Moona Pillow Review

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Ben Trapskin

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The Moona is a pad that you can place on or inside your pillowcase or use even without a pillow to keep your head cool. It works by channeling cool water through small tubes. This is a great solution for people that tend to sleep hot but do not want to commit to a higher-cost device like a Chilipad or Eight Sleep Pod. This device is also smaller and can fit on your nightstand. At $399 it is something to consider for people constantly flipping their pillows to keep cool.

Overview of the Moona Pillow

Here’s a video overview of the Moona Pillow and my thoughts on it after sleeping on it for a few nights.


Ordering Your Moona

You can order the Moona directly from their website. Mine arrived at my doorstep in a little over a week.

moona box

The packaging is clean and well designed. They even include a bag to store the pad when not in use.

opened moona box

This is everything that came in the box and setting it up is very easy. You just plug it in and attach the cables to the back of the Moona unit. Then fill it with distilled water.

moona contents

To fill the Moona you just unscrew the cap and add water with the included funnel. Just make sure it’s distilled water. This will prevent any minerals from building up.

moona water level

How Much Does the Moona Cost?

The Moona currently retails for $399. This includes the device itself and of course the app is free. It also comes with a 30-night trial and 1-year warranty.

My Moona Pillow Findings

I was initially afraid that the Moona would feel like sleeping on a cold plastic bag. Because it has water running through it, the membrane needs to be waterproof. To address this problem, they added small foam cubes to the vinyl pad so that you get some decent cushioning and airflow. On top of that is another thinner pad with a jersey knit cover. Despite this, I still preferred to put it underneath my pillowcase.

inside the moona

Here you can see where the tubes go into the pad

moona tubes

The Moona is designed to fit a standard pillow but it will work on a king-size pillow too, it just won’t cover the entire pillow. Here you can see it on my king-size pillow for reference.

moona on king size pillow

My first night on the pillow took some adjustment. At first, I didn’t notice any effect but then I realized I set the app to turn on at 11pm and I went to bed at 10 pm. Once I adjusted the time, it kicked in, and started to feel the water start to cool the pad. The recommended fall asleep temp is 76 degrees as seen below with the temperature gradually rising to naturally wake you up in the morning at the time you choose.

recommended temp

I initially thought this was too warm of a temp so I dropped it down to 70 but soon realized 76 is plenty and later that night I woke up and found it to be too cold and had to increase it close to 80. So just keep in mind it will take a few nights to find the ideal sleeping temperature but once you do, it works seamlessly and in the morning the app will ask how you slept so you can keep track of your progress.

I like how simple this is to use. If you find yourself too warm or cold during the night, there are buttons on the top of the unit to increase or decrease the temp which is easier than accessing the app at night with a bright screen to wake you up.

moona buttons

My Moona Recommendation

At $399 the Moona is a considerable investment but certainly much less expensive than the full mattress alternatives like Chilipad or Eight Sleep. It also works on your head which the others cannot do so if you do use an Eight Sleep or Chilipad and like the benefits, this would be a good addition. If you already like your mattress and sleeping hot is an issue, I would recommend starting with the Moona. It made a noticeable difference in how I slept and is the only solution I currently know of that can keep your head cool all night long.

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