreciate the breathability of Boll & Branch sheets, which helps regulate temperature and wick away moisture, providing a comfortable sleeping environment.

  3. Durability: Customers have noted that Boll & Branch sheets maintain their quality and appearance over time, even after multiple washes. The use of high-quality organic cotton contributes to their durability.

  4. Quality and craftsmanship: Boll & Branch sheets are known for their attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship, which is reflected in their overall feel and quality.

  5. Comfort: Many reviewers have reported improved sleep quality and comfort when using Boll & Branch sheets, thanks to their softness, breathability, and overall quality.

It is essential to keep in mind that individual preferences and experiences can vary, and what may feel comfortable for one person might not be ideal for another. However, the general consensus among reviews suggests that Boll & Branch sheets offer a comfortable, luxurious, and high-quality sleep experience.


Boll & Branch Price Trial & Warranty

Here’s an overview of their trial and warranty policies:

  1. Sleep Trial: Boll & Branch offers a 30-night sleep trial on their sheets and bedding products. This allows customers to try the products in their home and ensure they’re satisfied with their purchase. If you’re not happy with the product within the trial period, you can return it for a full refund. Boll & Branch may require the return of the product to process the refund, and they may also provide a prepaid return label.

  2. Mattress Trial: Boll & Branch provides a 100-night sleep trial for their mattresses. Similar to the bedding trial, customers can return the mattress for a full refund within the 100-night trial period if they’re not satisfied with their purchase. The company will arrange for the mattress to be picked up and either donated or recycled.

  3. Warranty: Boll & Branch offers a warranty on specific products, such as their mattresses. Their mattress warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers issues like sagging, indentations, or manufacturing defects, but it does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by misuse.

For other products like sheets, duvet covers, and towels, Boll & Branch does not provide a specific warranty. However, they emphasize customer satisfaction and encourage customers to contact their customer support team if they experience any issues with their products.

Where  Can You Buy Boll & Branch Sheets

To purchase Boll & Branch products, you have a few options:

  1. Official Website: The most straightforward option is to buy directly from their official website at Shopping on their website ensures you’re getting authentic products, and you can take advantage of any current promotions or discounts they may offer.

  2. Boll & Branch Stores: Boll & Branch has brick-and-mortar retail locations in the United States, where you can shop for their products in person. Check their website for store locations and hours to find a store near you.

  3. Authorized Retailers: Some high-end department stores and specialty retailers may carry Boll & Branch products. Make sure to purchase from an authorized retailer to ensure you’re getting genuine Boll & Branch items.


Who Sleeps On Boll & Branch Sheets?

Boll & Branch has received notable attention for being used by U.S. Presidents. In 2015, the company stated that three U.S. Presidents had slept on their sheets, although they did not disclose the names of those presidents due to privacy concerns. The brand’s reputation for quality, comfort, and ethical sourcing has made it appealing to various high-profile individuals, including U.S. Presidents. However, specific names cannot be confirmed due to privacy and confidentiality reasons.

Best Organic Cotton Sheets 2023
Boll & Branch
$279 (Queen)
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Boll and Branch Furniture

Boll & Branch currently offers a limited selection of furniture, but they are expanding their offerings in this area. Their furniture is made from sustainable materials and is designed to be both stylish and comfortable.


  • The Harmon Bed: This bed is made from solid wood and features a sleek, minimalist design. It’s available in a variety of finishes, including white oak, walnut, and maple.
    Boll & Branch Harmon Bed furniture
  • The Haven Bed: This bed is made from a blend of solid wood and sustainable materials, such as recycled steel and bamboo. It has a more traditional design than the Harmon Bed, but it’s still modern and stylish.
    Boll & Branch Haven Bed furniture


  • The Birch Nightstand: This nightstand is made from solid birch and features a simple, elegant design. It has two drawers for storage and a shelf on top for displaying books, flowers, or other decorative items.
    Boll & Branch Birch Nightstand furniture
  • The Slate Nightstand: This nightstand is made from solid slate and features a unique and eye-catching design. It has one drawer for storage and a shelf on top for displaying items.
    Boll & Branch Slate Nightstand furniture


  • The Cedar Dresser: This dresser is made from solid cedar and features a classic, timeless design. It has six drawers for storage and a mirror on the front.
    Boll & Branch Cedar Dresser furniture
  • The Oak Dresser: This dresser is made from solid oak and features a more modern design than the Cedar Dresser. It has six drawers for storage and a shelf on top for displaying items.
    Boll & Branch Oak Dresser furniture

Boll & Branch’s furniture is still in its early stages of development, but they are committed to providing high-quality, sustainable furniture that is both stylish and comfortable.