Sheex Pillow Review

Written by

Ben Trapskin

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I recently purchased the newest pillow from Sheex. It is designed to keep you cool just like their sheets. Currently the pillow only comes in one size and color, a white medium which is a standard pillow and I really don’t think you need anything different since you will be using a pillow case. This pillow retails for $129 and can be purchased direct from their website.


This pillow is made with a polyester fill jacket and a Talalay latex insert.  The polyester sleeps cool and the holes in the latex also help with air flow.

Here are the Product Details from the Sheex website:

  • Breathable jacket cover is authentic SHEEX® performance fabric that feels and functions similarly to SHEEX® RECOVERS Sheets for year-round comfort
  • 3-side-zip machine washable,“easy remove” jacket cover
  • ALL SLEEPER design includes a 14” x 20” inner Talalay latex memory foam support, which bends and molds to your position for superior comfort
  • Talalay latex is the most natural, healthy, and buoyant pressure-relieving material available 
  • 6oz of performance fiber fill per side for ultimate luxury and cushion
  • Authentic Performance Fabric Jacket: 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex
  • Jacket Fill: 6oz Performance Fiber Fill Per Side
  • Talalay latex is Made in the U.S.A.
  • Performance fabric cover and performance fiber fill are imported
  • Standard 20″ W X 28″ L


I find that this pillow would probably be best suited to side sleepers. As a stomach sleeper I found it a little too big. I don’t know of any other Talalay latex pillows with a polyester jacket on the market. Having this combination of material really does sleep cool. Of course it also depends on what type of pillow case you use. If you want to maximize the performance of this pillow, go with a Sheex pillow case as well.

The pillow comes in a nice plastic case with a zipper to make unpacking easy:


Here’s a side view of the pillow. As you can see there’s a nice zipper where you can access the latex core. The outer part of the pillow is washable. Just unzip it and remove the inner latex before washing.


Below is a picture of the latex middle. As you can see there are holes which makes the pillow breathable and squishy. The latex will keep your head afloat which is why I think this pillow is ideal for side sleepers.

sheex pillow middle


Sheex makes a very substantial pillow. There are a number things this pillow has going for it. I like that you can wash the outer part of the pillow. Since this pillow is rather expensive, it is a big benefit that you can keep it clean with occasional washing. The Talalay latex core is also a big plus. Latex is a very resilient and natural material that should give you years of great performance. Finally, this pillow was designed to sleep cool. Temperature regulation is critical to a good night’s sleep but it is most important to keep you head cool while sleeping.

Shop Sheex to learn more about this pillow.