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Ben Trapskin

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While searching for innovative travel pillows, I stumbled across a product called, Nap Anywhere. It’s not really even a pillow, instead, its a sort of cushioned head rest that allows you to rest your head to the side without relying on a wall or some external support. It came with a some really cool packaging…

nap anywhere1


The Nap Anywhere device comes flat and to make it work you need to bend it in two directions so that one side rests on your shoulder and the other on your neck.


nap anyhwere review 3



Bending it was easy, it doesn’t require much strength and the beauty of it is that it can be bent flat again for convenient storage. It also comes with a neat little storage case.

To make the Nap Anywhere secure, it comes with a shoulder strap that you wear like a seat belt. This prevents it from shifting or falling off if you move your head.

Below is a video of the Nap Anywhere in action


The Nap Anywhere takes a little getting used to. Allow yourself some time to learn how to set it up properly. You won’t want to try and figure this out while on a plane or in a car. It’s best to have the room to spread out and make sure everything is aligned for your needs.

Once you have it all setup though, it does make for a nice experience. I would recommend this product for side and stomach sleepers, not so  much back sleepers for obvious reasons. The Nap Anywhere is the perfect solution for getting comfortable in the middle seat of an airplane. I can never rest just lying straight back. Inevitably my head flops to one side and I end up jerking myself awake or make the person next to me really uncomfortable.

Like I said it takes some getting used to but definitely give it some time. If you are a frequent traveler, this could be the solution for you to finally get some quality rest.

For road travelers, its much nicer that placing your head against the side of a moving car or bus. Your head wont be bouncing against a glass window the whole time and your hair wont be a mess either!


My overall Nap Anywhere review recommendation is that this product is ideal for a traveler that likes to sleep on their side and wants to sleep against something. Sleeping against the side of an airplane or car can be hard on your neck as you are putting some of your body weight against it. The Nap Anywhere eliminates this problem and is more comfortable.

You can purchase the Nap Anywhere on their Website for $59. They ship worldwide.

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