Zombie Bed Review

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Ben Trapskin

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Ready to sleep like the dead? Check out the Zombie Bed! The Zombie Bed is a memory foam and micro coil mattress that contours to the max. Similar to other online mattress brands, this mattress comes with a 100 night trial period where you can try the mattress in the comfort of your home and within that time if you don’t like it, returns are free.

Overview of the Zombie Bed

Below is a video overview of the Zombie Bed. As you can see the aesthetic is a departure from the boring old white knit fabric. Who knew a bed based on a Zombie motif could look so good?

How Much Does a Zombie Mattress Bed Cost?

Here is the current pricing:

Twin $499
Twin XL $550
Full $699
Queen $799
King $899
Cal King $950

Construction of the Zombie Bed

Zombie Bed Construction

Below are the construction details of the mattress according to their website.


A high-density foundation allows your ZombieBed to keep its support over time. This design is engineered for maximum durability and long lasting comfort.


Our micro-coils are uniquely responsive to every contour of the body. Over a thousand micro-coils are used to disperse your weight and reduce sagging and settlement, resulting in extreme comfort.


A layer of cool gel provides airflow throughout the mattress and the foam cells boost the speed of your heat that transfer throughout the mattress to relieve any pressure.


A top layer made from high-density, soft polyurethane. Added to increase flexibility and support.

My Zombie Bed Findings

You get a decent amount of sink with the Zombie Bed but more importantly, it contours really well and that’s due to the micro coil system sitting just below the top layer of foam. Micro coils don’t push back too aggressively. Instead, they enhance the contouring benefits of foam.

Zombie Bed Sink

Here’s a peek inside the Zombie Bed. It has a knit cover that can be unzipped. Here you can see each layer in action.


The Zombie Bed is a basically an all foam bed with the exception of the microcoils. The foam on the top layer is not that dense which means it recovers quickly and the microcoils underneath enhance recovery enough to give it just a little bounce.


The Zombie Bed performed middle of the road for heat retention. It sleeps cooler than a dense foam mattress and I didn’t notice sleeping hot to be an issue.



My Zombie Bed Recommendation

A drawback of typical memory foam mattresses is that they can be slow to contour. Zombie Bed solves this issues with their special blend of foam and microcoils. People who are new to memory foam will find this a more familiar feel. I recommend this mattress primarily for side and back sleepers but it will also work for stomach sleepers. Yawnder readers get $100 of your Zombie Bed with coupon code Zombie100 at checkout.